Issue 10: Page 13
October 18th, 2011

Issue 10: Page 13



INCENTIVE ART: The cover of issue 1. Where did it come from?


  1. Susian

    So…Diva escaped the situation because of her magic wand. I’m just curious, does anyone feel that they’ve gained more insight into the realities of sexual assault from these past few pages?

  2. redstrands

    I am concerned at the lack of expression on Diva’s face & in her eyes. The visual of panels 4 & 5 are giving me Carrie flashbacks – in an awesomely drawn, but viscerally disturbing way.

  3. Joseph

    It is unclear exactly what is happening in this image. Did she transport everyone to somewhere else, or did she transport herself somewhere else and cause everyone to suffer magical levitation or distortion at the same time?

  4. Don't Bother

    I seriously loled at this comment. Well put.

  5. Don't Bother

    Feels like too much action for one page. It doesn’t flow as well as it could. I wonder if this is because they wanted to resolve the last two pages as fast as they could.

  6. Kadiva

    This page makes me sad. She looks haunted. However, I can’t help but notice that her clothing on the cover is different than it is in the current strip. Does this imply that something worse is going to happen to Diva? I hope not.

    On another note- this page looks fantastic! Did Diva stop time?

  7. Iochannon

    Exterminate! Exterminate! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!! Oh, you all knew that comment was coming.

  8. Kevina

    I just don’t enjoy this comic anymore. It’s so disjointed and the action, mood, and scenes are poorly done and paced. I wish it was so overwhelmingly good that I could forgive some flaws, but honestly the ONLY things this comic has going for it are a few good beginning chapters and good art. That’s it. I would never pay for a comic with such poorly written characters and story lines. Sorry for the harsh words, but as a long time reader who has finally given up, I had to let you know why.

  9. ThatGirlFromAustin

    Oooh. I like this.

  10. Mystic

    Magical levitation.

  11. Mystic

    I’ll give this page a shot.

  12. istolethisname

    reminds me carrie (the movie), this isn’t going to end well.

  13. Doctor100

    Every comic changes and develops. I’ve had some I quite because it moved out of my interest, and I’ve seen some go through several different phases, each remarkably different.

    But the choice to stay or go, keep reading or never come back is something we need to make based on our own personal preferences.

    Normally, when I stop reading, it’s because I just don’t enjoy coming to website anymore. I’ll keep reading here, my views are varied and so are my taste. The internet is a terrible place if you want everything to be just the way it always has been.

  14. Sicarius

    …*grins*…and the answer to that is a most resounding NOPE…

  15. Day

    Carrie is the first thing I thought of when I saw this page as well xD

  16. Mel. Star.

    The plot thins.

  17. Sicarius

    ….and cue those who are going to, with that comment about Fox News, start foaming at the mouth with rants about politics…*sits back and waits while munching on popcorn* (Okay, so I know that, with a moderator, such a thing isn’t likely to take place, but…yeah, couldn’t resist)

  18. Sicarius


  19. D

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of Carrie!

  20. Sicarius

    …Okay…place your bets people, place your bets…odds for the young Diva here will wreak mass chaos and hurt upon the creep and all in the immediate surrounding areas (including but not limited to: Tia; Random Devil Dude, Random Angel Chick, and Random Devil Chick in panel two)…whereupon coming to her senses (that is, snap out of homicidal maniac mode) she will feel guilt ridden and other such negative emotions et cetera et cetera? Odds against?

  21. xIsamuTM

    she looks like she’s about to go Higurashi on someone.

  22. wynne

    So Diva is now the avatar…

    I feel like it’s a bit too soon to end the discussion of the last few pages, but this page is not the one to continue said discussion on, so I will just say that the incentive is adorable.

  23. wynne

    ^ This. Anyone else remember that one-off where Virgil tries to explain the symbolism of a wand to naïve!Diva?

  24. Sicarius

    *raises hand* I do…ahhh…*sighs whistfully*…those were good times…

  25. xIsamuTM

    I am bigger now
    I am stronger now
    My fingers curl
    They’re talons now
    My weeping eyes
    Are burning now
    My cloven feet
    Are dancing now

  26. Sparx

    Somehow this is more dissatisfying to me than the last few pages. I still don’t agree with the abrupt sexual assault, but you justified it by saying you were trying to relate to people who have been sexually assaulted, and that you were trying to give us a message.
    What message is this? That sometimes girls get attacked and that’s bad but it’s okay because a Deus Ex Machina will come to their rescue? This page gives me the impression that she is /really/ going to hurt the guy, too. Maybe kill him. Maybe that’s the totally awful thing that was going to happen in the first place. She kills the guy and then angsts about it. What message would /that/ give?

    I’m not really sure what it is you’re trying to give us, but making up your mind would be a good plan, I think.

  27. Sparx

    Sounds about right.

  28. Sicarius

    …and it looks like we have a bet for mass destruction and chaos…any other takers?

  29. Tinkerbinker

    …Iiiit still feels like a plot device.

