Issue 9: Page 6
June 7th, 2011

Issue 9: Page 6


PETE:I’m just gonna sit this one out and watch how you readers handle it.

INCENTIVE ART: Costume sketches incentive for today.


  1. Joseph

    Hey, finally I get some of what I want!

    Well, sort of.

  2. Ginger

    HAHAHAHAHA! I think I just spotted a lifesaving ring that says S.S. Diva/Michelle floating by. I’m glad I brought my spyglass when I boarded the S.S. Diva/Gabe! *^_^*

    Michelle’s a good friend. I think one of my favorite things about her is her straightforward approach to everything–she’s nothing if not practical.

  3. Archwright

    Definitely getting what I want.

  4. xIsamuTM

    Captain taxil!! direct hit to the bridge!

  5. Joseph

    Also, when I read what Michelle said in the fourth panel, I didn’t even need to scroll down to know what was about to happen.

  6. taxil

    ….. [beep,beep,beep] [click]

    if you see this post, that means my prepared message if an unexpected revelation that would cause my brain to either shut down from the shock or blow up has occurred. Not to worry, my Regeneration cycle has kicked in and I’ll be back and the good TAR- er, i mean the good ship Michelle/Gabe is still afloat and doing well. it seems to be such a pity that Diva has lost her (maybe) first kiss was to Michelle. Well i wish i could say more, but i am running out of time on this recording. just remember all you readers, stay tuned to what is about to come up next and..


    good luck. [click]

  7. Whoa

    This idea never, NEVER, came to mind. Why did it take this long for me to think of this! Sure, she’s just trying to help but hey I got my girlfriend when she thought she was straight…

  8. BabyDaisy

    Been waiting for an update and – OH MY! :D I think Michelle got bored of Diva probably speaking really quickly and getting all worked up and so – well.

  9. maeverin


    i just want to go on record saying generally girls do not practice kissing with each other.

  10. Zipchan

    Diva’s tail in the last panel just slays me. XD

  11. Feartheswans

    I…. Well ….. Errrm….. Uh…… Wait…. * forced mental reboot*

  12. N.C. Weber

    Ok, maybe I don’t get out much, but I can honestly say I did not see that coming. (O.o)

  13. Feartheswans

    *mental restart complete* what we need now is Gabe to walk in or up on this. he is either going to freak out, faint, or get in on this. Let’s ask ourselves, what would Bizzaro Gabriel do?

  14. Fairportfan

    I christen thee the SS Diva/Michelle, and good wishes for fair winds and lots of innuendo…

  15. Fairportfan

    Grabbing Diva’s shirt is a subtle clue, too.

  16. Fairportfan

    I actually missed the tail… Heh.

  17. Jeen


  18. SUTBComics

    The SS Diva/Angela has taken a hit! Man the stations! This is not a drill! I repeat! NOT. A. DRILL.

  19. Joseph

    I didn’t even notice that until now!

  20. Joseph

    I’m glad somebody said it.

  21. Beautifail

    We… don’t? Oh, shit. I’m a lesbian.

  22. Mollington

    It’s a shame Diva’s lost her first kiss to Michelle.. though I suppose better a best friend than a boy who can break your heart?

    I actually find this page adorable. Whether Michelle actually has feelings for Diva or she just wanted her to stfu, I think it’s well sweet. :3 <3 Still support Diva/Gabe though I think. Though I don't mind this.

  23. Saera

    poor thing *pats the incapacitated Taxis*

  24. Sexy

    Psh, go kiss Melody Pond ya sod.

  25. Toussles

    Here in Sweden it’s pretty common.

    Just sayin’.

  26. FoxTrotMuffin

    My life is complete.

    *desperately hopes more comes out of this*

  27. Drendar

    OH MY! /takei

    I just need a moment.

    The way her eyes close in that last panel… nope, still another moment.

    *long slow breath* alright, I think that I’ve recovered.

  28. Jaysika

    Wow, this comic is so full of ships that the harbour’s getting crowded O_o

  29. propheticmonkee

    heehee Diva likes it :)

  30. DropDeadPoet

    Speak for yourself!

    ….we were young, we were silly, and years later–well, now I’m a fabulous kisser.

