(Really) Old Man Adventures: Dante: 1
March 11th, 2009

(Really) Old Man Adventures: Dante: 1


After some crazy times finishing our packaging job, we didn’t have a page for today so … never fear! Sketch page to the rescue! I’ve joked about doing (Really) Old Man Adventures for awhile, but I actually got some solid story ideas last month and I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw them.

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled comic on Friday. The next part of this story will run … whenever! I’m not sure. I suppose whenever we get bogged down with work again. ^^;

In other news, we’re looking for an intern in the Los Angeles area. Are you interested in learning to make comics, or perhaps earning college intern credit? Send us an email at evildiva at pacbell dot net. Be sure to include a couple samples of your work! :D


  1. Catiris

    Now that was unexpected C:
    But in a good way~

    So… is hell a bad place? (in this “world” of yours)
    Virgil is sort of a go between for both parties, trying to keep them neutral?

  2. Chantel

    LOL!! “He’s making Hell look bad!”

    Now THAT’S an understatement.

  3. Horikku

    I just finished reading the Inferno recently and this just made it seem more like a comedy than it ever was. xD
    Can’t wait to read more!

  4. alexds1

    YES >:3 The comic takes a random turn for the awesom(er)

  5. ED

    Lawl ^^ The only civilized way to convince someone is, of course, to drink tea with them.

  6. MrGBH

    I guess this clinches it. Virgil is neither an Angel nor a Devil. He is something greater than either, and better than both put together.
    He is an Englishman.
    I guess it makes sense, in retrospect. Which other nation has people that awesome?

  7. singularblue

    God, I love this strip.

  8. Thebes

    *snerk* I’m still cracking up about the “(Really) Old” thing.

  9. Brinson

    Glad you liked it! :D

    Indeed, Hell is a bad place. Diva (and everyone else in the comic) live in a neutral place somewhere between Heaven and Hell; the adult devils and angels are sort of like footsoldiers, carrying out the mundane tasks of good and evil. (Basically, their jobs. For instance, Michelle’s mom is a guardian angel, which is really like a secret service agent. Heh!)

    You’re right about Virgil, too. He performs a lot of functions in their world, but one of his big jobs is to provide a neutral party in disputes/arbitration/etc. Of course, that means he often ends up doing their dirty work … >.>;

  10. Brinson

    Hahaha, VERY TRUE. I never really realized how many our ideas about Hell as A Really, Really Bad Place come from Dante until college. XD

  11. Brinson

    I need to read it again! I really liked it the second time I read it. :3

    (Hoping we’ll have more work soon so I can continue this storyline, heehee.)

  12. Brinson


    ^ Because words cannot express the happy warm fuzzies I get when you comment.

  13. Brinson


  14. Ish Ash

    I, honestly, would move to LA if I could to be an intern for you guys.
    Alas, I am on the other side of the country. Oh what fate has given me! ;o;

    But, seriously, Virgil is the man.

  15. Raidell

    I personally love how Virgil and Muffins look in the second panel (especially Muffins)!

    *gets evil eye from Virgil*
    Oh! Mister Fancyfur the Third! ^_^”

  16. firewolf2007

    yay new comic cool and Lol old man adventures thats funny

  17. Bethany

    I absolutely love this page! That second panel with the logo is so epic and awesome. :)
    (Also, I just love Diva with the fez, pipe and monocle.)

  18. Mandi

    I just wikied inferno. Apparently “The Roman poet Virgil guides him through Hell and Purgatory; Beatrice, Dante’s ideal woman, guides him through Heaven.” Virgil???? This is clearly significant…
    and ill bet you all figured it out before me.

  19. Dusty

    Yaay! I LOVE (really) old man adventures! (Okay, so I “am” writing… whatever.) I was upset at first at no Diva, but this is great! and interesting (a peek into Virgil’s past!), and Diva with a monocle is hilarious, and the cat and Virgil flying through the time/space continuum (or whatever) looking all kinds of obsessed with their mission. And the sketch page feel. It is all too much. I mean, it is all NOT ENOUGH! You should be putting out more! grr… I hate lazy artists! I want everything and I want it now because I am impatient. But I really do love this cartoon.

  20. Dusty

    Oh , and lest I comment on every last thing, very nice attention to detail–and the humor is tres coolio as well, especially the tiny, half-hidden jokes.

  21. Indiniads

    emm. really like it :)

  22. fleerlode

    hmm. amazing

  23. Lefty

    Dante’s Hell is great, you’re surrounded by likeminded people with similar interests. And there’s nothing like shared suffering to draw a community together.

  24. Dusty

    I just love coming back to this page. It may be my favorite yet–the writing is a solid 10 (or 10), the art style is perfect for the subject matter, and I just realized that the devil in gray looks a LOT like Gabriel (hmmm… I was wondering why he and Angela are so different).

  25. Dusty

    Did I ever mention how much I adore the fact that the cat is pointing (in the splash panel)? It’s perfect!

  26. Felix Lorn

    Virgil rocks. He reminds me of Giles from Buffy.

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