    I like the art in this one, though the lines/shading in the fifth panel make Diva looks a little froglike and male… If her mouth was a tiny bit smaller, and the lines under he eyes were made less prominent I think it would have carried the effect off better. Other then that the art looks really good.
    Personally I’d love a wallpaper verion of panel four.

  30. Don't Bother

    I find it disconcerting how much Diva’s face has changed from the last few pages. She doesn’t look like “herself” in this page. Or maybe her face is always a bit different dependent on the page.

  31. Day

    Is anyone else confused? @__@

    After re-reading from the beginning, I’ve really begun to hate the newer Diva even more. Why? Well, for starters, I remember young Diva being able to do some awesome things with the wand upon first obtaining it (remember the “force-field” when she disguised herself as Deedee or whomever to defend Angela and Gabe from that gang? When she tells Virgil and Loki appears, Loki says “she’s already created that?”) So basically, she’s learned nothing about the wand or how it works or how to work it over the last three years? Even though she was “already” doing so much with it? I have no idea what’s even happening in this chapter, because it is too random. In a nut shell:
    “Hey mom and dad gonna corrupt Michelle” “YAY WE PROUD DEVIL PARENTS” >>> Diva goes to college >>> Tia doesn’t seem AT ALL CONFUSED OR CONCERNED AS TO HOW DIVA MAGICALLY APPEARED IN HER ROOM AND TAKES HER TO A PANCAKE PARTY >>> Tia makes Diva sit in some guy’s lap >>> Diva is left alone and is sexually assaulted >>> Diva = Carrie

    I’m just really confused as to why ED took this direction, and what exactly this direction is, because my compass is broken apparently.

  32. Sicarius

    *pats* There there dear…I think some of us feel just as you do…it’s just we were unable to say it in that clear and concise a manner…or was that just me?

  33. Don't Bother

    Not just you : P

  34. Sicarius

    …good…I’m not alone then ^^

  35. Vigorsoj

    or that Tia will get hurt in the process. I hope not D:

  36. Sicarius

    and yet another bet for destruction and unintended consequences of a Diva gone mad…that’s two so far…

  37. Superbia

    Depending on how seriously you want to evaluate the events leading up to this, Tia is sorta responsible for Diva ending up in this situation though…I’m a college student about Tia’s age, and I have a sister who’s about Diva’s age, and I would NEVER drag her to a party where she was clearly uncomfortable and people were drinking, shove her on some half-naked dude’s lap, and then leave her alone. Both because that would be super insensitive to her, and because something sorta like this could happen. =/

  38. beautifail

    I’ll put a bet for that.
    But part of me feels like the action both began and ended on this page.
    So, I’d like to divide my bet to she’ll probably go to mass chaos and destruction and that she miiight teleport back to her hometown in which she’ll be right next to a trusted confident that knows her secret that she can cry to.

  39. Mel. Star.

    I’ll take some of that action.

    I don’t know about y’all, but I think Tia either gets hurt or hurts somebody. That’s the only reason for her to appear in this chapter. Cause really, Diva was already AT a party and the sexual assault could have just been rolled into that story, but the author chose to have her teleport to her sisters college. Tia has to be involved in some way. I think Diva will hurt her assaulter and hurt Tia by mistake, or Tia will find out what happened and hurt Diva’s attacker. Whatever the case, I think someone is gonna get hurt in the next 3 pages.

  40. seltsam

    I feel like the look on her face has a meaning behind it, like she’s mentally withdrawn herself from the situation. That’s what I get from this, at least. I mean, I was physically abused as a young child and my solution, because I couldn’t overpower my abuser, was to just blank out and become hollow. I don’t want to see Diva do that though. I want her to get stronger from this.

  41. Cao Cao


    Did Diva get raped? Did she not? Is she bored? She looks bored. Like, she’s floating in space, and it looks like she’s really bored about it. Either that or she is about to eat that pancake off of that fork, and she is daydreaming about something else.

    We knew this was what Diva was going to do. It was projected in the last comic. I liked the suggestion of that poster who said, “Make every comic satisfying to the reader. Don’t constantly have cliffhangers that force the reader to buy more panels.”

    Really, though, I saw Diva get her neck kissed, and now we’re barreling into Carrie stuff. Seriously, Joe, at least wait for everybody in the comic to laugh at Diva’s suffering before she snaps.

  42. Cao Cao

    Also, we’ve got a moderator now? Who predicted that the rape comic would lead to mass bannings soon? Whoever you are, if you put money down, you may want to collect it in a bit.

  43. James Smith

    Date raping doesn’t just ruin the day of the victim, but everyone around them.

  44. Cao Cao

    The irony is that Joe has been showing the least civility out of any of us about this whole thing. You don’t suppose the moderator would ban him for posting infammatory remarks, do you?

