Issue 6: Page 46
October 21st, 2010

Issue 6: Page 46


HOT OFF THE PRESS: New Store Items! We just got the comics and incentive books back from the PRINTER! They look great! Full color, nice paper. Real comics and trade paperbacks. Along with that, we have 2 new t-shirts for sale. Check it out.

PETE: Well, after 200+ pages we are proud to introduce you to the Dude. Or his Dudeness. Or Dudarino. It IS amazing how he looks like Jeff Bridges! We’ve been waiting for this scene for way too long. So enjoy basking in his Dudeshine.

INCENTIVE ART: So we have this book on period costumes in the office and Cassandra is all “I need to borrow this”. The Victorian era seems to suit these two.


  1. MD Rackham

    I really like how the coffees don’t go to the person one would expect, given what the orders were. But then a “double vanilla orange caramel mocha-chino extra whip” is a truly evil concoction.

    Nice touch.

  2. JaviMT

    Going in sure does look tempting.

  3. Tsumetai

    wow…the Dude looks so much like his son.

  4. 10_0_0_1

    I like these quiet moment of conversation every now and then, gives the readers a chance to breath and lets you show more of the, for lack of a better word, politics behind what is going on.

    Also i now want to see an Evil Diva movie animated by Disney.

  5. Tsumetai

    after seeing disney’s evangelion movie on youtube, i agree with these post. we need a movie about diva’s life!

  6. rabbitcovets

    wow, I’m loving the new diva art, way better than Hollywood chick…and the incentive is awesome<3

  7. Caitydid

    I love which drink belongs to who! I also really like these scenes, they let us get to know the other characters we haven’t heard as much from!

  8. JackXD

    Your representation of “the Dude” is much better than the Bibles “the Lord”. If God really exists I hope he’s like that.
    No offense to anyone offended by this statement, although I don’t see what’s offending (this is just a disclaimer, just in case).

  9. RandomFan

    Oh. My.

    Now we know why Starbucks is all powerful!

  10. Nevermore

    I know this sounds dumb, but just to be sure, is that- GOD????

  11. Lela


    (I win.)

    @Incentive: Nice, Diva really does look like a Disney princess character there! Of course, that’d be difficult to get made: a protagonist princess of HELL.

  12. Lela

    Haha, I know! I didn’t even realize whose drink was whose until I reread the page.

  13. xIsamuTM

    WHAT!!! DISNEY+EVA!?!? ::runs to the internets::

  14. xIsamuTM

    oh i would totally take an iced mocha from The Dude. he seems like that kinda guy. I think he’d totally bum you a smoke if you were out. and not that one bent or broken on in the pack, either.

  15. LeAnna

    So the Dude works at Starbucks? That’s…..unexpected. How does he run heaven then? Is heaven a Starbucks!?

  16. xIsamuTM

    if anything, i always imagined heaven to be like an outdoor mall. one with a really nice asian grocery store and possibly a grizzlebees.

  17. Annie

    Satan’s expression in panel 2 is priceless. Kind of makes sense that evil would be drinking something guaranteed to induce diabetes.

  18. Lorien077

    Wow I really like Diva in disney, the stylization is spot on and she looks great.

    Also glad to see the comic art itself is looking great lately. Really nice job on all of the background details. :)

  19. Jisuk

    So happy with this artist.

  20. 10_0_0_1

    An adorable young girl being granted magic powers and trying to overcome her family heritage to become a hero and save the day? Come on that is the stuff classic Disney is made of.

  21. Lela

    Actually, never mind. It’s an excellent idea.

  22. White Mouse


  23. Celesta

    Really liked Satan drinking double vanilla orange caramel mocha-chino! But where did the flowerbed from the previous page disappear? Is it the magic of the Dude appearing?))

  24. wynne

    Well, it appears the Dude abides his latte orders at the very least.

  25. Pete

    If you wanna call Disney and yell at them to buy Diva off of us, I won’t stop you. If you want to see it look like Fairly Odd Parents, we’ll sell it to Nick as well!

  26. White Mouse

    … such a dissappointment, that Evangelion movie *sadface*

    But Evil Diva + Disney might still work. Then again… Evil Diva + Pixar is better.

