Issue 2: Page 14
February 16th, 2009

Issue 2: Page 14

It’s a rainy, nasty day in LA and a holiday to boot (so I’ve heard), but I’ve been working hard: the new site should go live at some point this week. It’s still pretty defaulty as far as the Comicpress template goes, but it’s infinitely cleaner than this hot mess. (I’m personally keen on the tags feature, which will let you read an all-Cerby edit of Evil Diva if you’re so inclined.)

There is also a shiny new fanart in the gallery, continuing the flood of awesome fanworks. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with some Watchmen trailers.


  1. Llandner

    oh well i guess wat they say is true only losers complain about cheating!

  2. Mad4Diva

    Man, when is Diva gonna pop Angela in da mouth!!!!

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