Issue 8: Page 26
April 26th, 2011

Issue 8: Page 26


PETE:Maybe it’s not over. If Angela could just figure out what she wants, everything would be ok. Anyway, another awesome page by C. Joe will be along soon with the daily numbers.

JOE:Greetings Diva Fans. In the demographics wars today, Seattle has taken a huge surge and now threatens to knock Toronto out of third place. The Keystone State has also made a big move mostly due to increased numbers from Pittsburgh. Thanks Mellon Heads. On the international front, we’ve seen a monster increase in hits from Japan this week. Domo arigato gozaimasu.

INCENTIVE ART: This is from our reader Catherine. She decided to run with the Loki thing. Thanks for the awesome piece!


  1. Tatl

    Let’s just hope she doesn’t wish for something that screws things up even more. Great page!

  2. Medalis

    Cerbyscaliber! That must be made into a canon weapon. It would be HILARIOUS.

    I wonder if Angela is gonna wish that Diva wasn’t the bearer of the wand, or that she wasn’t beating her up. Or something else that’s clever – Angela’s a intelligent girl, perhaps moreso than Diva, and she probably knows how to use her smarts.

    I know this sounds weird, but looking at Angela and Diva in the last panel reminds me of two characters from a rather… risque (and hilarious) anime. They have nearly the same hairstyles!

  3. Fairportfan

    Wonder if both (or either or neither) of them are gonna remember all this once they fix things…

  4. Ginger

    Diva’s playing a dangerous game here! If Angela’s not thinking along the same lines, Diva could end up with an ice cream cone for a head or have to walk backwards forever or something equally hilarious and bizarre. Which would be adorable but not very functional!

    On a side note, I am digging Angela’s determined expression in the first panel. It’s just heroic!

  5. Drendar

    “I wish you’d just leave me alone”

    This universe should be forced upon Diva IMHO.

  6. 10_0_0_1

    Darn you team Diva, why couldn’t you put an extra panel in just for today? Now we have to wait on pins and needles to see which if any of our speculations on Angela’s wish would be.

    the incentive is funny, and interestingly the last panel of it works quite well with Angela’s expression.

  7. Radio365

    Angela: “I just wish we could get along.”

  8. Mary

    Why not? That’s the way stories progress. . . although to be sure sometimes you want them to resolve.

    Perhaps she’ll wish that neither of them would be popular. She liked it. Diva might like if no one was abusing her.

  9. Mary

    I suspect that she’s going to wish for something Diva never guessed of. Diva’s giving her too much time to think for her to just do what Diva wants.

  10. wynne

    I wonder if your numbers will shift significantly when all the college kids go home in May/June. Pennsylvania expatriates represent!

  11. Eric Porter

    Lets see where this next wish takes us…

  12. Poverty

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt amirite

    Also wondering what Angela’s gonna wish for hnnghhh

  13. SUTBComics

    Can I launch the Angela/Diva ship? Is that a thing?

  14. Medalis

    You read my mind.

  15. Medalis


  16. Medalis

    As long as it’s bubblegum strawberry ice-cream, I don’t think Diva’s too worried. Like I said, I’m sure that Angela will surprise us with something utterly serious – like wishing that everyone hated Diva – or break the serious chain that this arc seems to be based on and say something hilarious.
    I do wonder one thing tho’ – can Diva wish time to be turned back, and go back to when she was a twelve-year old?

  17. SUTBComics

    Just sayin because that last panel just SCREAMS “Incoming Smooch”.

  18. Mel. Star.

    Beautiful page. I think it’s my favorite Cassandra page so far.

    As far as the content: I’d like to think that if Angela is wishing for something strange (like Diva’s head to blow up), the wand would ignore it. I think this because Diva and Angela made the same wish (more or less) to get them into this bizzaro world and they’d have to do the same to get back to normal.

    I wonder if Angela will wish to know why Diva’s being so mean or why she feels like she’s forgetting something.

    I dunno. I guess I’ll wait til Thursday to find out ^_^

  19. 10_0_0_1

    I doubt it will survive the battle with Diva/Gabe but that is what alternate universe fanfics are for.

  20. Medalis

    *pulls out pen and paper* Does that mean we’re free to write fanfiction?

  21. Medalis

    Knowing Joe C., that panel would be a ‘pause for dramatic effect’ panel.

  22. A.C.

    Angela: I just wish…
    Diva: You just wish what?
    Angela: I just wish that you’d… o_o
    Diva: o_o
    Angela: O_O
    Diva: O_O
    Gabe: O_o
    Michelle: o_O
    Mr. Virgil: ._.

