Issue 9: Cover
May 17th, 2011

Issue 9: Cover


PETE:New chapter! So many things to talk about. But in the meantime, wipe the steam from your glasses. Things may get a little hot. And a big hand to Sev for the coloring and toning.

INCENTIVE ART: Another awesome Cassandra incentive.


  1. Laurelsing

    H… holy Dude! Not what I was expecting at all!

    I find myself extremely pleasantly surprised. And also excited.

  2. Pillamelai

    Do you plan on redrawing the first chapters? I’m sorry if this question has already been answered. (I do honestly prefer the new style. XD )

  3. Joseph

    Ha! You guys are really pushing the boundaries now.

    I actually think that the background is the best part of this page.

  4. Ellen

    ooooh I am very pleased with this, it’s high time for them to get it on!

  5. maeverin


  6. TekServer

    I doubt that will ever happen. Opinions on the three different art styles (for three different artists; I’m not counting gradual evolutions in the styles of each artist, where present) are more varied than than the art styles themselves. But I suspect the overwhelming majority would agree that having a different artist redraw the original “Brinson chapters” would be a terrible insult to Brinson.

    @Cassandra: I want to be clear; I am drawing no comparisons, nor making any judgments, between you and Brinson. I think you both (and yes, HollywoodArtChick too) are talented and valued parts of the Evil Diva gestalt.


  7. xIsamu

    [invites a bunch of Ones from TOGM to help clean the blown mind]

  8. Kyah


  9. Severin

    Painting that tree was an act of LOVE!

  10. Cassandra

    Not insulted!

    TekServer, what you say is 100% true.

    I wouldn’t want to redraw Brinson’s chapters because I think they’re awesome, and I’m dead certain I couldn’t improve on them. Plus, I’d rather move forward!

  11. Cassandra


  12. Cassandra

    Dang, Pete. That is some handsome typography!

  13. Flo

    Eeeeeh! I love vintage covers! I even follow RePULPED, so this is fantastic!

    Diva’s eyes look a little off though.

    and GAH, this is sooo frustrating, because I am STILL flip-flopping on who I ship Gabe with. >.<

  14. taxil

    (mind explodes)

  15. Gina

    Whoa, hey now.

    The steam’s a-risin’ in Divaland. 8D

    Gorgeous background, well-done figures, and I’m super excited to finally see the two of them have a moment or two of chemistry, since we really haven’t seen much since the first couple chapters!

    Also one of the things I love best about Evil Diva is you guys’ covers – everything from magazine parodies to vintage movie posters. The artsiness of it is part of what keeps me coming back :)

  16. taxil

    WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!! I DON’T EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (breaths deep for awhile)
    …….Alright, as the Captain the good ship Gabe/Michelle, i realize that Team Diva just hit us with a broadside. i here by give the order to prep the life boats ready, but do not load them up yet, we might make it out of this if we’re lucky.

    seriously, team Diva, i hope this is just a big trolling job on us… right? RIGHT? @_@

  17. taxil


  18. taxil

    Also, just how can Cassandra-chan find the time to do all that work to redraw the earlier chapters anyway? are you not hard pressed to get 2 pages done a week already?

  19. taxil

    wait, Wait, WAIT! WHAT!?!? Cherubs? for real? a new type of Angel that really DOES have wings? where have they been at all this time?

  20. wynne

    I love the art style, and while it’s true that I ship Gabe/Diva more than Gabe/Michelle… this cover makes me more than a tad uncomfortable. The bikini and Diva’s expression and “will they do the deed?” just seems a bit more… explicit?… than you guys usually go for. It’s like if Disney officially showed a couple going at it in their next princess flick.

  21. propheticmonkee

    oooooohhh I was pleasantly surprised to see the cover very beautiful, though i have to say it might just be me but it kind of looks like Diva needs to sneeze lol. :)

  22. Gunner

    … I dunno what to say. That’s usually why I don’t say anything in the first place. I like how Diva looks. That’s about all I’ve got.

  23. das-g

    Is there a typo in “asssembled” or is that some pun I don’t get? (Not a native speaker of English.)

  24. The Guardian

    Diva’s face is kind odd looking here.

  25. Ginger

    *explodes in a happy cloud of pink glitter*

  26. kaasiim

    So, Diva & Gabe.
    Gabe & Diva.
    One’s a angel, one’s a demon.
    They get it on, and she gets pregnant.
    What is the child?? Human?