  27. Lela

    …I love that comment. It is full of win.

    @LeAnna: I think they’re still in Las Aequitas because on the previous page you see both angels and devils walking around. I think this is just God’s thing because he’s all about serving others and being a servant to those in need. And everyone does have a need of coffee…

  28. Lela

    Yes it does. It even has luxurious drapery.

    …Oh my god, is the name of the coffee shop “The Pearly Gate?” You can’t read the coffee shop name on either page except here you can read an “-ate” and “The Pearly Gate” is my best guess at a what a coffee shop-potentially-the-entrance-to-Heaven-where-The-Dude-Himself-works might be named.

  29. Lela

    That would be remarkably cute and Evil Diva would make for a truly excellent animated television series.

  30. taxil

    O_O!!! BLASPHEMY! Disney must not do that! Eva 2.2 rebuild is fine alone!

  31. Lela

    …Wait. Did the Dude just change the $1 muffins sign into the “First Rate Service is in Our Job Description” sign?

  32. taxil

    Lela, you got my mojo in calling this comic. i wondered were it went.

  33. taxil

    Pete and Diva crew, please remember, don’t sell your selves and Diva too low and for the love of all this is good, don’t sell off ALL of your rights to Diva either. creator control over your works will help prevent Diva from being warped into something you would not want by the corp buracrats.

  34. Lo

    Where does it say the coffee shop is a starbucks?

  35. Lo

    You just read my mind. I don’t think I have ever seen Satan look that silly. Nor have I ever imagined him in this situation.

  36. taxil

    yes he did, because he can! >)

  37. taxil

    or is it due to my training of you my young padawan. we shall see… ;-)

  38. Pete

    Just “The Gate”

  39. kindl

    HAH. Love the coffees, :)

  40. Violet Black

    He’s actually very sweet and accommodating when He doesn’t feel disrespected. <3
    (The main problem is that since He's paying attention to what you're actually thinking and feeling rather than what you're trying to convey, it's impossible to fake that kind of respect.)

    He also occasionally does that interrupting-your-questions-to-answer-them thing The Big Guy was doing earlier, though I know He doesn't mean it in a rude way.

  41. tero

    His Dudeness? What, you mean the Dudist god?

  42. Pete

    Awesome link. We’re huge Lebowski fans here.

  43. Lela

    Similar enough. And is it the entrance to Heaven? Or just a popular coffee shop/chain?

  44. Aljona

    Wait a second… Is he wearing a bathrobe under his apron? With a white v-neck shirt underneath that?

    Like woooaah… It’s like I’ve seen something (or someone) like that before…

  45. Pete

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  46. xIsamuTM

    because he’s… The Dude.

  47. taxil

    …. i hate to think what the Dude will do to you if you mess up his rug. O_o

  48. taxil

    ah man, words fail me at how awesome this page is today. good job Team Diva! however, i hate to think that heaven is a “trendy 90’s/early 00’s” mall. blegh! and a coffee shop…. Why? remember Benjamin Franklin said it best that “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

  49. Lela

    Nah, it’s allll naatttuuurralll.

  50. DanialArin

    Hmm… In the immortal words of Hoomyte and Yubie, “Who might you be?”
    (Who? Ra. And Upshi rises.)

  51. xIsamuTM

    i’m changing my faith now.

  52. APV

    I would love to see the Dude accidentally lock himself out, and then have to call his buddy Peter to come over with the keys.

  53. Pete

    I’m pretty sure a lock doesn’t stop The Dude from opening a door. He already moved a planter and changed a sign right before your eyes. Mindfreak!

  54. Marianne

    Tall skinny iced pumpkin spice latte no whip extra foam.

    You know you drink too much from Starbucks/insert-coffee-place-here whennn….

    Do these two have coffee dates often, then? xD They seem to know *exactly* what they want. Especially with that extra whip. Gotta have those extra calories.

  55. Dusty

    OMG you totally fooled me! I was reading panel one going yeah yeah extra black, burnt yeah I know the Devil and he gets the foofy drink! I completely fell into that!

