Issue 6: Page 37
September 21st, 2010

Issue 6: Page 37


PETE: Today’s update is an homage to our favorite board game. We were all busting up when Joe wrote this into the script, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

INCENTIVE ART: I think Cassandra was listening to Wicked when she drew this one. Guess Diva will try defying gravity.


  1. Bethany S.

    Clue! They’re the Clue weapons! Hehe. <3 Poor Virgil, he's getting too old for this stuff…

  2. SUTBComics

    Virgil if you get yourself killed all Clue style I’m going to be upset.

    Same goes for you Cerby.

  3. Lela

    It was LOKI with the REVOLVER in the STUDY. I caught the Clue reference right away, and if there actually is a Professor Plum about to be introduced, that is hilarious. Poor Mr. Virgil. He’s probably already realized the tragic similarities between Cerby and Diva. Maybe it’ll inspire him to start a new training regimen that includes cookies as treats. …A training regimen for Diva that is.

    Oh, and the floorboard direction seems to be switched in panels 1 and 2. In panel 1 you can clearly see that the items are perpendicular to the floorboards and then they’re parallel in the following panels.

    @Incentive: Tia looks AWESOME. Like she’s about to rip some serious tracks in the pavement.

  4. galentknight

    poor virgil. i can see tia rocking that rolling derby look & is cerby wearing socks?

  5. Lela

    They’re her doggy gloves! To quote the Characters page “She’s [Cerby’s] like Diva in every way, down to her widdle doggy gloves.” So basically, if Diva was a dog, she’d be a legit registered Heck Hound, but very dumb, drooling everywhere, loyal, and unable to properly help a situation. XD

  6. Jael

    Kudos on the clue reference! Awesome comic. LOVE IT!

  7. Cassandra

    I like Virgil’s expression in the last panel. He has been steamrolled by ridiculousness, and can fight it no longer.

  8. MagicalMadge

    CLUE! Ah! My favorite board game! :D Of course, the only one missing is the knife ;) Which means it was Professor Plum with the knife in the study….(I suddenly feel like singing a song from Clue the musical)
    And I’m still madly in love with the way you draw Cerby! Keep up the good work :)

  9. SebToure

    The reference to the famous board game only clicked in the last panel for me, which made a double-take on the weapons all the more hilarious. Excellent!
    The stacking of items in panel 4 looks a bit wrong though, and they look off-scale in 4 and 5 (that is, not so harmful as weapons)

  10. Bethany S.

    Oddly enough, it wasn’t until this page that I even realized Cerby wore gloves… I’m glad I’m not the only one. XD That sort of thing wouldn’t fly with most dogs, but she’s special.

  11. xIsamuTM

    yeah i caught that the moment i saw them panel 3!

  12. Dinoclor

    Wait… Why don’t Loki and Virgil have halos or devil horns???

  13. OMGSoEasy

    LOL at Virgil’s homely Mr. Rogers-like expression in the last panel.

  14. Lo

    Because they are neither angels or demons.

  15. Satanic_Hamster

    Didn’t notice until this strip either.

  16. taxil

    …..i just remembered that cerby wears them. it’s been ALONG time ago that i noticed. but yea….

  17. taxil

    ok, i lawled here for a bit. i never was much good at clue myself but this was a nice break in the action. or is it a back and forth between Diva VS Loki the Hypno Bishie and Virgil?

  18. Anna

    Hehe, Cerby is my favorite :)

    Hey, what happened to Ms Brinsons name on the side? She isn’t coming back to comment on the comic anymore?

  19. Lela

    Whenever her name’s not in the tags, it means she wasn’t apart of producing that page. And her name’s gone from the FAQ because she technically no longer works with Evil Diva anymore.

    Though on that note, why doesn’t Holly get a little blurb to answer the “Who are you guys?” question. We haven’t interacted with her at all. …And we only call her Holly because HollywoodArtChick is too long.

  20. bmonk

    Does this mean Colonel Mustard is with Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory?

  21. Anna

    Oh, thanks ^^ I thought Brinson would still come back to comment like she used to, but maybe not. It’s too bad her name isn’t in the FAQ anymore tho… she was a great artist

  22. hollywoodartchick

    That made my day, MagicalMadge. BTW, Madge was my grandmother’s name. Always nice to hear when someone enjoys some aspect of the art. I love Clue, too.

  23. hollywoodartchick

    Freakin’ awesome. I had fun drawing it. I think I relate best to Mr. Virgil for some reason. In fact, in all of my projects, I tend to get into the heads of the doddering old men best.

  24. hollywoodartchick

    YES! That is exactly what I had in mind. Glad it came across!

  25. taxil

    Ah ha, i see you have posted now. welcome to the comments zone Hollywoodartchick. ^^

  26. taxil

    they are also known as Mr. And Mrs. B. ;-)

  27. Bartimaeus

    Ohhhh, you GOTTA be kidding me.

  28. Dusty

    One word;

    bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha! XD

    Yaay Cerby!!

  29. Dusty

    Oh yeah–artisticaly, I thought the candlestick added a nice color contrast to the pipe, wrench, revolver, rope…and the suit. Great color-work. Very subtle but powerful.

  30. White Mouse

    You can hardly say Virgil is doddering.

  31. wandering-dreamer

    Lol, I just got the Clue reference. XD

  32. MagicalMadge

    Madge has been my mom’s nickname for me since I don’t know when. You are a very good artist and you are great at expressing emotions. But my favorite is Cerby, hands down. :)

  33. Lela

    Fits so well.

  34. chocobos

    heehee! Clue! I love things like that.

  35. Mel. Star.

    *sings* Just you and I~~ defy~~ing gra-vi-ty! I love the 9-22 incentive so much ^^

  36. megslegeggs

    I love the incentive. It’s very “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Miyazaki ftw :D

  37. MagicalMadge

    Actually, the incentive reminds me of Kiki’s Delivery Service (it’s an anime movie). The style of it is very nice :)

  38. Flo

    I love clue! XD and ditto on kiki’s delivery service.

  39. Lela

    ^^ …Did anyone else notice that?

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