Issue 7: Page 5
November 23rd, 2010

Issue 7: Page 5


PETE: Something is weird. Diva hanging out with Angels. Angels cutting class. And Angela tounge-tied! Diva defending her! Let us see where this takes us…

INCENTIVE ART: Beefcake! Fresh Beefcake! Just out of the oven. Get it while it’s hot!


  1. Marianne

    …..Definitely not expecting this……..

    It’s a complete reversal of roles. This is really weird.

    Also saw new ad banners on another webcomic site. They look awesome!

  2. bmonk

    Yeah, I was wondering about the role reversals. Not to mention bullying angels. At least the angels are still dressed more modestly than the devils, but except for that…

  3. Caitydid

    Maybe she’s living in a dream. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

  4. Saiyza

    If this isn’t a dream, then pigs are flying in the frozen zone of Hell where the sun rises in the west.

  5. Lela

    This world is very askew. Next we’ll see Michelle being all girly. (As long as Gabe’s not a chatterbox though.) I think Diva’s been using her wand a bit too much for good. Everything’s totally out of balance. Where’s Virgil been to guide her?

    Diva’s eyes in the fifth panel seem strangely whitened over…Hmmm. And dork!Angela is adorable. :B

    @Incentive: …Is that GABE? Either way, love the perspective. And I’m totally for more incentives involving mod 60s clothing (loooovvee.)

  6. xIsamuTM

    okay, we need to find the Frozen Flame and the Astrial Amulet like split-lickety! the rightfull order of things has to be restored.

  7. Eric Porter

    So this is what happened after Diva became class president. It looks like the wand gave Diva what she wanted but not the way she wanted it. It had to keep balance and therefore the change in roles.

  8. xIsamuTM

    a stray thought… did angela wear contacts in the first arc? did her sight go bad as a result of loki’s hadoken?

  9. RandomFan

    Angela is more likeable.
    Way more likeable.

  10. taxil

    Alright, this is so starting to swerve into weirdo zone. unless we get an explanation about what is going on soon, we might have to check to see if Joe has been replaced with a doppelganger just to mess us all.

    Angela turning into a glasses wearing, meek, friendly, picked on, Moe type. that’s not bad, but it feels like we’ve fell into mirror world now. I did not expect high school kids (angels to boot) to treat Angela like that either.

    Oh, btw, WHAT is on that page Angela just dropped in that last panel, hum?

    @ incentive: O_o…. Gabe looks like Keanu Reeves from the Movie “Constantine”. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

  11. taxil

    in other words, Angela is becoming Moe.

  12. taxil

    they could be fake, or something else. i say it’s too early to tell.

  13. taxil

    A Chrono Cross ref perchance?

  14. taxil

    ask and thou shall receive! (sort of)

  15. xIsamuTM


  16. taxil

    yes! i still have it. ^^

  17. Lassilsa

    I like the dorky Angela, way cuter and more likable. It like the first couple of comics with a role reversal between Angela and Diva, though Diva kept her friendly nature, I wonder if that means Angela kept her snooty/snobby/mean nature.

  18. Bee

    Style wise the characters seem a little more meaty, and I like that. It makes them more relatable. It’s funny to see Angela looks like she got ran over twice and it’s really strange to see the role reversal. Part of me hopes it’s a dream and the other part doesn’t because I want to see what else is opposite or off. I too hope there is no chatty Gabe. XD

    I liked the perspective of the incentive, but it doesn’t look like Gabe to me.

  19. taxil

    Add on comment: keeping in mind the change of artist and such, but i swear that older Angela has a small bust size than when she was younger. WTF? I know women can lose bust size if they work out a lot, but Angela does not look like she does. Cassandra dear, a suggestion from me for later use. Angela should be more bustier than she is in today’s strip. She does not have to be as busty as Diva, but more than she is now.

  20. Tori

    I dunno… I wouldn’t want a chatty Gabe, either, but why else would he be wearing an earpiece/mic in the cover page unless he was supposed to talk through it? xD Unless he just listened. *shrug*

  21. JackXD


  22. OMGSoEasy

    I honestly wouldn’t know what to think if this was not a dream and was in fact real. I’d be all like “Dude…WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE TIMESKIP?!”

  23. 10_0_0_1

    Well Angela sure has changed in the last few years, looks like she has defiantly gotten rid of that arrogant streak. I look forward to seeing what her softer side is like in the future. Also the incentive is very nice, reminds me of Mulder from X-files.

  24. BluerzGooerz

    well i think it’s safe to say tht im confused…

  25. Eric Porter

    I’m glad to see Deva is still willing to stand up to others, despite what is popular.

  26. Marianne


  27. Tatz

    Hmm interessting, wonder where this is leading us. But why oh why do we have to wait until thursday (night for me) to see where this going. How can you be so cruel ;)

  28. Jen

    I really have no idea what to think. :T
    The only thing I can come up with other than “dreaming” is that after the whole ‘BIG EPIC FIGHT’, Angela became timid and withdrawn, and somehow everyone in school found out of Diva’s fighting and are either scared of her or respect her.

