Issue 7: Page 21
January 24th, 2011

Issue 7: Page 21


PETE: Wow. THis is seriously the most beautiful page Joe and I have ever seen. Period. Colors, composition, everything is perfect. God, Cassandra rocks. Enough of my gushing. THE DUDE IS BACK! YEA! I’m done being spastic, so here is Joe…

JOE: If anybody knows Jeff Bridges, you might want to tell him his unlicensed image is being used on this page ;).



  1. taxil

    YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! i KNEW it! the return of The Dude! i’m so pumped up over today’s comic!

    also, wouldn’t it be a mind trip if Jeff Bridges himself posted here and we never knew about it?

  2. ThatGirlFromAustin

    That’s not Jeff Bridges. It’s Jesus! Wearing shades! Awesome, dude.

  3. xIsamuTM

    In His name, we Abide, man.

  4. Dragonair

    This IS an astoundingly beautiful page. Cassandra is an amazing artist for taking Brinson’s style and adding her own, very unique flare. Severin should be commended as well! Their inking is always lovely and clean. :)

  5. ArtiCon

    JEFF BRIDGES! There should be a religion where he is worshipped.

    Fantastic page, I love the colors and facial expressions.

  6. Eventime

    I agree with this. It’s a very lovely page.

    And yay for The Dude.


  7. Dante'sOnionRings

    I love the angles, composition, excellent! The only thing that seems strange is that the line weights have become a bit chunky/bloated recently. It feels like it detracts from the excellent compositions. *Not trying to offend anyone, just an observation on the developing style. I’ve been following this comic for a long time, its always fantastic. Keep up the good work you guys! :)

  8. DrkFire666


  9. Vee

    nothing is more awesome than Jesus with a surfer attitude and aviator sunglasses serving coffee, ‘cept maybe not AS awesome as Jesus high-fiving Freakazoid on an escalator, but still, this stands as awesome. :P For the Win!

  10. tabitha

    oh yeah! i forgot to mention! paaaages back! when virgil was last here at the gate! it cracked me up how virgil got the extra hot extra burnt extra black coffee! i thought he was going to get the orange sweet thing with whip… guess that goes to show what’s more evil…

  11. RandomFan



  12. JME

    The Dude reminds me of Joshua (aka Jesus) in Christopher Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. Jesus was a coffee junkie there.

  13. Lycanthromancer

    Uh…Should I be finding The Dude as sexy as I do?

    ‘Cuz I do…

  14. Cassandra

    That book was the best. I never knew Jesus knew kung fu.

  15. Cassandra

    I’m inking by hand now (it’s about 3x faster.) That’s the difference you see. Things should smooth out as I get the hang of it.

  16. pete

    That’s, like, your prerogative man.

  17. Dusty

    The Dude abides.

  18. LB

    This comic is great, and we agree…Cassandra rocks! Keep up the good work.

  19. BluerzGooerz

    The first panel looks amazing!

  20. JackXD

    Nice wallpaper.

    It’s just not something you’d expect of a desktop wallpaper. It’s more like a room wallpaper, but since the desktop is not a room (technically, it has all the stuff a room has, windows and all that…), this is not exactly a computer wallpaper.

  21. JackXD

    Ugh, damn, there was supposed to be a “Heavy sarcasm” in front of “Nice Wallpaper”. The comment must have swallowed it. It was probably lighter than said so it floated away?

  22. W.

    Uh, yeah, he knows Matrix level kung fu. The walking on water thing kinda gives it away. Also the turn the other cheek thing was directions of going with the blow and redirecting the energy. ;) Lamb was a very good read. I’m glad it was brought up, it makes me think about it again. Biff was a hoot.

  23. tabitha

    ah, i forgot to say what i wanted to about this page! Cassandra is doing an amazing job! way to go girl! also, i wonder what kind of drink Diva WOULD get…?

  24. JME

    Loved that book. Biff is a friggin’ awesome asshole. I think Biff knew Kung-fu, while Josh knew “Jew-do” or ‘the way of the Jew’. Haha.

  25. Violet

    Sounds like you’re on your way to becoming the Bride of Christ. ;)

  26. Cassandra

    I am using it as a wallpaper right now. On my computer. It seems to be working ok. 9_9

  27. Bill Pistol

    Are Diva’s boobs going to keep getter bigger? Just asking… (looking nonchalant)

  28. Lola

    It was much funnier when you couldn’t see his face. This just kinda kills the joke.

  29. Drendar

    It’s Wednesday, where is the comic?

  30. Dana

    My RSS reader said there’s a new comic, but when I tried to go there, I got a “page not found” message. Are you guys having technical difficulties?

  31. 10_0_0_1

    the DNS error somehow eat my comment but as I said before if I ever get my 486 running I would use this. Back in those days wallpaper on a computer was just that, a simple repeating pattern to add color to things without using up the very limited resources of the older computers.

  32. JackXD

    My comments was EATEN, as 10_0_0_1 cleverly said. I’ll just repeat the punchline of my comment:
    A thousand faces, a thousand minds and a thousand thoughts as well.

  33. Sylest

    Wow why did my comment get pulled, all i did was say that there is a religion based on Jeff Bridges character The Dude in the Big Lebowski well its not really real, but fun to read. Its called Dudeism.

  34. Pete

    It’s on the old server. It was caught in the 6 hour no-mans-land when the dns whent down. That’s why I had to update the page again today on the new server. We didn’t delete it.

  35. Hoheh

    My comment was pulled for reasons unknown. Interesting.

  36. Pete

    a few comments got lost in the transfer. enter it again and it will go up.

  37. Hannah

    THE DUDE?! YES!!! This is most excellent.

  38. katr:D


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