  45. Cao Cao

    Ooh. Taking bets that Diva accidentally kills Tia? Actually, let’s get a list going. Taking all bets on:

    1. Diva hurts Tia
    2. Diva kills Tia
    3. Diva makes Tia pregnant
    4. Diva puts Tia in a coma
    5. Diva kills Tommy
    6. Diva impregnates Tommy
    7. Diva impregnates Tia and Tommy, then kills Tommy and enters a coma
    8. Diva goes home in one anti-climactic sweep of failure

    I don’t know anyone else, but I’ve got my odds on “Diva kills Tia” because Tia is basically a character we never see and won’t miss. Plus it would create a ton of drama, and Diva would be full of regret, which would lead us to sad Diva as per the title page.

  46. Cao Cao

    It’s so noisy and everyone had to set their pancakes down in the sky.

  47. Kevina

    It’s utterly confusing and I agree with everything you’ve said.

  48. Fable

    I don’t get this page.

  49. Susian

    Actually, I was under the impression that Team Diva wanted an excuse to work Tia into a chapter because readers had been asking for her? Maybe I’m being cynical, but I don’t think Tia has more of a role to play in this.

  50. Susian

    I agree, I’m very confused.

  51. Anonymouse

    Me too. All the people disappeared? And then things floated? And then the people reappeared floating with the things? I’m super confused.

  52. Sylent

    Since I don’t produce a webcomic I chose to not critique those that do. A writer and/or artist will know they made a error in storytelling based on the reactions of the audience. However today I’m going to break that rule for the first time.
    In today’s strip I think that Diva is “disconnected” for lack of something clearer. And that everyone is in some “inner space” controlled by the wand or within the wand. At least for a moment. Maybe the wand has taken over Diva’s consciousness and what we see is a neutral expression.
    One moment there are people and objects, then next no people, just Diva and objects. Then finally people and object in the last panel. The colors in that last panel resulting in a confusion as to whether everyone has returned (people and objects but the room is blue) or whether they are somewhere else (in which there should be no objects because panel three clearly shows that object were not included in the initial spell). This is confusing.
    Admittedly as a writer attempting to take the story further I would have kept the sexual assault in, but artistically I would kept it off camera, so to speak, and depended on the screams of no and Tia’s reactions to communicate what was happening. In this way I would have kept the writer’s promise to my audience that didn’t expect Diva to become so graphic and were never warned that it was going to get darker.
    That being said, Diva’s banner is probably too subtle a warning about where this story was going to go. However, now that we do, it is our choice as readers to stay for the ride or get off here but don’t expect to drive.

  53. Sylent

    Ouch! I wish I had written this in Word first where I could see the whole page. The writing errors are irritating.

  54. Mel. Star.

    Ok, I’m sorry but am I the only one who lol’ed at the girl in panel #2 who’s double fisting the mimosa’s?

    Anyway, I’m a little confused. I was reading the past two pages assuming that this room was empty. It looked like everyone left and followed the group of people who were gonna toss Tia into the pool. If there were still people in the room, why didn’t any one help Diva when she screamed “NO!”, and would people really still be eating and drinking with the assault of a girl happening 5 feet away?
    Here we see that they aren’t in a area that’s really closed off, so shouldn’t someone be able to see or hear Diva struggling if there are this many people left in the room?

    I’m not trying to be snarky or anything, I really do want to know. Can someone help me out with this?

  55. Tinkerbinker

    Personally I’m going with plot device background characters. Which I hope isn’t the case because that wouldn’t be the best way to do it.

    That or it’s a case of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. No one wants to get involved. Though you would think someone would try to help. At least one of the angels, though they haven’t been shown in the comic to be the ideal.

    …Of course at this point I’m not sure if Old Diva can still be applied in any way or form given that it seems like a different story. Even for the characters so not quite sure how the angels/devils would act now. Anyway, stopping the tangent I’m going off on now.

    The people are either the dreaded plot devices! or it’s a big case of see/hear/speak no evil going on. Or something else I cannot think of at three in the morning.

  56. Suzii

    Took the Reader Poll. Can’t believe I didn’t get to choose Comix.

  57. kabbes


  58. kabbes

    The comments section is getting better and better by the day, though.

  59. kabbes

    I’m going to have to go with the consistent pattern we have seen to date, which would be option 8.

  60. kabbes

    That would be me. It’s the melodrama fail of webcomics, seen over and over again amen:

    a) Comments become more interesting than webcomic
    b) Comment writers start to get ever more bitchy with each other

  61. TheGeek

    Add me to the list of people who’s first thought was ‘Damn, Diva’s gone all Carrie on their asses’

  62. Kevina

    Haha, agreed.

  63. ZukiLama

    I think Diva just wanted everything to go away, so she made them go away. Then, when she left/teleported everybody was put back in. The floating is just a side effect of her leaving/teletransportation, like when her room got trashed as she teleported into campus back in page 4. At least, that’s what I understood.

    Maybe this is a way for Diva to understand that she doesn’t have to bring her wand everywhere with her, she can “summon” it with emotion?

