Issue 8: Page 13
March 10th, 2011

Issue 8: Page 13


PETE:OK. We have had some issues with updates in the past, so here is the official new schedule I expect everyone to keep up with. Page updates will be by 11am Tuesday and Thursday. That gives me an extra hour for any drama in the office. Incentives will be as follows: Monday and Friday are alternate dialogue diva pages. Tues and Thurs will be normal Sev/Cass incentives. Wed will be up for grabs. I may do a strip, or Joe may do somethng, or Sev & C may do something. It’s a mystery. So there, in a nutshell, is our new schedule. Learn, live, love. OBEY ME!

INCENTIVE ART: Michelle is tres cute.


  1. Jiri

    Well, that certainly complicates matters :-)

    Also, First!

  2. Drendar

    Delicious, though I must say, find some way to fix the universe if not Diva and Angela.

  3. Myself


  4. BabyDaisy

    I think what it might be, is that, well, when they changed the reality, they were really quite furious, I think to get back to normal, Diva must somehow aggravate Angela. Although this may prove to be hard as this Angela seems to be really quite sweet! :D

  5. Eric

    I’m glad it wasn’t so easy.

  6. Eric

    Also I think it’s interesting seeing Angela come off as sweet.

  7. DVD

    It seems that Angela is developing to be more reasonable than she was before, While Diva is often claiming to fix things the right way(But she’s “over-fixing” the system unaware the machine is still working), they end up unfavorably.

    Looking at her expression in the first panel she seems kinda deluded.

  8. Ginger

    “No one told ME she had to MEAN it!!”

    XD Uh-oh…skettios!

  9. me

    I don’t think Diva said it right…

  10. taxil

    well now! isn’t this a twist! looks like we’ll have Geek Angela around for awhile. lovely glass wearing geek Angela… ahh, i love this comic.

    @ incentive: oh god! i have that song in my head! MAKE IT STOP! ><

  11. RandomFan


    I liek Angela wayyy more than Diva. Me thinks Diva is going crazyyyyyy.

  12. 10_0_0_1

    This is going to complicate matters quite a bit, I love it.

  13. Tori

    Oooh interesting! :3

    I think that Diva looks a little crazy in the first panel. :/

  14. kaasiim


  15. kaasiim

    “IF” Angela is just as aware of the changes in reality as Diva, then Angela “could” be in a position to royally #@%* Diva for the last couple years of crap Diva has put her through….

    … If.

  16. kaasiim

    OOO, what if she does make her remember… and then Angela becomes even more adamant about not going back? that would be one hell of a backfire!

  17. Joe C


  18. Lily

    XDD I actually sang along while reading the incentive.

  19. 10_0_0_1

    now the question is whether Diva will consider that before using the “remember” magic trick she did on Gabe and Michelle, based on what I have seen so far I doubt she would think of that.

  20. Cao Cao

    That’s the trouble with magic powers with no defined limits and no control. They work randomly, typically only when the author needs a deus ex machina to move on to the next scene. It would waste time to spend a whole comic arc trying to get alter-friends back on Diva’s side, and we as readers would feel just as exposed as Diva while she flounders around without discernable anchors, so pow, magic skips all that for us. Angela, though? Well, if she just “remembers” and they wish themselves back, the whole story is over by the next page up.

    Even if she does remember, Angela will probably have to learn to want her old life back. Even though it seems like she should be able to compare life one and life two side by side through her memories of both. Every life has its hardships and its pressures, so why stay at the bottom if you’re Angela? I presume she was popular for some reason. We aren’t born into castes. Barring any major changes to the financial state of her family, she should be able to take on whatever role she’s happiest with occupying in any dimension.

  21. me

    but, Angela wanted to be unpopular before, so if she remembered maybe it would strengthen her desire to remain unpopular…

  22. Hanna

    Unpopular!Angela is much smarter than Unpopular!Diva ever was. And prettier, too. Somehow the glasses and droopy clothes just up her cuteness times ten.

  23. cassandra

    She looks like she wants to be your grand vizier.

  24. taxil

    on one hand i hope Diva won’t become the trope of “with great power comes great insanity”. But the other hand i do ponder how a Yandere Diva would be like.

  25. taxil

    Some how i think there are limits and controls with the rod now known as “Serious”. the problem is that the original owner of “Serious” tossed the instruction manual out after he read it. Now it’s been passed down, it’s not around for Diva to read up on how to use “serious” properly. Even then Virgil and the Hypno Bishie does not seem to be teaching Diva properly in how to use it either.