    OR perhaps, what Eric Porter said.

  29. Violet Black

    Slightly dying and then un-dying fixes everything! \(^_^)/

  30. taltamir

    its amazing what the total and utter demolishing of someone’s self confidence could do to a person… err, to an angel.

  31. xIsamuTM

    moé moé kyun~~~ :3

  32. Lela

    Neither Angel nor Diva had a bust in pre-time skip. They were in middle school after all. I believe that that was just how Brinson drew torsos.

  33. Medalis

    Still waiting for bearded Virgil to walk around the corner.

    @ incentive: Oh dear lord, Gabe is turning into Loki.

  34. Bethany S.

    Oh man, the incentive… Super yummy. (I happen to have a thing for men in suits. <3)

  35. 10_0_0_1

    now I have the amusing image of Loki having taken Gabe on as an apprentice in the timeskip, this would be most intersting.

  36. Lady

    I’m just considering Loki’s warning. Diva’s wand has apparently been around forever in order to maintain the moral balance. Diva’s last words in the previous chapter seem like foreshadowing to me: “I just have these uncontrollable urges to be nice.” If she can’t maintain the balance- obviously something weird is going to happen. In ghostbusters too much negative action resulted in the stay puft marshmallow man. Looks like in Diva world when the balance leans too far toward good, everything gets turned upside down (what once was good becomes bad and vis. versa- dad’s out of work so no crime and whatnot). Makes you wonder what would happen if Diva were evil! Would we be looking at the same world that we are now?

  37. Lady

    hmm. I predict Diva will meet her equal- another angel to rival the old Angela

  38. raybecca

    Also that’s a fairly loose shirt she’s wearing. She would have to be LARGER than Diva for her bust to be more visible.

  39. raybecca

    I love the paralleled dialogue (I went back to double check!). Also I’m very interested in that piece of paper… I’m still going with my theory that she plotting against Diva/trying to uncover her powers.

  40. taxil

    Bethany S.
    Imagine this. Virgil as Agent K and Gabe as Agent J from “Men in Black” movie.

  41. Vitriolo

    Character development or boy switcheroo. Either way, we’ve missed a lot in some of Diva’s formative years.

  42. Vitriolo


  43. TransientPulse

    I’m thinking parallel donut universe crossover.

  44. Fuzzypop

    I’m so confuuuuuuuuseed.

  45. anon

    it’s a dream, isn’t it. ISN’T IT.

  46. xIsamuTM

    i prefer bagel universes. with strawberry cream cheese galaxies and raisin nebulae

  47. Lillian

    This week is destined to make me a Gabriel fangirl….

  48. Lillian

    If this Angela stays, she will easily become my favorite character.

  49. T'laryth Phalyn

    I hope we get some explanations soon about what exactly is going on. It’s a pain to get attached to characters then BOOM! they’re not the same characters. I can only hope this is some dream of a kind. If not… I’m not sure I could continue knowing there would be sudden character and plot upheavals like this at the drop of a wand.

  50. Bartimaeus

    This is teh weird, indeed.

  51. Astragali

    With Diva’s world being as topsy-turvy as it is, I wonder if there’s going to be a new antagonist to replace Angela… because I was just thinking about the possibility of Angela being knocked down the pecking order, rather than there being a straight switcheroo… You see, if there *had* been a full-on switch, then Diva would have Angela’s arrogance, but she’s defending Angela, not treading on her.

    Also, I wonder if there’s anything of importance on that piece of paper that Angela dropped…

  52. 10_0_0_1

    You know something that has occurred to me upon rereading the old issues is the possibly is that Diva’s dad may well know about her magic from what he did during the trial, he is the only person who actually saw the contents of the surveillance tape after all. So that is 2 unanswered questions from that arc, the other being what little secret Diva has on her mom. On another note my bet is that the dropped page is just a dropped page.

  53. Severin

    I don’t think it’s a spoiler if I say that the paper’s not important, other than to show that Angela’s in too much of a hurry to notice flying bits of homework.

  54. taxil

    But the cake…. it is a lie!

  55. taxil

    join the crowd.

  56. wandering-dreamer

    Clearly this is some sort of dream, I mean, even the art style is pretty different here, here’s to hoping Diva wakes up soon.

  57. RandomFan

    Don’t think it is.
    Mainly because of the panel where her dad said he wasn’t working.

    Seriously. I don’t think Diva’s dreams would be that detailed.

  58. hazukime

    what if the dreamer isn’t Diva but Angela, and it’s kind of a nightmare?

    anyway, i really hope isn’t a dream, i am too curious now …

  59. Brandy

    I think the whole tip-off for the dream for me is… Diva’s pose in the final panel. I know this sounds really weird, but it strikes me as cocky and very full-of-ones’self. Very unlike Diva, IMO. then again, it might also be the position of the ‘camera’.

    I don’t know. It just doesn’t entirely set the mood for the real Diva-verse. So… I’m with most others here. I’m going to bet on dream-sequence.