  64. Mel. Star.

    Or it could turn into one of those places where the powers that be are so fed up that they disable comments forever. RPG World comes to mind (wow, that’s an old reference, lol). I hope that isn’t the case. The comments are what keeps me coming to this site multiple times a day, not the incentives to vote.

  65. Jason Canty

    I too was “wooh sweet shes going Carrie!”

  66. Mystic

    My bets are for 1, 4, and a little of 5 but hoping that it’s not 8. I wouldn’t bet on that though.

  67. Mystic

    Oh man…wait, what was the rating on that… ;p R?

  68. Ginger

    Woah. She looks like she’s about to burn down a high school prom *^_~*

    This brings “I want to be alone” to whole new levels. I sort of wish I could do that!

  69. Mystic


  70. Mystic

    She looks like she’s being Avatar Aang/Princess Sailor Moon.

  71. Mystic

    “…I would have kept the sexual assault in, but artistically I would kept it off camera, so to speak, and depended on the screams of no and Tia’s reactions to communicate what was happening.”

    Exactly that. We don’t need things to get graphic to tell us it happened.

  72. Mystic

    You probably can vote again tomorrow.

  73. Don't Bother

    That was my first thought seeing this page: “When did this comic become Sailor Moon?”

    Then again, we’ve already got sexual tension, panty shots, maybe a little lesbian romance, and teen angst-drama.

  74. Mystic

    I guess the suggestion here is be consistent. If the issue starts off with a magical situation, then end it with one while if it starts out with a real life situation, end it with a real life solution. I think Magic -> Real can work and actually can result in a clever end sometimes but when it’s Real -> Magic, a real life situation doesn’t necessarily bode well to a magical solution because it doesn’t have any sort of answer to any people that actually face a real issue.

  75. taxil

    What’s with the Fox News bashing Team Diva? Haven’t you heard all the vile things said on CNN and MSNBC as well? besides, Fox has Geraldo Rivera and he is a rather likeable guy.

    I’m not disappointed in the page (besides the fact Diva is about to go all Carrie on all those collage people), but I’m disappointed in the comment section posters. You guys know better than that. I remember back in the day people wanted a seperate BBS to comment on, and i KNOW if Team Diva did that, it would have been MUCH worse a lot sooner.

  76. beautifail

    The only thing missing is her trying to save the world every day.
    Now, if only this comic included that, we’d be gettin’ somewhere.

  77. stubbs

    I think this page is great- the windup of tension on the past few pages culminates in this over the top release is wonderful. I also do not understand where all the carping about the new direction is coming from- either you enjoy the work and all the potential new twists and turns, or you don’t and you stop reading it. If you want to get into serious criticism start a blog; otherwise let the creators do their thing and enjoy the product. (this goes triple if you aren’t donating to the keeping this project going)

  78. Cao Cao

    What are you disapointed about regarding the posters? Honestly, my biggest problem with the page at this point is just how confusing it is. That and every single page has been a cliffhanger, and that’s even apparent in the twitter.

    “Diva’s going to be raped, what will she do?”
    “Tia hears Diva being raped what will she do?”
    “Dia is turned purple. Will she kill Tommy?”

    It’s especially annoying after all the outrage surrounding this whole rape thing. Why not just have Tia, Diva, or Tommy do something? We’ve kind of gone to Diva getting raped to having no idea what’s going on, and it’s not even clear if Diva got raped yet. As far as I know she was held down and kissed against her will, which is degrading and probably made her feel frightened and uncomfortable, but certainly wouldn’t immediately transition into a blind, supernatural rage.

    Even actually being raped shouldn’t turn into blind supernatural rage, I don’t think. I feel like that’s something that would fester over time. She’d be terrified now, angry later. It’s all about those fight or flight responses. If your body chooses flight, it wants to flight. I guess Diva WAS fighting earlier, but I mentioned that it was hard to really see the struggle. Diva appeared to be keeping her assailant’s neck warm. Her struggle looked very half-hearted, and the attacker himself looked tired and maybe bored.

    Fundamentally, though, what we’re all asking is:
    What’s the point of all this?

  79. JackXD FAIL:

    Still trying to figure out if I am blind or if they are buggy.

  80. leosapiens

    I actually the storyline is getting better and better. Less kiddy, more interesting.
    And the art is too. Perhaps it’s just not up to your personal taste. Happens.

  81. A.C.

    My first thought was actually Firestarter, where she goes from being upset to just being plain serious toward the end. (Hey, I loved the book, even if the film had it’s flaws, namely the ‘effects’ at the end. >_>)
    I can definitely see the ‘Carrie’ allusions in this as well though.

    In a sense though, she’s doing what many who feels powerless in any situation wish they could do at that moment, hitting a ‘pause’ button, effectively. Now that she has control again, I dare say the people in that room are about to find out how upset she really is. Which is actually quite interesting, seeing as we’ve never really seen that before. I think this has been discussed before, but how will the wand itself react to that. In terms of karma, that guy is/should be in for a world of hurt. Okay, Wand, MAKE IT SO!!!!!