  26. Boomer

    i lol’d xD

  27. Severin

    Nerd Angela is clearly the best!

  28. sun tzu

    You know, it’s interesting…
    Diva said she wanted to be popular, and Angela didn’t fully appreciate what she had.
    Angela said she didn’t want to be popular, and Diva didn’t fully appreciate what she had.

    It’s kinda looking like Angela was RIGHT. oO

  29. Bizar Guy

    Too many people have been hurt by this :(

  30. Joe C

    Anyone out there remember ‘The Greatest American Hero.’ What a great TV show that was.

  31. taxil

    that show was a bit before my time, but yes, i have seen a some of it. (sigh) those were the days when there was no bounds on the orginally and campyness of the shows.

  32. Joe C

    TGAH is actually a major influence of mine as it pertains to writing ED. Mainly because that silly campy show rather successfully addressed some of the issues mentioned in this thread. I was just about to address some of the Angela comments, but then I realized I’d be showing too many cards. I just finished writing Issue 9 which features Angela rather pivotally and I don’t want to let any pearls slip. And yes, taxi, I agree TV was a lot more fun back when storytellers ran things… or maybe I was just younger.

  33. Joe C

    Frak, I let some pearls slip.

  34. Joe C

    Sorry for misspelling your handle, taxil. I meant no disrespect.

  35. Joe C

    Mead and blogging don’t mix.

  36. taxil

    Ah, it’s ok Joe, you can call me Tax or Taxil, it’s fine.

    And yes, i can see you tipped you hand in this poker game. i will prepare myself for the on coming awesomeness in the next chapter. >)

    oh, another topic, were you near where those tidal waves came in? I know of some friends of mine who live in Japan (thankfully away from the worst of the earthquake of doom). do you know of any over there? i’m praying for all of them, and praying more to save those nuclear power plants from blowing up.

  37. DVD

    Like, Shion from Higurashi?

  38. DVD

    or perhaps, Rena or Rika?

  39. DVD

    If there some issues before i let her be my right-hand man, I will think about it.

  40. taxil

    Hum, that would be close…

  41. Joe C

    Don’t have any friends in Japan. I have family in Hawaii. But they weren’t affected.

  42. Cirihtt

    I just find curious to see how the fans are staring to rooting less and less for Diva

  43. 10_0_0_1

    That depends on how you define “hurt” sure it is bad if you are looking at it from the stand point of Diva and her family but we have seen very little of what Angela and Gabe’s family was like before and after, let alone the universe as a whole. Who is to say this is any less right than the old setup, or even if there is a “right” setup of the universe?

    You know that sounded less pretentious in my head.

  44. 10_0_0_1

    I do not see it as less rooting for Diva but a more realistic view of her style as a hero, she is the type who means well but is prone to leap before making sure there is a place to land on the other end, let alone if it is within her jumping range. Personally I am looking forward to seeing her work her way out of this and possibly learn a thing or 2 about not being so impulsive.

  45. taxil

    well said, other wise Diva will become a thoughtless Mary Sue type and i know Team Diva can do better than that.

  46. BluerzGooerz

    ….gee tht worked out well

  47. Jen

    I’m not sure if nerd Angela enjoys being a nerd or is actually WAY more cunning and clever as a nerd than as popular. If that’s the case, she’s way scarier now.
    also I wanted to say, when it comes to the poll, I think Gabe is actually more of a boxer briefs kind of guy. :B

  48. 10_0_0_1

    Now I am picturing Angela as a female Lex Luthor, this is a most interesting idea.

  49. taxil

    I’m sure Lex has been ruled 63 before. Also She might be scarier, but she is much more likeable and with those glasses on, much more appealing.

  50. bmonk

    “I sang as they sawed it off–because I believe! Oh you may laugh–but I believed with every fibre of my body, with every drop of rain that falls, a… a flower grows. And that flower, that small, fragile, delicate flower…” (Ypres, 1914:

  51. 10_0_0_1

    of course the next question is this: if Angela was Lex who would be Mercy?

  52. Jen

    I don’t know, I don’t really feel like she’s that much more likeable. I mean, we’ve barely spoken to her. Yeah so she was timid/nice when they bumped into each other, but who wouldn’t be when you’re outnumbered by popular kids. Then again, I don’t know how the alternate universe works, so who knows how drastic someone’s personality is when things are shifted like this. :T

  53. taxil

    The Alt Universe is a good chance to into whole new characters into the Evil Diva cast. i wonder if any new people will stick around from this.

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