    Other than that, though; I think I like the new style. I can’t wait to see where the skip-storyline leads us… Although the short skirt on Diva does nothing for me. *shrug*

  60. Pete

    All things will come in good time. Just hang in there.

  61. xIsamuTM

    well she just “corrected” those angels so she still might be sporting her ‘tude pose.

  62. rphb

    Isn’t all this a bit exaggerated? A little too exaggerated? I mean popularity is defined by how much people like you. It comes from your ability to make others feel good around you, and that have nothing to do with any extra curricular activity.
    And besides, why would being “chairman of the student board or president or whatever matter? It’s just extra work, taken by these that bother making them. These that have nothing better to do.

    Also what’s up with these glasses? Eyesight doesn’t deteriorate like that in a year, and if she used contacts before, why wouldn’t she use them now.
    It’s just starting to be too ridicules to follow any more. Even for a dream it would be surreal.

  63. rphb

    And ps. While people can be cruel sometimes, an entire group calling someone a moron, that just does not happen. I never even heard about that outside of mediocre American fiction.

  64. Hoheh

    Social positions have reversed, but Diva still does nice stuff. Maybe Angela and her could be friends at this point. Maybe.

  65. Jay Armintias

    Mmm, love the Wednesday incentive. Yum yum yum. Can I have him when Diva’s done with him? :P

  66. Astragali

    Popularity, as you define it, is the most positive form. However, “clique”-type popularity does stem from things such as achieving power. Even in high school, power can be, to some people, an intoxicating attractant. That sort of popularity does, unfortunately, also cause people to act in the way the angels did.

    Oh, as for Angela’s eyesight, the timeskip is three years, not one.

  67. rphb

    I can’t say that I would. In my gymnasium, or any other gymnasium I have ever heard off power was a non issue. In fact I can’t imagine how anyone, student, lectors or rector could have power. Sure the rector have “power” of sorts (I would call it responsibility), he is the administrative leader, but that doesn’t mean that he has the right to use it. He would quickly be out of a job if he started terrorizing the student or teachers.
    To sum it up, power is less then a non-factor, it’s a burden, and few wants a burden unless they get paid.

    Real power comes from within. Inner strength is power. This is what can draw people and make you popular.
    I’m sorry but I simply do not understand what you or the comic is talking about.
    Ps. What’s a “clique” ?

  68. Random reader

    kinda reminds me of angela’s 1st appearance in issue 1 o.o

  69. Joe C


  70. strange_ambition

    If that happens I will RAGE.

  71. strange_ambition

    I’d hate to see ED become a generic teenage comic strip- wrought with bland teenage cliches. I will mourn its loss and reminisce by reading the old pages if it takes that route. I feel quite certain that this is a dream sequence. On the next page Diva is far too rude. These pages seem to make fun of teenage cliches- right?

  72. octopusrave

    I’m getting really confused…and what is up with Angela’s new design? :(

  73. octopusrave

    OH LORD I think you’re right…I think she’s probably unbalanced everything. :o Ahaha, that’s a really good guess!

  74. DukeW

    The cake is a pie!

  75. DukeW

    It becomes increasingly apparent that you did not grow up in the American educational system. A clicque (pronounced “click”) is a loosely-assembled group of people who share roughly the same social standing in the school community. The archetypes in the American system are usually jocks (athletes), soches (sometimes spelled ‘soshes,’ and used as a shorthand for ‘socialites,’ such as cheerleaders or other highly popular persons), greasers/stoners (depending on your vintage), and various other types. They run in packs, and have been known to attack single victims or smaller groups, for no apparent reason, except perhaps to build or maintain their own social status. The fact that you’re the only one who called ‘shenanigans’ on this should tell you just how close to typical this is, and how unusual it would be for somebody like Diva to defend a victim. Nice writing, guys. Keep up the good work. : )

  76. Gunner

    I dunno, I think I kinda like nerd!Angela. There’s just something particularly endearing to me in how she looks in panel 3.

  77. butterflied412

    Wow, turn around.

  78. Trolldrool

    I don’t really have a problem with this. I remember when I was 14, I had about 5 years left to truly live in what would probably be a long and dull life. And when I tried cigarettes and alcohol for the first time, I suffered none of the harmful effects my parents or the adult politicians and media and school talked about, so I figured they were all lying. When I turned 15, I figured maybe they weren’t lying, but that they were always underestimating me and how much I knew. When I was 16, I was certain I knew all there was to know for the future. Only reason I really went to school was to get decent grades so I had something to put on a job resymé. When I was 18, I realized that school probably had some other useful purposes, but there was nothing more that this world could teach me that I didn’t know apart from minor details to what I was already aware of.

    Then I turned 20, realized I hadn’t even lived half my life and I didn’t know anything at all. So if our mentality and personality go through so much change and development in that short stage of our lives, why shouldn’t they? We have this image of devils being the manifestations of pure evil and angels being all things good personified. Well, who’s to say this isn’t that period of their lives where they mature into those aspects? The teenages are a big mess of contradictions that in some incomprehensible way turns us all into what we are at the end of puberty.

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