    *fourth panel is freaking awesome, by the way*

  82. Brandy

    Looks like she made some people play the vanishing game, initially. (Would have been awesome, won’t lie) And then she re-poofed them into a jumble. Or it might be that I’m missing the point.

    The second and third panels are what made me think that, I guess.

  83. Pete

    TWC has its issues. Not having the correct icon to select is just one of them. Having to hit refresh 10 times to see the new incentive is another.

  84. A.C.

    Heh, they’re definitely buggy! :P

    Speaking of incentives, I really, REALLY want to see an issue now where Diva gets stuck in a situation where moonlighting as a penguin (or other random animal, like say a Woodpecker) is a prerequisite. Hmm, ahh, the DIALOGUE POTENTIAL!!!!! O_O

    Michelle: Diva!?!?
    Diva Penguin: Shhhhh!
    Michelle: But, you’re…
    Diva Penguin: Suspicious… >_>
    Michelle: Well I’ll say, you’re a freaking PENGUIN!!! O_o
    Diva Penguin: Yeah I… what? No, noooooo you idiot! I’m suspicious OF someone, hence my disguise! (_(
    Michelle: You’re… disguised…
    Diva Penguin: Yes’m
    Michelle: As… a penguin…
    Diva Penguin: Yes’m
    Michelle: WHyyyyyYYYYyy????
    Diva Penguin: It’s… a long story. Welp, gotta go, I’m infiltrating a kids party! I think Loki’s moonlighting as a clown so I’m going to find out what he’s up to!!! I’m supposed to be one Pengu’s cousins or something, he’ll NEVER know! Heh, Penguin espionage, LIKE A BOSS. Bye! *waddles away*
    Michelle: @_@

  85. Don't Bother

    You could also not read the comment section if you don’t like it. Just a thought.

  86. Don't Bother

    You mean, actually becoming a superhero comic?

    What a proposition.

  87. A.C.

    Woah, looks like the incentive just got changed/updated too, glad I didn’t miss that one! ^_^

  88. me

    well the entire point of a moderator is that they are impartial….

  89. me

    A moderator sounds like a good idea, especially if they talk back to us. I think a lot of the trouble stems from the readers feeling like they’re getting a could shoulder from Team Diva. We don’t want to be enemies, just talk to us.

    On another note, oh boy, things are getting interesting! I miss the actiony bits, I’m glad to see the story moving away from too much boring romancy stuff.

  90. Don't Bother

    Incentive was awesome! So cute : )

  91. A.C.

    Hmm, please don’t think I’m belittling your argument, I’m not, I just see it this way…

    First of all, you’ve mentioned previously your self-defense classes and so on, great, good for you. But the whole fight or flight thing is both spot on yet very misleading. We’ve seen Diva whoop serious behind WITH the wand in hand, but haven’t really seen what (if anything) she can do without it. Just knowing she has it might give her more confidence than we realize. Add that to the fact that she probably couldn’t believe it was happening (the attempted assault/rape) and was panicked by how suddenly helpless she felt, and you have a very halfhearted attempt at retaliation. Truth is, flight or flight is instinctive, but we, as creatures, are VERY good at not following through with our instincts. (most self-defense training is aimed at honing/sharpening these instincts and our use of them for that reason). Hence the more common ‘rabbit in the headlights’ effect, which frankly, with my experience of people who’ve been assaulted (and no, not just sexually) is usually the initial response.
    They literally just stand there, unable momentarily to process what the hell is going on, whilst their instincts are, as you rightly suggest, screaming at them to do SOMETHINGANYTHINGJUSTDOITTTTTT!!!! It’s a known fact that adrenalin flows freely at times like that, but if the adrenalin isn’t used (action, whether it’s to fight or escape), it fuels anxiety instead (non-action, or halfhearted attempts to fight/escape).

    Now she’s suddenly in control, again, and she’s VERY resentful of being made to feel so powerless in a situation she wasn’t entirely happy with in the first place. Strange people, an unfamiliar setting, and some douche-bag physically forcing himself on her. If Diva went into a full on ‘blind supernatural rage’, with that wand, they’d be a lot more to worry about than just the people in that room. I think this reaction is wholly believable to me, and besides, you really think it matters whether she was raped or not? Remember, this isn’t about what physically took place, it’s about what Diva feels in that moment. I reckon, if I had that kind of power, yet in a moment of random bad luck, was made to feel THAT powerless, I’d be EXTREMELY vexed.

    You feel like such rage would be something that would fester over time, for you perhaps, so be it. But not everyone feels or thinks that way, and besides, what happened to the so called fight or flight response you mentioned? Believe, the adrenalin is STILL pumping through Diva’s veins, and now, at last, she’s once again in control. Why wouldn’t she unleash some rage?
    I would, I assure you, but I’m not Diva. And for that reason, as I’ve said elsewhere, it’ll be interesting to see her next move.