    *finally, sheer MOMENTS later…*

    Angela: …STOP! In the mnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of LOOOOOOVE!!!! :D
    Diva: Buh!!! @_@
    The Wand: *-* SERIOUSLY!?!??! I’ve heard some whack in my time but come ON!!!
    Diva: ZOMG!!! THE WAND SPOKE!!!!! !_!
    Gabe: What IN!?!?!
    Michelle: I don’t EVEN?!?!?
    Mr. Virgil: I say, Triple Super Wow!!!

  23. RandomFan

    Angela is going to wish she was a Devil. Or maybe “I wish you understood how I feel~!”
    And -POOF- Diva is now an Angel.

    That would be an interesting twist.

  24. Medalis

    I have no idea what this is BUT IT MADE ME LOL.

  25. Medalis

    Or maybe she’ll wish Diva was human! Then again, that would go into some rather confusing and possibly religious issues about the difference between angels/demons and humans are that Team Diva is probably gonna want to avoid.

  26. Lela

    Wooo, Pittsburgh!

    @Incentive: I bet if the drooly snake ever made a comeback into a form of weaponry, he’d knock the Cerbscalibar out of the water.

  27. Medalis

    Case in point. And it’s not ‘Drooly Snake’, it’s ‘Shnake’. Remember the lisp. ;3

  28. mystro

    relive to see i’m not the only one who was thinking about this ship…

  29. taxil

    Darn you Gainax! DARN YOU!!!!! how long will you take to make season 2 of Panty and Stocking!

  30. taxil

    i can see Team Diva doing that to us.

  31. taxil

    Well, as long as your ship does not fire any rounds at our Good Ship Michelle/Gabe, i have no problem.

  32. taxil

    I guess so. for the record, it is a good sign that by the time a web comic gets it’s own fan fiction, it has become one of the big dogs (so to speak) of the net. it’s kinda like a musician (be it rock, rap, pop or what ever) getting one of their songs parody by Weird Al.

  33. taxil

    congrats A.C., you just made the next vote incentive. >)

  34. taxil

    on second thought, if Angela did do that, wouldn’t that make Diva be sent down to earth and be born like everyone else?

  35. xIsamuTM

    so… angela wishes diva never got the wand, the world shifts again, and we’re back to middle-school diva?

    what? I want to know what happened in the MS years.

  36. taxil

    Good mind game Diva, good game. that last panel kinda makes me want to plug in an “Inception” movie quote.

  37. Medalis

    :C I really want to watch that anime. I want to watch it SO BADLY.

  38. Medalis

    Isn’t she already dead? I mean, did Diva’s entire family die – is that why they’re all in the Afterlife or whatever? THIS IS SO CONFUSING.

  39. Medalis

    I think that takes the idea of ‘shipping wars’ a leeeetttllleeee too literally, Taxil. But it’s certainly a hilarious mental image!

  40. Bethany S.

    “I just wish you would disappear!” Aaaand…scene.
    That’s all, folks!

  41. Medalis

    This is off-topic, but it’s been bugging me for a while – will Team Diva ever have a booth at a animation convention?

  42. Joe C

    “Death is such a primitive concept. I prefer to think of them as battling evil… in another dimension.”

  43. Joe C

    We talk about it every year, but there never seem to be enough coins under the couch cushions to make it happen.

  44. taxil

    you can torrent the fan subs of it.

  45. taxil

    Diva never had a mortal life to begin with. She came into existence as a devil in the after life.

  46. BluerzGooerz

    knowing Angela in this universe, she’d probably say something like “I wish you would just dissapear!” then Diva would go missing and Gabe and Michelle would have to go find her….

    that’s actually not a bad story line

  47. Codefox

    lol, I never comment on this comic (which I absolutely love btw 8) ) but I had to comment on this Joe. I absolutely love that movie. I’ve always wished for a remake or sequel 8)

  48. Bethany S.

    Yeah, but everybody here has parents, and they age like humans do, so it’s not like they’re all dead… UNLESS they were just born right into the afterlife rather than on earth. BUT, Dante was originally a human and became an angel (after he died, presumably, yes?). Aghh, there are so many things I don’t understand!!

  49. Hoheh

    Excellent facial expressions. ;_;

  50. Feartheswans

    I can see her wishing for Diva to just leave her the alone! It seems to me to be the thing the Two Angelas have in common!

  51. Medalis

    I dunno how to torrent. Never bothered to learn.
    Eh, I’ll look ’em up on Youtube or somethin’ – the PSG parody of TFs was on Youtube, so it’s probably logical to assume that they have the entire series.

  52. Perishing-Twinkie

    Haha I think I might be a major contributor to those monster hits from Japan… love the comic and I read so many that I often forget who updates and when and this week especially I’ve been coming back to it. Great job you guys, love both the former style and the current one! :D

  53. A.C.

    Heh, thanks guys. That last panel was just too hard to resist. ^-^

  54. tabitha

    mmmm no…. i don’t think this Angela would wish that… i’ve a feeling she’d say something along the lines of “i wish you weren’t”, or “i wish i knew what i did wrong so i could fix it” women… why do they always think that it’s something that they should fix?

