Issue 10: Page 1
August 9th, 2011

Issue 10: Page 1


PETE:First page of issue 10. What could possibly go wrong this time?

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INCENTIVE ART: Fan ARt Wednesday. This is by Paisley. Really nice job!


  1. m1159

    Shouldn’t her parents be proud of her? I mean, staying out all night is generally regarded as bad behavior… that’s what they’re shooting for as demonic parents, isn’t it?

  2. N.C. Weber

    Uh-oh. Time to face the music.

  3. shagbark

    Shouldn’t they be proud of her for staying out all night, plus being a bad influence on an angel?

  4. Keito

    That’s what I was thinking.. they may have a celebration in store for her. On the other hand, they could be mad she went to an angel’s birthday party–did they know where she was going?

  5. Keito

    Also, the vote incentive is ADORABLE. Theme? Please tell me there’ll be more!

  6. Personalitysauce

    How much exactly, does it cost per page?
    It would help to know.

  7. Bob

    Love this comic, considering donating, would like to know how much it’s costing us to pay for each comic. I know there’s a lot of fans so the amount is going to be split among a lot of us, but would really like to know how much I should donate to take a real chunk out of it. Seeing some $$ amounts on that donate-o-meter would be great.

  8. Thomar

    Definitely. If she keeps this up, they’re going to buy her a new car.

  9. Kaz


  10. Ginger

    Aww, I love Super Diva and her little question block! No Cerby-Goomba? *^_^*

    Is it me or are even their hibiscus flowers looking wilty and tired? Nice touch!

    Hurrah, hurrah for everyone who donated! *tosses glitter in celebration* Nine more days till it’s my turn to help. I can’t wait!

  11. taxil

    O_o now THAT must have been a long walk. well, i don’t see how they could have any money to pay for a taxi or a bus fare, so i guess their feet will be hurting for along while. Oh, and the wilting flowers in their hair is a nice touch. >)

  12. WhyLime

    Marie? French for Mary? Mother of Christ (or follower if you consider the prostitute as well).
    Often a ‘good’ name, strange that it’s her middle name!

  13. Cassandra


  14. Bartimaeus

    I bet they’ll be proud of her for staying out all night.

  15. Aurum

    “Diva Marie Beelze! I was informed you have gone to a party you were invited to. You have not gatecrashed it. I am disappointed!”

  16. maeverin

    Whoa-the sun look like it’s about 7 or 8 a.m. Given that it was still dark when they left, they must have been walking for a good couple a hours at least! Which i guess makes sense as the Bartleby mansion probably wouldn’t be near the commoners:)
    and forget Diva’s parent, what abnout poor Michelle when her mom finds her!

  17. BlackBeyond

    I l-o-v-e Michelle’s shocked/oh-crap expression in the last panel~!

  18. feartheswans

    All her parents need to know was she was out partying all night without checking in.

    They are going to be highly proud of her.

  19. TekServer

    I’m sure there’s a Marie somewhere in history who did bad things. Whoever she was, let’s just say Diva was [middle] named after her.


  20. maeverin

    Michelle can be Luigi,
    Angela can be Peach (or Wario)

    and Gabe or Loki can be Link ;^D (I guess that would be more of a Gabe thing, but Link is my favorite Nintendo character and Loki, being my fave ED charater…well, you know…)

  21. AncientRelic

    Given her Mom, I can see it being for either Marie Antoinette or Bloody Mary, both have characteristics that Endira would approve of!

  22. Cassandra

    Paisley, if you’re reading this, that’s a heckuva nice painting!

  23. Ginger


  24. me

    Someone’s made mommy and daddy proud. On an unrelated note, how much does it cost to produce one page?

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