  92. Cao Cao

    I honestly don’t believe there was a logical reason for Diva not to be scratching or digging her thumb in the guy’s throat. The rule is fight, flight, or freeze, but usually it’s more of a fight or flight response, since freeze only happens if your brain can’t proccess a fast enough reaction. We’ve seen that Diva isn’t very smart now, but honestly, she should have been able to at least want to get away.

    As for instinct kicking in, that just means you can’t think up clever out-of-the-box solutions to problems when you’re fighting. Your body takes over, and combat training is just a way of getting your body to remember the more efficient fighting methods. Any boxer who’s been hit too hard will tell you that their bodies keep fighting after they clock out mentally. I’ve had it happen to me. I woke up later with some ice on my head, but I had gone on fighting for a round without having any recollection of it.

    So when I talk about fighting, struggles, and what it means to deal with combat under stress, I know what I’m talking about. Diva’s body took over and proceeded to politely grope her assailant, which is a pretty unnatural response. Then she gets the wand, and she wills it to do whatever this is, which is honestly kind of a far leap from basic instinct. If she did something quick and simple I’d buy it. If she hit the guy with the wand I’d buy that. Something massive, though – well, the wand has to basically be in complete control here.

    And again, anger from adrenaline and honest flipping-out anger are totally different. Quick, stress anger is usually a matter of wanting to apply equal hurt to a person RIGHT NOW. It usually leads one to do stupid things. Like if you get punched in the liver and that makes you angry, an untrained person tries to punch the other guy in the liver right back. That’s instinctual anger. Carrie style anger is something that you build on and think about a lot over time.

    I just don’t think we can go from an instinctual fight or flight response to a Carrie, “this is the last straw” kind of moment. It’s not the last straw. It’s the first straw. It was a crazy straw, and it didn’t make any sense. Diva should probably still be trying to fit her mind around it, since honestly, there were people three feet away eating some pancakes.

  93. Cao Cao

    I mean, I guess I should stop asking for believability from this comic now. I don’t even feel angry at Tommy. If he ceases to be, I’ll only known him for, what, as long as it took for him to notice Diva was alone with him and could be raped? Is Tommy just a rapist for a living? Is that what he does? Is there a devil major for that? I feel like there’s not many other explanations for what we’ve seen in this comic so far.

  94. Joe C

    I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I’m subject to censure or censorship if I get out of line.

  95. kabbes

    I look forward to seeing your work.

  96. beautifail

    So, if I chip in cash, I get to bitch?
    But that doesn’t make sense.
    Why would I pay for something that I don’t like?

  97. Cao Cao

    It’s the latter. Her face changes from page to page. This comic popped on on 4chan recently, and somebody mentioned that one of the faces was reminiscent of Moon Over June, if you’re familiar with that. Basically, the art in that comic is ugly, ugly, ugly.

    Whatever Diva is doing here is part of some big drama thing Joe dreamed up. If she looks like a new person, though, it’s because she never looks the same in any two comic pages.

  98. Cao Cao

    Okay, we haven’t learned anything about sexual assault, really, but we have learned how not to do a sexual assault arc. That’s something.

  99. anananne

    Yeaa I’m just gonna have to second what a bunch of people have already said. I reeaaally don’t get what’s going on right now. Also, what’s wrong with Diva’s face?

  100. lady

    yay! a creative fantasy based event! just what i was hoping for! <3

  101. Foolish Mortal

    Seriously, that’s why I come here anymore.

  102. Mel. Star.

    ^ rofl

  103. Sicarius

    Well thanks goodness for that…

    *Disclaimer: This was not meant to be inflammatory or offensive in any manner whatsoever, this commentor was trying to bring a little levity to an otherwise tense situation.

  104. Sicarius

    *crows* I KNEW it! I knew someone would mention it (the bashing…granted I don’t really care, I just am glad to be right for once)!

  105. Sicarius

    Pffft…superhero comic…what -is- that? *cackles*

  106. Sicarius

    *does best C. Montgomery Burns impression* Excellent…

    Seriously though, I’m going with option 8…actually, I’ve got another option…option 9: This is all a horrible nightmare we’re collectively experiencing and soon Freddy will appear to end our suffering…while gloating about it…

  107. Sicarius

    Oh…and impartiality is like atruism…a myth…

  108. Sicarius

    Ah yes, and I’m going to guess the bannings will be, for convenience’s sake, NOT retroactive…

  109. Sicarius

    …true, very very true…

  110. Don't Bother

    I can see your comment as some line in a Beatles or Wings song.

  111. LazyReader


  112. Cao Cao

    Sounds like Freddy’s lamest murder dream yet.

    “So, killed by frustration with a webcomic you liked, eh?”
    “Oh. No. I’m doing okay I guess.”
    “Doesn’t make you want to maybe kill yourself or anything does it?”
    “No. It was really annoying, though.”
    “Oh. Uh… Okay. Well I guess you win this round, then. But in the next dream the power goes out and the icecream in your fridge goes bad!”

  113. Sicarius


  114. Don't Bother

    Well, it was a pretty divisive thing to say–it’s only natural for someone to be a little tweaked.

