Issue 7: Page 15
January 6th, 2011

Issue 7: Page 15

New page for Thursday. NEW INCENTIVE FOR MONDAY! Everybody back on their heads…

PETE: Gotta post and run. Just finished adding text. Cassandra had to ink these by hand, so let her know how much you appreciate her hard work. Dinner’s calling.

INCENTIVE ART: Cassandra’s firs “Cartoon” Style comic. Enjoy.


  1. Joseph

    Hopefully you will have more time to work on the page in the future.

    It seems that this page was doneā€¦in haste.

  2. Tori

    Thanks for all your hard work, Cassandra. :)

  3. The Guardian

    Shouldn’t she have been able to clobber him before he could run over to Angela? And where did the collar come from since he was not wearing one last page?

  4. Ginmizu

    The lines are very clean for having to do them by hand instead of using a program. Thanks for working on the page even without your usual tools!

  5. Bethany S.

    *le gasp* The PEARLS! The pearls were Angela’s undoing! XD

  6. 10_0_0_1

    I wince for Angela, getting a string necklace pulled hard enough to snap it like that has to really hurt.

  7. OMGSoEasy

    Young man, I know she’s hot and all (they both are), but now is not the time squeezing in a desperate last-minute heartfelt snuggly-wuggly. :3

  8. OMGSoEasy

    *FOR squeezing in*

  9. dottianne

    Are we ever going to see old Diva again? She was the character in the story I fell in love with. I don’t know what’s going on anymore…

  10. taxil

    wow, the hand inking makes a big diffirence in how it looks. Well, the last thug chose the 3rd option after all. But he doesn’t have a weapon so why did he even try to hold Angela as a hostage?

    Last thought, The snapping of the necklace means something. could it be a power limiter on Angela? or is it holding back a dark side of her personality? i guess we shall see.

    @incentive: LOL! looks like Tia’s slow but corrupting influence is starting to show on Diva now. >)

  11. Stephanie

    I agree. This just… isn’t as fun and goofy. That’s what I really liked about reading Evil Diva.

  12. Gunner

    Hmm. And this is supposed to be taking place the night before the current issue begins, if I’m reading the issue properly? Curiouser and curiouser. Tuesday cannot get here fast enough.

  13. Gunner

    And yes, the page does look very good.

  14. Me

    As far as cutest couple…
    What about Virgil and Loki? Huh? Any takers???

    Lovely inkwork, by the by, Cassandra. Your artwork is deeply appreciated.

  15. Suzii

    This is why good jewelers, when stringing pearls, knot the silk between the beads. (Well, to minimize loss and to keep the pearls from scraping against each other.)

  16. 10_0_0_1

    which would make this either a cheep necklace or fake pearls. interesting, Angela does not seem like the kind who would wear anything but the best.

  17. JackXD

    What kind of a super-secret-weapon move is that? You call that the final resort? I call that the ultimate, no-arms-nor-legs-left-to-use resort. Maybe if he’s missing a brain it counts as if he was missing his arms and legs? Ah, my rambling just reminded me of the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. Got to watch it again.

    BTW, thanks for finally replacing the last page, it was kinda getting old to look at.
    An it’s a nice change at that. You know, graphically. New colors…

  18. taxil

    indeed. there is a possablity that what is happening here is not what it seems

  19. Medalis

    No comic is complete without ‘gasp!’

    The expressions in this page are hilarious – I mean, you got smirky Diva, terrified *whatshisface*, and T_T/*not impressed* Angela who does not appreciate random neck hugs.

    My question is… why hasn’t Angela run away by now? Oh well, so much for her smacking the guy with her bag.

    Great job on the inking, Cassandra! Hadn’t noticed it wasn’t digital.

  20. Medalis

    Forgot to mention – I think the red-eyed devil here has grown on me. I’m gonna miss him. :’C

  21. Jason Thorn

    I’m getting a Batman origin vibe. Didn’t Bruce’s mother get killed when the thug got tangled in her pearl necklace?

    Jason Thorn

  22. Hoheh

    See, that guy should have given up and tried to look as unthreatening as possible. Lay face down and all that. Now he gets Diva’d too. Maybe.

  23. Nessa

    Suspicious reality is suspicious.

    I enjoy Diva’s new found epicness.

    But I’m still suspicious of it.

  24. taxil

    not exactly, Bruce’s mom’s necklace was broken when the thug shot her to death. Said thug may or may not have been the Joker before he got transformed.

  25. WhyLime113

    Inking by hand is so much easier than inking digitally (or at least I think so)
    I must admit that this seemed someone rushed. The collar was not worn on the last page, for example, which is kind of ignoring the major details. Cass has great art, but I don’t think she did her best on this one. Plus it was late, so I was kinda expecting more.
    Hopefully the next one will be better. Don’t rush though. I personally would rather wait a tad bit longer for good pages than a shorter amount of time for rushed ones.

  26. Fairportfan

    The incentive – Diva and Cerby napping – are those boots? Rowf!

  27. taxil

    I get the feeling that Cass-chan did not have much time to work on this one. in turn it left many errors in it, but knowing what happened, i will not hold it against her.

  28. Reaver21

    If you notice, the guy in this one wasn’t wearing that collar on his neck in the last issue. Anyways, awesome art, as ever!

  29. Severin

    Give it time… every major change in the art will be accompanied by some growing pains, but everything will smooth out eventually.

  30. Severin

    He’s been given a lot of personality for a side character!

  31. Cassandra

    If I’m to be Cass-chan, I reserve the right to call you ta-kun, or something.

  32. Marianne

    They were calling the last author Lady Bri-sama or something silly like that. :|

  33. Marianne


  34. Medalis

    Does that mean that this devil will become Diva’s arch-enemy? .3.

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