Issue 2: Page 7
January 30th, 2009

Issue 2: Page 7

Gonna make this quick because I am some, ahem, important FFXIing to attend to: new page! New character! New site in the works! … Old artist still behind on emails, comments, and such. ;__; As always, I’m hoping to catch up this weekend. I’m also making the Buzzcomix link inactive for the moment, as the site appears to have been nuked from orbit.

Aaaaand that’s about it. Happy weekend y’all!


  1. AphexTex

    Correct me if im wrong, but in the 3rd pannel, does Tia have hairy legs?? lol

  2. Brina

    Omg I hope she doesn’t haha. That would kill her sexy beach girl -almost hippieish- looking vibe (that was a mouthful!) she has going on.

    And wasn’t tia in the group of girls who were laughing at Diva? Eh…

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