  27. Joe C

    Apparently neither is Pete.

  28. Pete

    Geez, bust my bollocks. So I fixed it.

  29. Pete

    In my book, it’s an either. You either get a devil or an angel, just like a boy or girl. Its the extra W and V chromosome. Two w’s and you get an angel. W+V = devil.

  30. LB

    Great page. I love love love this new art style you guys have going on.

    I was wondering (again)…Do angels ever give birth to devils or vice versa? If so, are they “adopted” out?

  31. LB

    PS – Where do I get my own drink-serving cherub?

  32. Lela

    Agreed. Her chin seems a bit to pointy and her forehead a bit too not present with this angle. But Michelle’s looking beautiful and Angela’s looking suspicious.

  33. Lillian

    Yup, I’m done.

  34. Lela

    Is it possible to have a VV? Or would that be a genetic defect? Also if WV makes a devil, that gives devil couples a 25% chance of having a WW, or angelic, child.

  35. Zadsa

    Nah, I’m not even warm. However, a nice picture of LokixVirgil would do the deed…

  36. Joseph

    I am now unable to see that expression as anything other than an impending sneeze.


  37. Medalis


    … you know you’ve read too much yaoi/shonen-ai when seeing a guy and a girl together utterly shocks you.

  38. vedi

    oooh looks like they’re going on a well-deserved vacation? to afterlife hawaii?

  39. LeAnna

    Diva looks like she’s sick lol.

  40. taxil

    um, i don’t think it works that way fellows. if the earlier cannon from team Diva is correct in that angels and devils are two separate “species”, and offspring (if that is even possible to make) between the two of them would make “mules” like hybrids. the animal kingdom has many examples of them, like real Mules, Ligers, Zebrso (zebras and horse mix), and Grizlors (grizzly and polar bear mix).

    what ever the results would be from making a child between an angel and a devil would be original and probably upset the balance of the world…… hum, guys? are you pondering what i am pondering?

  41. Joe C

    Probably the only one who should be insulted is the Fourth Artist that you all seem to have missed.

  42. Joe C

    Nice link taxil.

  43. Lillian

    Yeah, it’s weird that this comic is still listed as PG…. Filtering out swear words in the comments section does not automatically make something PG-rated, guys, when you’re constantly pushing the limits on how sexual the subject matter can get. I agree that this is pretty uncomfortable, although I doubt Diva and Gabe will actually do anything, for obvious reasons (“Why don’t you have a seat over there…”). Then again, they DID consider killing off a 12-year-old girl when the comic was still rated G, so who knows?

    This comic has been removed from my RSS feed, but I’m curious about how much farther it will go, so I’ll probably keep checking in every once in a while, hah.

  44. Joe C

    Serving drinks at Angela’s house.

  45. 10_0_0_1

    I have no idea why but my favorite part is how annoyed Angela looks at the prospect of Diva and Game getting together, thus making Diva more a part of her life.

  46. Fairportfan


  47. Fairportfan


  48. taxil

    (gives Medalis the accusing eyebrow raise) i guess you’re a regular on 4chan’s /y/ i take it?

  49. Joe C

    Due respect, but using the MPAA ratings system as a guide, which serves as the basis for web comic ratings, we could go as far as brief frontal nudity before we drew a PG-13 (Web 14). Two fully clothed teens kissing (and yes, a girl in a bikini and a shirtless male are deemed to be fully clothed) wouldn’t even tip a G rating. We’re PG at this point primarily because of the violence and even then just barely because it’s all been bloodless and non-lethal thus far.

  50. taxil

    thanks, and it fits. for that is more or less what i was doing for a bit today.

  51. Joe C


  52. Ms. Williams

    I feel compelled to start singin’ some Minnie Ripperton up in here. Looooovin yoooooou is easy ’cause you’re beautiful…do do do dooooo…ahhhhhhh….^.^

  53. A.C.

    Yes, yes she does, I do believe she’s… LOVESICK!!!! @_@

    *News just in, earlier today unfunny Evil Diva commenter A.C. was bottled to death by rampaging cherubs in the name of good humour, bystanders have been quoted as saying ‘he had it coming!’*

  54. Lillian

    Fair enough. I will trust that implied sex between a high school freshman and a sophomore can pull off a PG rating. It’s just… weird. I won’t judge yet, though, because you may end up pulling off the whole situation with some honesty and tact rather than mindless sensationalism. :)

  55. Twigs

    Gabe is pretty 8)

  56. Cassandra

    One white wing, one black wing.