  31. randomfan

    Oh. Wow.

    I’m simply stunned. It’s been a long time, since I’d felt any genuine interest to this comic.
    Just wow.

    I take back all those mean comments, this story is finally starting to pick up.
    Ha ha!!!

    Oh my! I guess we now know Twilight’s true origin: Diva’s imagination.

  32. randomfan

    Mm. *gives taxil a cookie* It’ll be alrighttttttt….

  33. Shadow

    in the words of a very special minion.. “WHAAAAAAAAT?” O_O

  34. maeverin

    whoa, how come some of these replies are showing up in my email?

  35. Iochannon

    Who wants to take bets that the kiss is entirely innocent and someone else sees it… and takes it the wrong way. Any takers?

  36. Iochannon

    Don’t think it’s a shame at all. It’s not about who you kiss first, it’s about each time you kiss someone you love.

  37. taxil

    (bing) ok… (checks self) arms, hands, same amount of fingers, legs… still a man. two eyes…. alright, checklist cleared. i’m back, let’s go to work.

  38. taxil

    snogging in public? please, i do have some decency now. i’ll wait till we get back on board.

  39. taxil

    where did you think i was when we got hit. .. i got better though.

  40. taxil

    thanks, i still have some doughnuts though, i keep them in this “magic box” over here. they will never go bad.

  41. taxil

    mind if i check if that’s true?

  42. taxil

    wait? what?

  43. taxil

    it’s called called “kicking a hornet’s nest” but it’s filled with daleks instead.

  44. taxil

    no one saw that one mate, and I’m a Time Lord! (facepalm)

  45. taxil

    I TOLD YOU to stick around! it’ll get better, have faith in Team Diva. they will not fail you.

  46. taxil

    really now?

  47. Valentine Stokes

    doesn’t that always happen?

  48. taxil

    (arch eyebrow)

  49. taxil

    it’ll get worse if they all get sunk here, i’m pulling anchor and heading to open sea before the shooting starts.

  50. taxil

    i agree with both Mollington and Iochannon, i believe people are making too much out of the page.

  51. toaster

    long time reader. had to comment on this one. i fully support this direction!

  52. me

    OMG! I did NOT see that coming! Now I have, I kissed a girl by Katy Perry stuck in my head…

  53. Duskylyon

    You know…It’s strange I actually support this pairing. And I hadn’t even realized it till now. Here’s hoping they end up together. (But I highly doubt it.)

  54. aromaphobe

    So a girl can’t break a girl’s heart? Hmmm…

  55. xKarinaxButterflyx

    Practice makes perfect.

  56. Blackseraph

    Ohh… New ship. I didn’t thought of this before. (What is wrong with me)
    Does this tell anything about Michelle I wonder, her being bi I mean.
    Love triangle between Diva, Michelle and Gabriel would be interesting. Diva is uber liberal demon though, so she could just choose both!

  57. Anonsi


  58. Gryphon

    I was wondering when this was going to get to the eventual girl/girl shenanigans that every other webcomic eventually does.

  59. butch bagel

    Oh pretty pretty please make this not just some random thing to throw the readers off. Michelle and Diva are so cute together.

  60. Iochannon

    I very much doubt that’s going to be the case. This is Evil Diva, not Eerie Cuties:

  61. Iochannon


  62. Joseph

    Now that’s a ship I’m happy to crew!

  63. louiechevelle

    you reference makes me smile.

  64. taxil

    Agreed, Eerie Cuties uses alot of cheap sex appeal to help draw in the readers, but Evil Diva does not need to go there to do the same thing. I feel We have a better story to read here. that is not to say Eerie Cuties is a bad comic, i prefure Evil Diva more.

  65. Mel. Star.

    Oh snaps!! I actually read this at work and shouted “WHAT?!” Haha! I kind of wish Diva’s first kiss was with Gabe and not ‘taken’ by Michelle, but whatever. Diva’s shocked expression more than makes up for it, lol.

  66. Medalis


  67. AncientRelic

    Two thoughts:

    Anyone for the good ship Angela/Michelle?