  55. tabitha

    Angela and Diva are ying and yang… hence they’ll always be ‘enemies’… but i think, if it wasn’t for ‘balance’ they may have been able to work out their differences at some point and become, if not friends, but on good terms… instead, they’ll always have a bit of that relationships that Elphaba and Galinda had in the book ‘wicked’ won’t they…?

  56. taxil

    Ok medalis, here’s what you do to Torrent. make sure you have a media player (like win amp, but take your pick of the various media players out there), then go here.

    and install it. then go here and grab the torrents from here.


  57. Ginger

    If that ever happens, I will be cosplaying Diva faster than you can say “Cerbyscalibur”!

  58. taxil

    rule of thumb, if an anime gets released by the big name companies and licensed, just delete the torrent and stop sharing it.

  59. taxil

    what? wait a sec. brain storm now…

    Cerby + This guy from Soul Eater manga/anime


  60. Joe C

    “…always be ‘enemies?'” Oooh! You just gave me an idea for a new issue! I think we’ll code name it ‘tabitha’ on the boards.

  61. Joe C

    Hah! I knew someone out there would get it! How’s this for hardcore? I actually wrote a sequel for that movie when I was in my teens, but it’s one of those things that’ll never happen. Though perhaps I’m walking away from history! History! Did Chris Columbus say he wanted to stay home? No! What if the Wright Brothers thought that only birds should fly? And did Galoka think that the Ulus were too ugly to save? Maybe I’ll release it as a webcomic some day. If I run it non-profit they can’t come after me for infringement.

  62. Medalis

    You and me both, dear!

  63. Glubglub

    “I wish everything was back to normal!” -Timmy Turner

    I’m crossing my fingers.

  64. taxil

    i can’t wait to see this one. (smirk)

  65. Medalis

    I never bothered to learn to Torrent because I don’t like cheating the original animation company and the creator. When Funimation dubs PSG, I’ll purchase it and watch it then. Heck, by then, I’ll be old enough to actually be able to watch it.

  66. Codefox

    Oh that would be awesome. I’d like to think they’d love to see a cult following of their movie writing new stories (I mean that universe has to be so vast…) but then its Disney and business afterall. But would I that comic? Does Diva have horns?

  67. Codefox

    Er, *read that comic*

  68. Codefox

    Lol, and I mean Universal!

  69. Kyah

    Obviously, Virgil thinks it will be ok, or he wouldn’t just stand there and watch…
    Maybe she’ll wish Diva was unpopular?

  70. Monocles

    Dammit Loki! Stop making me re-think my asexuality!

  71. Joe C

    For the record, I don’t do panel layout, Cassandra does. Though I’m loving the suspense.

  72. taxil

    wait, WHAT?!? oops, i thought you were…. a bit older than I thought you were. my bad. ^^;;;

    well, don’t always bet on Funimation picking what you want to see.

  73. taxil

    beware the power of LOKI THE HYPNO BISHIE!!!!!!

  74. Medalis

    Ahaha ~

    As long as 4kids doesn’t get their mangy paws on it, any dubbing company is fine. Then again, 4kids probably would stay FAR AWAY from that series. Heheh. (If PSG is dubbed at all – I mean, I don’t think it’s particularly America-friendly… >:C)

  75. Mystic

    I never know what name to use for this (I’ve used 3 before) but anyways…

    …as of now I’m guessing Angela will say something else, it will result to a facepalm then Diva will have to explain, Angela will refuse thinking that her popularity is normal and we’re stuck for another chapter. Hoping this is nowhere near the case. Hopefully the end of this chapter will mark the end of the AU though.

    Problem is, Angela is not quite Angela that we know like Diva, Gabe, and Michelle. I think at this point, Angela won’t learn. On the contrary, if Diva brings Angela’s self, Angela will just keep on complaining that everything bad happens to her just because Diva is a curse and probably will refuse to learn anyways.

    Ugh, this is confusing….

    !– Beginning of Project Wonderful ad code: –> is showing up. ;p You’re forgetting the <

  76. Bartimaeus

    This is going to explode, then end badly.

  77. Medalis

    Not necessarily in that order.

  78. 10_0_0_1

    You clearly do not watch mythbusters often enough, the explosion is the good ending.

  79. Tatl

    ‘Cause fixing things is easy. And if it’s our own fault, it’s even easier.

  80. Hoheh

    Maybe Angela just wishes her and Diva could make up and be friends…

  81. Medalis

    Or setting something on fire with thermite. Not as exciting, but a good way to end nonetheless!

  82. Emma

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of kaiju when I saw the comment about “a monster increase in Japan” in the writer comments up there.

  83. tabitha

    O_o i’m kind of scared… LOL

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