  57. Cassandra

    I had asssumed it wasss for emphasisss.

  58. Bartimaeus

    . . . . good Lord.

    In every sense.

  59. Lela

    Dangit, now I see it too.

  60. Severin

    Devil plus angel equals Bigfoot baby.

  61. Kamu Nappy

    Man, is it getting HOT in here.

    Also, I’m guessing that majority vote for that poll we had a while back was Romance. ;D

  62. Open.Window

    oh my goodness, Gabe looks so cute on this one. Is something FINALLY going to happen between him and Diva?!

  63. Hoheh

    Proving that being a boy and a girl that like each other, is stronger than their being an angel and devil. As well as social pressures. I believe it, but I’m a sucker for love.

  64. Yael

    NICE. That’s a really good… poster? Cover? Page? Anyway, it looks awesome!

    Evil Diva is getting mature.

  65. Joe C


  66. maeverin

    honestly this page weirded me out at first, but i think that’s only because we knew Diva and everyone when they were just starting middle school and then we had the time skip.
    Honestly, if the comic started when they started high school, i don’t think i would have thought twice.
    that’s just me though, and i love watching characters grow, so i’m very excited!

  67. Ginger

    Re: Incentive: That’s MORE cute barrettes I have to cast! And I haven’t glazed the broken-heart ones I made last weekend yet!! Next project: the skull choker + skull barrettes.

  68. Medalis

    Actually, I’ve only been on 4chan once – never went back. I am a frequent to DeviantArt, however… :3

  69. Zaphy

    Yeah, I recall someone here saying that it was “important to them not to rely on sexiness to climb the charts”. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything explicit here at all, I’m just a little apprehensive of the way things seem to be heading in this comic. And it’s very possible that things aren’t headed in that direction at all- I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  70. Monocles

    OH MY.

  71. wynne

    It’s definitely one of those things that you get more used to the more you look at it, and I think maeverin’s right. If the comic started in high school, we wouldn’t think twice about this kind of thing. The covers have the leeway to take a different tack from the rest of the issue – just look at last issue. It’s not so much that I’m worried about the actual content of this issue, I’m just not used to Diva being this suggestive. *shrugs*

  72. Joe C

    Pass the brain bleach please.

  73. Medalis

    Forgot to mention – while the page (cover image) was loading, I thought the tree branches/leaves were a pair of wings extending from Gabe’s back.
    I think I need to go get my eyes checked again.

  74. xIsamuTM

    wait… wasn’t Urd half goddess and demon? wasn’t her “angel” an angel/devil hybrid?

  75. Laynie

    Sadly, me too. I haven’t liked where this is going for quite some time, but hung in there hoping it’d get better. It hasn’t. It makes me sad, because this was in my top 5 favorite comics, but things change.

  76. Medalis

    So is apparently everything else in the picture.


  77. Medalis

    … but Severin only does incentives (and coloring?). I’m not sure if he counts as the ‘fourth artist’.

  78. Medalis

    Maybe a ‘Fallen Angel’? Or a angel with a tail?

    Honestly, I like Severin’s idea. Except Bigfoot could only come from Angela and the honkers she calls feet.

  79. taxil

    indeed she was. and yes her “angel” is a half and half.

  80. taxil

    DeviantArt is not that much better. ><

  81. TheGeek

    Not to be picky… Ok so I am going to be picky just because I can ;-) but in all good fun.

    Technically they are not Cherubs they are Putto. Cherubs have four faces, Man, Lion, Eagle and Angel, and four wings covered in eyes. Cherubs usual also appear with a wheel with in a wheel whose rim is covered in eye.

  82. TheGeek

    The common Angels that appear in the Bible don’t have wings. It’s not til you get into the higher orders of celestial beings; Seraphim, Cherubim, ect., that they start getting wings.