    And, are we heading into CardCaptor Sakura land? If you’ve seen the original anime, the relationships went every which way there too…

    Anyway this goes, this is going to be a wild ride!

  68. Jaysika

    Agreed. The last thing we need is a Shipwreck Cove like this:

  69. Jaysika

    Taker. *raises hand*

  70. taxil

    Me Gusta…

  71. taxil

    hopefully we will not have to go to that well again.

  72. Caramel

    So! Cute! Sooooo cute!!!!!

  73. Fairportfan

    A girl can break a girl’s heart, too. Maybe more painfully…

  74. DasJepix

    Mind thoroughly blown. Well played.

  75. Angelina

    Whaaat. Well. I guess this is fine too?

  76. Lulu

    WHOAAAAAA. WHOAAAA. @A@ Totally unexpected, but I LOVE IT!!

  77. Bruce Small

    Wow! Fan Service!

  78. A.C.

    Oh I bet! I see you, taxil, and I can SMELL the doughnuts!!! (takes deep sniff then gets spangled on sugar fumes) *-*
    No wonder you regenerated so quickly! :P

    Also, whilst the last panel (including insets) is a fun game changer indeed, it’s actually Diva’s face in the fourth panel that got my attention, awesome expression is awesome. She looks like someone just Eclipsed her New Moon, and she’s about to start Breaking the Dawn on that mofo!!!! O_O

  79. xIsamuTM


  80. Tiuni

    I don’t see how it can be taken any other way… I just would never expect Michelle to be so assertive? In this way?

  81. xIsamuTM

    are you pondering what I’m pondering?

  82. Fadoodlesglory

    Haha I can see the next page
    now was that so hard???
    Diva: actually no but it was yucky
    Meh it shut you up.

  83. xIsamuTM

    this is awesome!! first Ace and Brooke (read eerie cuties those of you who havent!) and now Diva and Michelle. I wonder if Ash and Em are next.

  84. xIsamuTM

    Goggles down and cannons up, sir. This is a clear declaration of war!

  85. Nixie

    Wow. I usually ship couples of all orientations, but I honestly never thought of Diva and Michelle. They’re cute, though! I wonder if Michelle means it?

  86. Stig

    Who need Gabriel anyway?

  87. taxil

    Red Alert! all hands man their battle stations! get the Non-Combataints inside and safe, prep the depth charges, we can not afford sub launching torpedos at us!

  88. taxil

    summer vaction spot here we come!

  89. 10_0_0_1

    This can only lead to interesting things.

  90. 10_0_0_1

    I was wondering that rather strongly myself from the last update, I think she really does but was just not saying anything so Diva and Gabe could be happy.

  91. Joe C

    I don’t think we’ve ever had this many comments in a 12 hour period. Apparently we’ve struck a chord. For my part I’ve never been that interested in love triangles. Love tetrahedrons are more my thing. I also like a good love truss. And I really love a well constructed love space frame ;-).

  92. ThatGirlFromAustin

    Shocker! Nice pull, I can’t believe practically no one saw this coming. What strikes me is how purely angelic Michelle looks in the panel with the kiss. This page was beautifully structured and drawn. Five stars!

  93. Teegz

    Problem solved Diva.

  94. Kafrin

    Hory sheet.

  95. Belldandy

    It was shock at first, but I’m a Diva/Gabe shipper and this just makes me shake my head in confusion. A lot. This whole love-love-bizarre-o world is just odd. I’m sure it was done on purpose for the shock value, and I get that Michelle is one to show by example rather than explanation, this still doesn’t sit all that well with me. Gal pals just don’t kiss each other like that, no matter what sort of world or situation it is. Unless there’s some sort of inclination of bisexuality or gay tenancies by the friends themselves, which I am okay with in the natural world. I just didn’t picture having either be gay inclined in the slightest when it came to Michelle, or Diva for that matter.

  96. Gina

    Seconded. I always see this trope popping up in TV and movies and am always puzzled about it. I’ve never known any girls to practice kissing with each other, my own circle of friends included.

    Guess it’s just fanservicey.

  97. SammiPants

    Please god let him get in on this shiz, biscuit.

  98. Zipchan

    LOL, GWS.

