Issue 8: Page 10
March 2nd, 2011

Issue 8: Page 10


PETE: Getting closer to our old schedule again. This page is a shocker as Mom doesn’t drink! What the HELL is going on! And I’m willing to leave my wife for librarian Tia.

INCENTIVE ART: More primitive art.


  1. Charlie

    Diva’s mom not drinking?


  2. DrkFire666

    Diva’s mom?!? NO BOOZE?!?!?! This is now “Mirror Mirror” world sans the goatees.

  3. Pete

    If I kill you, we all move up in rank…

  4. Joseph

    …Got to backpedal very, very quickly!

  5. Ginger

    *wide, horrified eyes*

    I believe the word I’m groping for is “AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

  6. Flo

    I’m reeling back here!

    In shock!

  7. Gato

    Diva’s Mother doesn’t drink… O_o…. ‘Mrs. Martini’ doesn’t drink????

  8. fangshinobi

    Look at them. They’re just as shocked at the martini suggestion as we are that she doesn’t drink! Ahaha.

  9. sun tzu

    The fact that they’re so shocked suggests a story there…possibly a recovering alcoholic? (Maybe she started drowning her sorrows in it, and struggled to quit when it started a downward spiral?)

  10. Bethany S.

    Boy, I hope your wife doesn’t read this, Pete… It’s gonna be a long night sleeping on the couch. I love that Asmodeus is her boss in this world. Dear God, when will it end?!

  11. Feartheswans

    Without a Martini, Mom is NOTHING!

  12. Feartheswans

    First panel mom begs for the Subtitle “I can has Martini?”

  13. taxil

    that image is what i am feeling right now about what ya’ll did to Diva’s mom! I can’t take this suspense Team Diva you evil, evil (yet some how loveable) people!

    on another note, i was afraid it would back slide into the update 2 times a week schedule. Look Team Diva, i do love that you are tying to give us 3 pages a week. But it’s not worth it if your off line life is suffering for it. i can live just fine with 2 times a week updates of Diva and the quality stays wonderfully high and ya’ll not become a pile of burned out wrecks.

  14. Satanic_Hamster

    Dunno. That could also be the reaction of someone suggesting to an recovering alcoholic that they have a drink.

  15. kaasiim

    Well now I know how the next incentive is gonna go.

  16. kaasiim

    ……………………… ya know I really was expecting a intelligent Cerby this time around…
    sadly, I got something worse. much worse…
    I’m sure I could come up with something better to say. But I’m just too busy being shocked by this issue.

  17. Cao Cao

    You know, it’s possible alcohol could be a bit helpful to being a good debater in its own way. Not the only important thing, naturally, but cynicism and negativity help sharpen arguments, and alcohol abuse does tend to make people negative when they’re not riding the social highs.

  18. Eric Porter

    Is Hell frozen over?

  19. 10_0_0_1

    You know my favorite part of this strip is Diva offering to fix a drink to cheer her mom up. It is good to see the sweet helpful side of her is as strong as ever, even if the backwards universe did mean the attempt failed miserably.

  20. 10_0_0_1

    Maybe in this universe Cerby is actually the evil mastermind that SuperDiva is constantly trying to thwart the plans of?

  21. LadyEm


    Out of everything that has happened, I think this horrifies me the most. D8

  22. LadyEm


    dang it. I thought I checked that for typos too. Fail.

  23. Dusty

    I keep forgetting to say how much I love the really evil diva incentive pages.

  24. Yael

    (Hello, I’ve been reading Evil Diva for a long time but first time I’m posting a comment.)
    Diva needs to fix things quickly since so many bad things happen. Since Mom has an entirely different personality in this universe, and she’s fired and Dad’s been working less hours, who knows? They might get divorced (which is really bad and will surely make Diva fix things).
    On a happier note, the new issue looks really great! :) Keep up the good work, Team Diva!

  25. TekServer

    Now we know why the martini was missing several pages back. (Surely you remember … EVERYONE commented on it!)


  26. Joe C

    One of my favorite Star Trek episodes, though you’ve probably guessed that having read this issue. I missed the goatees, but if a clean shaven Dad showed up on the first page it probably would have given away too much.

  27. bmonk

    If Mom is a devil who doesn’t drink–what other vice has she acquired? (Besides losing court cases…)

  28. Gene

    If anything, the bizarro reality seems to be somewhat inverse of the ‘normal’ Diva universe. Devils are somewhat neutral and angels seem to be the trouble-makers (with the whole skipping class thing early on).

    On the other hand it makes current situation somewhat more… human.

  29. Gunner

    I’m more for wondering when all this was supposed to have happened. Was everybody’s entire life re-written when Diva and Angela made their wishes? Sure, she made Gabriel and Michelle remember, but Mrs. Beelze not drinking alcohol? That’s definitely not something you can reset like that. For one thing, alcohol has an effect on the body and it appears nobody’s bodies have changed outside of getting older so it goes beyond simply making Mom remember that she does drink alcohol. Nevermind the fact that post-world jank Mom worked for Prosecutor Asmodeus.

  30. taxil

    considering the prices of propane, gas, and other fuel is going that flipping over to freezeing in and underground area would be cheaper….

  31. taxil

    If she still came from the 60’s life style, it might be drugs or being on facebook/ twitter.

  32. taxil

    ………………(facepalm) darn it! you’re right! now i need to go back and re-read this chapter all over again.

  33. Hoheh

    Mrs. Beelze. Not drinking. I lol’d.

  34. Gato

    I have a feeling that this si an AU that was forked back to the time of the original time period when she was 12.

  35. BluerzGooerz

    MOM NOT DRINKING!?! WTF!? Ok, that is one turn i can holestly say i did NOT see coming

  36. Greg White

    Diva’s mom’s boss is a real unthoughtful jackass.

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