    XD (yaaay!) Okay, now I have to read the rest.

  56. Dusty

    I just love the Big Guy. He needs a 4-issue spin-off :-D (and tee shirts! — Maybe him smiling in the Buddy Christ pose with a slogan that reads “Hell ain’t a bad place to be!”

  57. Evil Ataru

    I absolutely love this. The dude working in a coffee bar.

  58. Cassandra

    It’s called ‘cheating!’ I thought a bunch of flowers would make things look cluttered, so away they go. The umbrella pole comes and goes, too. because there are times where, if it were drawn, it go right on top of the Big Guy’s face.

  59. Cassandra

    I can’t believe that exists! I’m imagining, for some reason, a Dudist wedding ceremony…in a bowling alley, the bride dressed as a Valkyrie…

  60. Cassandra

    Imagine kids getting carded at the pearly gates, though. That’s hardly fair!

  61. Astragali

    Sorry for shooting the idea down, but I really don’t think that there would ever be a Disney Evil Diva movie. Disney did Hercules, but got away with that because Greek mythology was involved (though naturally, the Greeks weren’t happy). But moving Diva to the big screen? Disney wouldn’t touch it with a 40-foot pole, because you’re messing with Judaeo-Christian beliefs, and I should imagine that the vast majority of people who watch and buy Disney products are the ones who hold those values. “Blasphemy!” the viewing public would cry, and there’d be boycotting and stuff. As much as I’d like to see Diva take to the big screen, don’t hope for Disney to do it.

  62. Severin

    Both of these guys have had thousands of years to decide exactly how they like their roasted bean juice served! And Big Guy can always just “burn” those calories off later with some vigorous punishing of the sinful.

  63. Severin

    Everyone’s gotta make a living.

  64. Severin

    “It’s okay! Really!”

  65. Fable

    I’m still confused as to why the two grabbed drinks in the first panel, but then the drink that they are holding in the following panels are different from the ones that they grabbed. Or… am I just stupid?


    Jesus Christ!

    No pun intended

  67. Lela

    …Angela came here in her out-of-body experience… I didn’t even make that connection until you mentioned carding. Oh, you guys are so clever.

  68. Jason T

    I think Satan is laughing at what The Dude said. From Satan’s point of view that was the (er…) Highest compliment for his work he could ever hope to get.

  69. Jason T

    Anyone else get the impression The Dude snuck up on these two? Like maybe up until the last panel of the previous comic it really was just a normal coffee shop? Easy enough for the Dudeness – but wait! Who gets the tip for extra special service?

    Enter theological arguments on whether or not Satan would leave a tip for The Dude…

  70. Gunner

    Dudeshine. I like it.

  71. xIsamuTM

    no to mention hell=disneyland. i don’t think that would fly with the hannah montanna zelots.

  72. xIsamuTM

    bride dressed as a transforming fighter?

  73. xIsamuTM

    wow… haven’t thought of count duckula in years.

  74. RandomFan

    They were only reaching for the drinks.

  75. Eric Porter

    The way the Dude talks makes me think of a hippie or a surfer.

  76. taxil

    DUDE! BroFist! (offers Fist)

  77. taxil

    You don’t need to card if you home brew!

  78. taxil

    it’s a talent. ^^

  79. taxil

    O_o…… woah, talk about bringing back childhood memories. i liked that old show back then.

  80. taxil

    Mindfreak? oh yes, on that note, all of you enjoy this little ditty…

  81. octopusrave

    OMG, it IS him.
    I love how well everyone seems to get along. It’s cracking me up.

  82. taxil

    wrong, The Dude is the Big Lebowski. go watch the movie…

  83. Fable

    Oh, really? Sorry… it looked like they were grabbing actual cups. Hahah. Thanks for the clarification. (:

  84. xIsamuTM

    ::fist tap::
    _____ ______
    | |> ) ( )( )( <| |
    | ____) (_____|
    yeah, i suck at text drawing. it's a reference to the Bro-Force as seen in VG Cats

  85. xIsamuTM

    ::fist tap::

  86. xIsamuTM

    tough call. I mean, the Big Guy wouldn’t have the job he has now if it wasn’t for The Dude. but at the same time The Dude fired him form his last job.