    Not to pic nit or anything. ;-)

  83. A.C.

    Actually, they are Cherubs as far as most people are concerned (though Putto is the more accurate but unpopular term), and language is as much a reflection of how people use it as anything else (for better or worse). That being said, I still cringe at the inclusion of ‘bling’ in the dictionary, or the complete hijacking of the word ‘gay’, talk about stereotypes. >_>
    Hey, look, there’s a happy man, not one miserable bone in his body, clearly homosexual!!!! *sigh*

    Not to be confused with actual Cherubims, of course, which in typical Christian iconography (but not ORIGINALLY, I might add) were depicted as you correctly describe them. It may be a misappropriation of the word though, (actually, it blatantly is! :O), you’re right in that sense, but it (and the associated imagery) has been used for so long now (mainly since the Renaissance) that Cherub has come to mean, small, child-like winged creature to most people, distinct from Cherubims in that they are not Angels or of ‘the higher order’ as such, usually being servants of ecstasy and frivolity instead (something a stereotypical Angel wouldn’t dream of doing).

    The fact that they are serving drinks is pretty much perfect, and in itself harkens back to their original purpose in works of art (basically, celestially tinged man-servants to all intents and purposes). :)

    Nice use of the word Putto though! Most people I know would think I was talking about a ugly little car if I said that. )_)

  84. Drendar

    somehow I got the feeling that the “deed” they were gonna do was “kiss” and while I understand the general meaning of that euphemism, common sense tells me these are high schoolers…

    And that I trust Team Diva to not do anything truly ground shaking.

  85. Tobi

    I’ve been wanting to share this for some time, because I think you guys would like it, and now that we’re on the topic of cherubs well…. Everyone should go check out Eros Inc., it’s a really great comic.

  86. Saera

    As one of the leaders for Team Diva i’m sorry that our evil little plan has hurt you my nerdy friend *twirls evil mustache* but i assure you this is no trololololoololing

  87. Medalis

    What if the ‘deed’ is actually just staring longingly at each other until Angela freaks out and drags Gabe away to hide him from Diva? Because not all high schoolers are hormonal and desperate to have sex.

  88. Joe C

    That isn’t who I’m talking about.

  89. xIsamuTM

    If this was an anime, I could see that happening.

  90. Cassandra

    It’s funny you say that! When Sev was coloring the cover, he labeled that level ‘putti.’ I guess putti’s the plural, though.

    Are you guys art students? I would never have heard that word if I hadn’t taken art history.

  91. propheticmonkee

    LOL, I’ve had “Dancing Queen” stuck in my head for the last 3 days and now thanks to you it’s gone. Thank You :D

  92. A.C.

    Heh, well I can’t speak for TheGeek but yes I was an art student of sorts, I did Graphic Design and Art & Design respectively, of which ‘art history’ was a part. :)

    And yes Putti is the plural, you got it. ;)

  93. TheGeek

    Well not much Art History back ground for me more like I’m a collector of weird and mostly useless knowledge. (I read a lot and have a high recall rate.) I read up on a lot of the orders of celestial beings stuff after reading the Rogue Mage novels by Faith Hunter which deal with Angels and Cherubims and the wheels within wheels bit.

  94. Marianne

    I smiled when I saw this because I knew you’d get people dropping the comic again just like with the fight.

    (For all the people who say that they don’t like where this is going/thought it would go in a different direction, WHERE had you imagined it going? I can’t imagine any other ED storyline that would have followed fluidly and think that this is terribly creative for a comic – its surprises around every corner are what keep the real fans reading. :) )

  95. TekServer

    Did we forget to profess our mad love for the writer, who has remained constant throughout and without whom the [graphical] artists would have nothing to draw?


  96. Artistic-aviary

    The thing about between-species “breeding” is that the offspring is infertile.

    In addition, in reply to Medalis’ comment, Devils /are/ fallen angels! That is, the two terms are synonymous. ;D
    So I would be more inclined to agree with the initial “You either get a devil or an angel, just like a boy or girl. Its the extra W and V chromosome. Two w’s and you get an angel. W+V = devil.” Contrary to what Lela says, you would have a 50/50 chance of having an angel or a devil in that case –do a punnet square with WW & WV and you’ll see what I mean. ;)

  97. Oak

    THAT BIKINI. She’s so cute >_< <3

  98. Me

    Why does every comic need to end in a cliffhanger? I understand the money issue, but we need to wait daaaays for updates, and every comic ends with us guessing. It’s getting frustrating.

  99. Greg White

    Satan is said to have been a Cherub before he fell from grace.

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