  115. Cao Cao

    We’re so sorry Uncle Albert,
    But we’ve set our pancakes down and we’re so easily called away!

  116. Sicarius

    *gasp* Not the ice cream!!! Anything but that!

  117. Sicarius

    …wow…4chan…well, if it’s there, there’s no where for this arc to go but straight down the commode…and I’m not talking the fancy flushing ones or the two-seater…

    *Disclaimer: This commentor has never actually been on the 4chan website, but has heard from others how…shall we say questionable (due to being in polite (?) company)…it is…

  118. Cao Cao


  119. Sicarius


  120. Cao Cao

    I, too, am sick of bland, non-fictional history lessons in Evil Diva. Let’s see more creative fantasy-based events!

  121. Cao Cao

    Moderator! You have to promise to ban yourself if you post anything inflammatory! Okay?

  122. Mystic

    I was a bit annoyed with that too but usually when people all of a sudden slams a news organization, which for me I hear Fox News all the time, I tend to wonder whether I should say anything. Hate a news org or politics or whatever as much as you want but when it is kinda random, it can get quite annoying.

  123. Mystic

    Hahaha, for once the question is impossible.

  124. Mystic


  125. Mystic


    Yeah… >.> <.<

  126. A random Reader

    Yes it is very confusing. The comic needs to explain what happened in the last three years. *sigh* I miss younger Diva…

  127. Sicarius

    …okay, just laughed so hard juice came out my nose…way to go Cao Cao! *high fives*

  128. Kadiva

    The art of Moon of June is intentionally ugly though…right?

  129. Susian

    Yes, I very much agree with this. If you’re trying to give some sort of commentary on a real issue, you completely obliterate your message by giving your realistic scenario a magical solution.

    There was a cartoon I watched as a kid, Static Shock, that did a school shooting episode. I thought it was extremely well-done, especially considering the entire premise of the show was that a bunch of high schoolers had developed superpowers. Was the day saved by the hero magically whisking the gun away? No. The scene played out like it could have at a real high school, and was far more powerful for it.

    Just because the world you’ve invented has magic doesn’t mean you have to use it.

  130. Mel. Star.

    Wow, as much as I loved and watched Static Shock, I don’t think I ever saw that episode. I’ll have to track it down and watch it.

  131. JMichael

    Where does calling someone a pornographer and ridiculing an assault victim fall in your civility meter Cao Cao? I’m just curious, because all we’ve heard of Joe lately is a couple of snarky comments against dozens of hateful attacks.

  132. LazyReader

    Thank you…..That’s funny I don’t care who you are………….

  133. Mystic

    No prob…all for the fun. ;p

  134. Mystic

    I actually read more mature stuff than this and I’m actually certain most of us do…just want it to be told in an awesome way. Still holding on to it.

  135. Mystic

    Now that we are all on fire, we are being critical in every step the Team takes…and we are kinda breathing down their necks. They are probably even nervous now because even though some of us have calmed down, I have no doubt the comment section can be overwhelming. Maybe we should give it a break though. They have been reading and I wish the mod would also read the last couple of pages so he also knows what is going on. We could try to make an agreement to meet again in a week or so. We need to see not day by day but the over time choices as well.

    I need a distraction. I’ll try to do this.

  136. taxil

    you just made my day. thanks. ^^

  137. Don't Bother

    :D This a million times.

  138. Don't Bother

    Dang, wrong reply tree again…

  139. Kevina

    I have no problem with adult themes, or addressing sexual assault. I just think the writing is done quite poorly.

  140. Lillian

    … Weird. I replied to a couple of comment threads on the last page that weren’t actually mean-spirited in any way, but still seemed to have disappeared between then and now.

  141. Kaz


  142. Day

    I also don’t really like how Tiamat’s personality is sort of… Wonky? Am I the only one who noticed it? When she first appeared she was very mellow. She seemed to be a hippie sort (without the “peace and love” part though, obviously). She used to call Diva “squirt” and even tried to help her when she was running for class president. Now she’s throwing her in to questionable situations with questionable guys? I mean I know being in college and being a devil kinda creates a formula for “bad things to happen” but I feel like the Tia we were first introduced to would have 1.) Gawked at Diva for like 10 minutes before starting to ask a million questions, 2.) Listened to what Diva was telling her, not dragged her to a pancake party and 3.) definitely not shove her sister into some random guy’s lap.

  143. Don't Bother

    When I first saw Tia in the comic, I thought she was already old enough to be in college. Maybe that WAS because she was so mature and mellow. Her sexuality was an undertone (but you knew she was kinda that way, you know, kinky?). Now it’s thrown in our faces.

  144. Don't Bother

    I wish there was a forum we could have these discussions in–I think that would solve the problem of having a Mod, and us being an ever-present entity. It would also Team Diva a little breathing room; they could still stop by the forums to see what we are saying, but it doesn’t have to be in their faces /every time/ they want to go to their comic’s main page.

  145. Mystic

    Exactly. I’m not a huge fan of them but it is a space to discuss.