  99. Saera

    x3 i always thought you were a girl. Damn i’m attracted to you you nerdy guy you ~

  100. taxil

    oh it gets better, i just happen to look like a mix of David Tennant and Matt Smith with a light beard.

    well, i think i do anyway… ^^;;;;

  101. taxil

    Joe C, you guys didn’t just hit “A” cord, you are nailing it like Metalica. you did good this time.

  102. Mel T.

    Yeah, the kiss was a surprise, but… Oh my gosh, Diva! What makes you think he’s gonna BITE you? That’s just way too adorable! XD

  103. Lady

    Well……………that was definitely unexpected. I know you said something was going to happen but…I didn’t expect this!
    Good job!!!!

  104. Bill Pistol

    Not really surprised. I think this is totally in character for both of them.

  105. Bartimaeus

    Noooooooo! My poor favorite the Barrel is spurned…

  106. Laav

    “….who are you?”

  107. Monocles


  108. maeverin

    I’ll drink to that!

  109. Cao Cao

    Feh… This comic, I don’t even! I’m beginning to feel now that I’m watching an extremely subtle comedy.

  110. Ana

    Immediate reaction:


  111. MarkD

    I’m extremely disappointed, and unfortunately I believe I will have to give up reading Evil Diva if things continue in such a direction. I know that this is quickly becoming the norm in comics, television and even at times real life, but casual homosexual acts just don’t come across as innocent or cute to me, but perverse and/or attention seeking. I enjoyed the comic, I love the art, but if this is the way, the comic is going, I will just let you know that not everyone appreciates it, and leave now if those here wish to continue in this direction.

  112. Saera

    pfffft i dont need pictures as to who Tennant and Smith are, i /am/ a nerd.

    *kidnaps and ravishes Taxil*

  113. Kaz


  114. Jimmy

    Michelle should just kiss everyone. It’s clearly working out in her favor.

  115. Radio365

    Oh please don’t.
    I have lost too many good comics to lesbian fan-girls.

  116. SUTBComics

    Welcome aboard!

  117. SUTBComics

    J-just ignore the water. Our ship recently came under fire.

  118. SUTBComics

    The Diva/Angela offers its aid

  119. taxil

    for once, i will accept it. stay in visual range to our starboard, use evasion pattern B. xlsamuTM, keep a communication line open to the SS Diva/Angela. fire on the Diva/Michelle as soon as we are in range.

  120. taxil

    I just posted those for the people who don’t know what Tennant and Smith looked like. ^^

    Lady Saera, i must say! please don’t take my trousers off here! people are looking! if you wish, I’ll give you my email address, please don’t do to me what Yukari (from the Touhou universe) does to any male she wants. @_@ (there is a link to a 4-koma of what i am speaking about, but it kinda leaning NSFW with out really showing anything, so i am not inclined to post it here unless i hear the go ahead from Team Diva)

  121. Calamari

    Long time reader, second (I think) time commenting. Here’s to hoping that this isn’t “just practice.” There aren’t enough non-fanservice-y LGBT characters in comics, especially in comics aimed at younger audiences.

  122. maeverin

    i have to agree. My main problem with this page is i’m just really really hoping the kiss isn’t just for the shock value or to be fashionable. i would have felt a lot better (hell i might have even cheered) if Michelle had shown any, ANY, hint of bi-tendencies before this.
    but as Joe C said above, i am also a fan of love polygons, so i’m really hoping this isn’t just a case of “hey, i wanna see two girls kiss! well, these two are in the same room…”

  123. DreadPirateQueenAmanda

    And this isn’t fanservicey?

  124. DreadPirateQueenAmanda

    I’ll drink to that, Radio365.

  125. taxil

    Agreed radio365. let’s hope Evil Diva stays free from that same trap.

  126. 10_0_0_1

    Do not be so quick to judge things, there is a huge difference between a revealing shocking twist to the story and tossing stuff in just for shock value or cheep sex appeal. I for one am going to have faith in team Diva to know the difference.

