Issue 6: Page 41
October 5th, 2010

Issue 6: Page 41


PETE: Joe is twittering in haiku, HWAC is doing battle with the next page, Cassandra is thinking about pirates, and I’m enjoying a diet coke updating. I think Michelle might have just proved her toughness today.

INCENTIVE ART: Cassandra never ceases to amaze us. 1-2-3-4 Virgil declares…..


  1. galentknight

    great hommage to xena warrior princess there. loki isn’t going to wake up one happy norse god after. that.

  2. N.C. Weber

    Heh, Loki has a glass jaw. Who knew? :)

  3. OMGSoEasy

    Diva channels some serious Maria Sharapova up there. :O

  4. Pete

    Will Diva fight Bald Bull next?

  5. xIsamuTM

    she… didn’t do the yodle thing. which is not to say we wouldn’t LOVE to see michelle in a xena outfit, amirite?

  6. Eric

    where did the sceptor go in the last panel?

  7. Qalypso

    Who knew thew could fling those? It’s probably an angel secret…

  8. LB

    I LOVE the update! Three cheers for pirates!

  9. Just Wonder'n

    Why is Diva’s nose HUGE now..It bothers me alot.. :( You can look at the banner then the comic and see that it seems to be far to big now. One of the things I liked about this comic was that noses weren’t copy pasted like allot of styles are. So yeah seems like a minor thing but bothers me none the less.

    Still love the comic but can Diva have her old nose back ??

  10. Li

    I love that he responded to “Dreamboat”. XD Also, go Michelle!

  11. bmonk

    Well, every demon has to have a weakness, right?

  12. octopusrave

    Also, YES! pirates. Her face is adorable there.

  13. taxil

    Loki the Hypno Bishie is no demon… but he can play one here!

  14. taxil

    Loki the Hypno Bishie…. JUST! GOT! PWNED! wow, just wow. I knew that Loki the Hypno Bishie wasn’t much of a fighter, but he is from the old school of norce gods. they were NOT weak by any measure. I guess being chained up for aeons took more out of him than he realized. or not. he could be faking it…

  15. kindl

    Not loving the drawings of Diva’s face, especially in the first panel where her eye is falling off her face in typical animu style. Also, since the penciler swapped, Diva’s nose has changed shape.

  16. Lela

    Ahahahaa, way to go Michelle! She ought to give Diva a few lessons on manning up.

    @Incentive: Oh my god, is that Loki? That… That’s hilarious. Diva’s expression of disbelief is great too. And, Cassandra, turning the skulls into hair baubles was a nice touch.

  17. Fear The Swans

    Michelle Drawn as Xena Incentive! “AYIEAYIEYAIEAAAAAAAAAAYIE!”

    or alternatively

    Sailor Moon Michelle Screaming “MOON TIARA MAGIC!!!!!!!!”

  18. Fear The Swans

    Well, after having a snake drool on you for ages, would be a little sickly too!

  19. Lillian

    New page and incentive are both just made of win. And Michelle becomes twice as awesome in my book.

  20. taxil

    not so, if she was, Diva would be lobbing those fireballs BACK at Loki the Hypno Bishie. I will say that she might have a higher AC due to a greater dex mod and the dodge feat. I’m sure the rod is giving Diva at least a +5 deflection mod to her AC.

    … did i just go waregeek again?


    well…. that was anti climactic…

  22. Xade

    saved by the halo, thats a nice touch :) gives a whole new meaning to halo head

  23. Lefty

    Yeah weaponized halos are pretty cool. Haven’t seen them in use for a long time. I think its a guardian angel technique.

  24. New Arm Guy

    Dunno if this is over just yet. Remember, the last time Michelle threw her hoop the targets were just stunned. Granted it looks like she was going for a harder throw this time, and it was pretty cool to see her do that. He is Loki, though, so I doubt he’s gonna stay down for too long.

  25. Rita

    Omg I’ve been trying to figure out what looked so off, and it is her nose. xD It really is a minor thing, but you can just tell something’s a little off. Ahh well~

  26. ejcapulet

    More like a glass skull.

  27. taxil

    maybe, Loki the Hypno Bishie could just be faking the whole OK act. never the less, it was also funny and unexpected.

  28. Bee

    Long time reader, first time commenting. Loki’s nose looks a little strange in the 4th panel, and it looks like the bug-eyed ness from previous pages are getting better :) But Diva’s nose still seems so huge. I’m excited to see the story progress as well as Holly’s art.

    Loved the incentive. <3

    And it was a good question someone brought up here before: where IS the rod in the last panel? XD maybe it's gonna start floating and exploading with power in the next page?

  29. Gato

    That’s what I was thinking…

  30. Heather

    My skeptic senses are tingling. It just seems too easy…

  31. Cassandra

    Oh my god. That’s actually a really awesome idea!

  32. Gunner


  33. taxil

    O_o when will we see this?

  34. taxil

    ah fresh mea- oh sorry, welcome to the comment section Bee. ^^;;

    and you DO have a good point and a good eye, i missed the rod not being in the last panel.

  35. taxil

    my common sense is tingling too. something seems off here.

  36. taxil

    Round 2. FIGHT!

  37. Lela

    It would be amazing if Drooly showed up again.

  38. taxil

    yea, i still miss dweeb snake.

  39. Dusty

    Yaay! Michelle has secret angel ninja powers! It’s good to see those halos are good for something. They have to make washing your hair, wearing a hat, ducking under low clearances, or even hiding a real pain in the butt! I knew Diva was safe all along. But it was kinda creepy having a MAJOR god after you.

  40. Ariane

    OMG awesome vote incentive. Thanks for the giggle.

  41. Elkian

    I don’t know what’s funnier, her ‘insult’ or her action

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