  87. xIsamuTM

    so why don’t we see the face of The Dude? our would it be so Dudely that to look at it, or to even draw it, would create an implosion equal to a million computers dividing by zero at once?

  88. xIsamuTM

    our= or. brain=TOGM right now.

  89. taxil

    O_o! don’t draw it Cassandra! it’ll be like Candlejack firing up the Hadron collid-

  90. Eric Porter

    Ok I can see it now.

  91. Pete

    He’d pay and leave a huge tip on his credit card. Then after he left he’d report it stolen.

  92. Stacy

    Pete, I would really like a t-shirt with the Evil Diva logo letters. It has such a great look. I think others would like it, too! I’d add the website in small lettering for ad purposes.

  93. Marianne

    Hey, how does one go about viewing past incentives if it’s at all possible? I missed a couple here recently and am really curious :(

  94. Pete

    We’re putting together the second incentive book. It will be available in the store soon.

  95. Lela

    No mortal may look upon the face of The Dude and live.

  96. kitten

    BLASPHEMY can be hilarious. I’m guessing that we’re never going to see his face- right?

    I like the Disney look, but I do find it a tad generic. I liked the original
    style because it was not generic at all. I look forward to seeing more interesting
    stylistic influences on ED. Cassandra is still extremely talented nonetheless!

  97. WhyLime113

    They did the Hunchback of Notre-dame. That had quite a bit of religious undertones withing the original story, and they kept quite a bit in the film adaption.

  98. Joe C

    I’ve always thought of bliss as an ongoing choice as opposed to something you have to collect points for in order to achieve.

  99. RedDazes

    …I’m not sure what it says about me that the first thing I thought of was “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski when I saw the dialog on this page…

  100. RedDazes

    No man… the Dude is just the DUDE. the Big Lebowski is just the rich old fart. LOL ^_^ So glad I’m not the only one thinking this though.

  101. RedDazes

    But it’s different when you actually start messing with the whole “Devil” “God” “Demons” “Angels” thing. Religious undertones in one thing….but out and out playing with religion is another completely.

    I do however think this would be an awesome movie/tvshow ^_^ I’d watch it.

  102. Lela

    It means you’re spot on! He is supposed to be remarkably like The Dude. (As first learned in the Family Feud Sketch Comics.)

  103. Joe C

    Lela’s ED knowledge is truly encyclopedic.

  104. Lela

    Why thank you. Actually, I’m just in the habit of providing sources whenever I make a statement on the internet. So I dig through the archives before I make my posts on ED continuity.

  105. LeAnna

    It looks like a Starbucks, that’s why I said it.

  106. LeAnna

    Ohhh. Thanks, I’m not good at looking at the entire frame lol. Thanks!

    PS – I don’t like coffee.

  107. kathryn

    It should be a live action movie.
    sooooooooooooooooo much cooler

  108. ImperiousRex

    I’ve just got to say, I am loving having Cassandra on the artwork. As much as I was happy with HollywoodArtChick’s run of the artwork on Evil Diva, it just felt like a huge uncanny valley version of it to me and never really drew me into the story like it had when Brinson was on it.

    All that aside, I wish I could dress up like The Big Guy everywhere I went.

  109. Lefty

    I don’t get the tendency for people to want to turn everything into movies. It’s not like people see a really cool sculpture and say “Wow they should make a painting of that!”

  110. Volkspanzer

    That can’t be The Dude, this fellow’s employed! The Dude would not stand for this, man!

  111. DukeW

    Funny thing: They have full-on Gay Days at The Tragic Kingdom, and as a result, the truly zealous are boycotting. Hence, I suspect you’ll not be hearing “Sweet niblets!” on Main Street any time soon. : )

  112. Elkian

    Wait….that’s GOD?!

  113. butterflied412

    Yep, The Gate, gee, I wonder who there waiter is;)

  114. Pistol of Shame

    To be fair, do you really expect Virgil to drink that frou-frou drink? He just doesn’t seem the type.

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