  127. taxil

    Calamari, in all seriousness i disagree. Let me point out a few things to you. This comic is not intended (as far as most of us can see) for younger audiences. the dialog and some of the content is not what i would show young kids (maybe older teens however). What purpose is it to add a LGBT now? This great comic that Team Diva has made became great with out having to having to pull a “Willow” stunt in the story writing. Josh Whedon is a darn great writer, but i still feel he made a mistake in that plot twist when he did not need to go there. We don’t need to go there either to tell a great story or make a good comic.

    two more things, Whedon proved he can and did do better with Firefly/Serenity. And if you really, REALLY want a LGBT, look no further than Loki the Hypno-Bishie, for he is all of that and will do all of that to you no matter what and you’ll want that to happen. well at least for awhile. ;-)

  128. xIsamuTM

    :: salutes :: yessir! also, we have reports of the SS HypnoBishi closing in. This could be either a blessing or a curse if the HB gets involved.

  129. xIsamuTM


  130. taxil

    Keep an eye on them and see if you can hail them.

  131. taxil

    Warning Ana. watch the language.

  132. taxil

    you might be right. <_<

  133. mrtrixxxter

    agh! nosebleed!

  134. Gunner

    ‘Bout time I got to say this on this comic: Hell yes. And I like the fact that after initial shock, Diva’s going with it.

    I agree with Calamari about the lack of non-fanservicey LGBT character in comics. However, I doubt this is aimed at younger audiences and I myself question whether or not this is just practice. We’ll see.

  135. Zababcd

    Some female friends of mine used to practise kissing each other… but one of the two was bi, so we only have half of the two-straight-girls-kissing formula — and quite frankly, the fact that they were kissing suggests that the other may not be entirely straight.
    Note: According to Wikipedia:
    “It is possible for a person whose sexual identity is mainly heterosexual to engage in sexual acts with people of the same sex. For example, mutual masturbation in the context of what may be considered normal heterosexual teen development.” —

    Apparently they can go a lot further than kissing before it’s ‘abnormal’. According to Wikipedia.

  136. 10_0_0_1

    Cardcaptor’s take on the way romances play out has crossed my mind a few times as well (for those who do not know it the heroine’s childhood friend Madison is in love her but knows that Sakura is not into girls so Madison never says anything, just doing her best to get Sakura hooked up with a good guy)

  137. DropDeadPoet

    And before Ace and Brooke it was Brooke and Layla. :D

  138. JeSuisUnBaer

    -come out of ultasilent-
    :: hail :: This is the S.S. Outsider hailing the S.S. Diva/Gabe, requesting permission to establish communications and join the fight ::

  139. Lalya

    Maybe? Let’s wait until the next few pages are published. I’m always suspicious when male webcomic writers try to exploit girl/girl, and vice versa with female writers, but there is still hope. I’m very appreciative when both genders can write about gay relationships without them serving as mere fanservice. I’m currently withholding judgment. I admit that I’m into the comic less now(After Brinson and Hollywoodartchick) because it involves romance and irritating teenager tribulations, but I don’t mind romantic relationships too much- as long as they are realistic. I suspected that Michelle might like girls, and that admiring Loki was a coverup, but I could be wrong. Michelle was never intended to be mere fanservice, right? I’d hate to see the only Asian (minority) character become part of fanservice. :(
    I’ll be the most disappointed if Diva pretends that the kiss was no big deal- and they never talk about it again (unrealistic). Let’s see how the event is handled.

  140. Lalya

    Maybe it’s not casual. Aren’t casual het relationships already the norm? I hate the silly “I kissed a girl” stuff too, but if a straight couple did this- would you be bothered? Maybe Michelle has been waiting for a long time to kiss Diva because she is in love? I was immediately annoyed at first, but I’ve decided to wait it out. I’ve been quite impressed with ED most of the time.

  141. Joseph

    Some of the earlier comments bring up an interesting question: how many individuals that would fit the description of “younger audiences” actually read webcomics?

    I don’t think there are very many webcomics actually targeted toward children or pre-teens or young adults (or whatever younger categories one wishes to define).

  142. Joseph

    By the way, I love this new voting incentive! I’m a big fan of design-related supplemental material.

  143. MarkD

    You honestly think we should expose children to themes of active homosexual behavior? Should we also include other morally damaged behaviors in kid’s books and shows? Expose them to drug use, alcoholism, sadism and masochism?

  144. Saera

    A gentleman at his finest, an e-mail wouldnt ever go unappreciated. Lord Taxil It’d be an honor to keep up some contact outside of the ED comments section. heck i’ll be nice and give you mine.

    so D&D, video games, anime, Dr. Who. I dont know how some nerdy girl hasnt snatched you up yet ~

  145. DreadPirateQueenAmanda

    I’ve never known any girls who do this.

  146. DreadPirateQueenAmanda

    I’ve been reading webcomics since early middle school.

  147. 10_0_0_1

    I know a few that are not in the least bit problematic content wise (Angel Moxie comes to mind, story sadly over but very worth the reading in archive form) but none really aimed at children. I would say with webcomics finally starting to get recognized as more than just an armature’s medium that that might change.

  148. taxil

    Surprisingly my email is rather personalized.

    my life has been quite a story…

  149. Saera

    Wel then, e-mail sent *blows a kiss*

  150. rayacrab55


  151. Hoheh

    I like Michelle even more now.

  152. 10_0_0_1

    I kind of hope no one else sees it, just let it be Diva and Michelle’s own little private drama to sort out. Anyone else (especially Gabe) getting involved could make it to much of a sitcom kind of storyline. but if anyone should spot it I think Angela would be the most interesting.

  153. propheticmonkee

    I second that motion….

  154. propheticmonkee

    the having faith in Team Diva………..not the….leaving………….ok I’ll Chutup now….

  155. propheticmonkee

    I believe your OPINION that homosexuality is a “morally damaging behavior” is quite close minded and I feel sorry for you that you don’t have heart to love everyone in this world regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, or sexual preference.

  156. Mel T.

    I don’t really see what the problem is. I mean, I think kissing is gross (All that saliva!) but people are kissing each other in public all the time, on tv, etc. I never saw parents pulling kids out of a theater because two people decided to share a smooch.

  157. A.C.

    Oh, WAY more painfully. I’ve seen it, nasty stuff. (And no, not stereotyping. My best friend is bi, and the women in her life have done her far more harm than any man could, emotionally at least).

    But anyway, that’s going WAYYYYYYY off topic so, yeah, back to Diva. I think this will be more of an embarrassed giggle and a ‘heh, that wasn’t so bad, thanks…’ than anything else. :)

  158. Perrrkele

    Aaaand yet another webcomic resorts to the worn-out gimmick of girl-on-girl. Meh.

  159. Loeden

    Wow! Now who’s gonna launch the SS Threesome, since I adore Gabe too much to leave him out of any of this?

    I mean lookit him in the pool scene, his wee lil’ hands clenched with determination, so cute!

  160. Random

    This should end in Tia wanting to give Michele pointers.

  161. Kaz


  162. Kaz

    I agree. people are making wayyy too much out of this page.

  163. Kaz

    A comic about angels and demons and you’re asking us to have faith! I love this comic, the puns are just killing me!
    I still laugh every time I think about the “Halo Tournament”.

  164. steamrick

    I wish everyone had that kind of reaction. Would make the world more comfortable for everyone.

    PS: but that still doesn’t mean I’m gonna join my sister reading yaoi manga… ;)

  165. steamrick

    I think Ash and Em is inevitable. It’s the ‘how’ that’s gonna be interesting.

    For many books (and comics) it’s the path taken that matters, not where you arrive at the end of it.
    Especially since it’s often too easy to guess where you end up, so the path is all that remains -_-

  166. Kaz

    ya know, (way off topic, mind you) if you guys could somehow get down with Marvel Comics, i’d really appreciate it if you guys could get Emma and Logan together. Or Storm and Logan. Hell, I’ll even settle for bringing Jean back to life (yet again) and sticking her with Wolverine. Cause that guy doesn’t get laid enough for all the ass that he saves, but he’d also need to be with someone that could survive being around him for more than 5 minutes.
    If anyone could get a story (no matter how far-fetched) to make sense, its Team Diva! So please talk to the madmen at Marvel!

  167. steamrick


  168. MarkD

    I find it offensive that you would claim that I have no love for people who struggle with homosexuality; you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s the actions that can be taken by such that I find indecent and immoral. I fully recognize that it’s a powerful, difficult struggle to be given for a person with such inclinations to work with in their lives, and am willing to support, assist and be present for them, whoever they are, as they deal with these issues.

    I will NOT, however, support the lifestyle which our media presents as normal and healthy when it so clearly isn’t. Please don’t insult me by twisting the truth and claiming that I don’t care about people with homosexual inclinations. If I didn’t care why would I bother being upset about portraying them?

  169. MarkD

    If a straight couple kissed I certain wouldn’t be as bothered, aside that I think these things are personal and shouldn’t just be done in front of everyone. The kiss scene length didn’t beco e obscene, but the characters involved make it immoral.

  170. propheticmonkee

    Mark D – It seems clear that you feel Homosexuality is a choice. Its interesting to think that one day someone wakes up and just says, “Hey, I think I’m gonna get with another woman or another guy.” It’s not as if being homosexual is easy. It takes a lot more than what you have to face people and be who you are regardless of what they might think, say, or even do. It is no more a choice for a homosexual person than it is for a heterosexual. You feel what you feel and thats it. I don’t see how loving another person could ever be looked down upon regardless of orientation. It is a struggle, but only because the ignorant and often times insecure feel the need to govern the rest of us, who just want to be left alone and live in peace. If you feel that strongly about an innocent kiss, then you’re right, you should stop reading this comic, and oh, watching tv, and going outside. Get used to the idea that homosexuality exists, and there’s nothing wrong with it, and nothing you can do about it. Make peace with that, or continue being miserable, its your choice.

  171. Heather

    You’re disgusting MarkD fort having such attitudes, kids should be protected from your bigoted and backwards views

  172. Angelbob

    I’m in love with your response **bows down**

  173. N.T

    Way to sell out.

  174. MarkD

    I’m disgusting for wanting people to lead good, healthy lives and to develop positive relationships in the way they are intended to be? I think your priorities are HIGHLY skewed by the nature of the contemporary media culture who is brainwashing people to think homosexual lifestyles are ‘trendy’ and ‘cool.’

    The way which homosexuality is presented is very different from how it’s lived out, just like anything we get out of Hollywood. People are hurt by this false portrayal every day and it saddens me.

    And for those who jumped to extremely wrong conclusions, no, I don’t believe having homosexual inclinations are a choice, but we all have the choice to act on our inclinations. I believe that one must, for their own sake, choose against those inclinations. If this means living celibate then so be it. God gives each of us our own burdens.

  175. allienola

    It’s okay to disagree with MarkD’s morality. It’s not very productive to lash out at him with such venom. Can everyone try to understand where he’s coming from instead of labeling HIM bigoted and closed-minded?

    Here’s to unpopular opinions, I guess. And honesty. Been there a lot myself, MarkD.

  176. Lulu

    so…wait. Does that mean I am a perverse attention seeker because I greet my girlfriend with a kiss? Not a makeout. I agree, those are private matters, but a casual peck. Is that so bad?

  177. Lulu

    If you’re truly worried about homosexuality, stay indoors at all time, and never watch media, and be very careful of ALL strangers. People don’t struggle with it. They struggle with how society reacts to it. You can’t expect people to just stop being who they are because a religion said it was wrong. Feudal china AND Japan were way ahead of their time on this. What’s the matter with liberal Christians? Also, to hell with god. If god existed, I can name fifty things off the top of my head that would never have happened.

  178. Lulu

    Sandra and Woo started out as a children’s comic…it’s sort of moving away from that now.

  179. TekServer

    Well, I can name one off the top of my head: The Dreamland Chronicles. Scott Christian Sava started from the beginning creating “Dreamland” in such a way that he never has a problem with his twin sons (now about 8 years old) looking over his shoulder as he creates his comic, or being read to from TDC as bedtime stories. From the comment community, I know that he has several pre-teen readers that interact regularly.

    And for what it’s worth, I think he’s done a very good job of creating a kid-safe comic that is also highly entertaining for adults as well. Considering that Scott has a couple of movie deals in the works, I suspect I’m not alone in that opinion, either …


  180. BurntToShreds

    Excellent, most excellent indeed.

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