  146. kabbes

    I already have a forum I frequent. This is all about the direct consumer feedback. It’s like the free market gone devilish.

  147. A.C.

    Dude that’s cynical, even by MY standards! :P

    Altruism is rare, sure, but not mythical. It’s very easy to conveniently think that, especially in this current world where most elected politicians are basically prostitutes to the biggest banks and corporations, but the fact is it exists, just that it’s mostly an unrealistic thing to expect/aim for most of the time in such a harsh, dog-eat-dog world as the one we’ve perpetuated. (which in itself is really ironic, given we’re supposed to be the smartest animals on this planet, yet we’re just as savage deep down as any wild animal, perhaps more so, given our hypocritical attitude towards ‘obvious’ savagery).

    As for impartiality, it can only exist if one is removed from the situation completely and weighs everything on a sliding scale, with no self-bias one way or the other. So again, rare, but not mythical. :P

    Now tasty sprouts, THAT is a myth!!! And an evil one, I tell you… just ask Diva! >_>

  148. Nessanar


  149. Nessanar

    She pretty obviously did NOT get raped. Tommy forced a kiss on her neck (for unstated reasons, but I guess it would have to be a combination of him being drunk, being a devil, and knowing that TIA is Diva’s sister. Seduction is Tia’s business; he might have thought it ran in the family, especially after Tia threw Diva in his lap), and then once Diva got her wits about her, she called the wand to her. Remember, it might have taken a while to get each page, but if you look at them together, not much time has passed at all.

  150. Random Reader

    Crap! It’s the 5-0!!!!!!! Hide the goods!!!!

  151. Lela

    I am interested in where this arc is taking us. We started off with a warning that it would be much darker than the previous stories, and Diva’s cold, disconnected look on the cover emphasized that. I am curious to see if Diva’s reality warping is only contained within the building, or people like Tia outside of the building are being affected too. We still haven’t even really seen much of anything that the wand is capable of, so hopefully this arc is expanding upon that right now.

    @Wednesday’s (?) Incentive: Oh my goodness, this is adorable. I’m so glad we get to see young Diva and Dad again!

  152. long time reader

    I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…

  153. Cao Cao

    I’m still not totally convinced that person was being genuine. When she said she was “sexually assaulted three times”, I feel like she was probably using a very liberal interpretation of “sexual assault”. If you want an example, I’ve probably been “sexually assaulted” more than ten times in one night. A friend of mine once decided he wanted to go to a gay bar for his girlfriend’s birthday. They wanted to see the drag show.

    Turns out some gay men can be kind of aggressive once they start drinking, though. Hands everywhere, no permission asked. I just pushed them aside or moved their hands, and not a care in the world given. Sexually assaulted all night long, but all I cared about was my whisky. It was REALLY good whisky, too. Top shelf stuff. So you can be sexually assaulted while remaining pretty much in control, and it won’t necessarily become something you take with you afterward.

    If that girl had really been raped three times then my heart sincerely goes out to her. I always feel that everyone deserves control of their lives. I’ve encouraged every women I’ve ever known to learn self-defense and to stand up for themselves. I love it, personally, and I adore a spunky girl who fights back or even picks fights, as long as she stays light-hearted about it. But date rape is a gray area, as it’s not something you can actively fight – that’s what makes it so horrible. I’ve never in my life heard of a woman being date raped three times and being totally cool with it.

    That’s what that girl was saying though. “I’ve been sexually assaulted three times, and this comic is totally fine with me.” Well, if she’s been date raped three times, I do NOT believe this comic was honestly okay with her. I just don’t. I don’t think it’s possible. So I think she was exaggerating or not being completely honest.

    Not only that, if she’s merely been groped by guys she didn’t like three times, then that also irritates me, because now she’s using some trivial annoyance to dismiss people that really hate this arc for good reasons.

  154. Cao Cao

    And I don’t remember calling anyone a pornographer. I might have mentioned that I don’t like the way Evil Diva has taken a turn for the sexual in general lately, but I think using the term “pornographer” are your words, not mine.

  155. Cao Cao

    Oh, now I remember the pornography bit. I was saying that I’m tired of what this comic is doing. Michelle makes out with Diva. The girls go to a pool party. Diva goes to an underwear party. Diva gets raped. Cheap softcore porn is becoming a major part of Evil Diva, and frankly, if Joe wants to sell his comic on that, he should just write pornography.

    Teleporting a girl straight to a party so she can be instantly raped there is porn-level writing. It took seven panels for Tommy to decide he should rape Diva. SEVEN PANELS. I honestly think that even a lot of porn would have more build-up than that!

    So I didn’t say that Joe was a pornograper, but I said that’s really what he ought to go ahead and be if he wants to keep writing his comic like this.

  156. Cao Cao

    Not to mention, Diva is fifteen, anyway! The is softcore porn about underage girls! I frankly don’t understand why you guys are so totally fine with the direction Diva has been going.

  157. Cao Cao

    Why would you want to write a story about a fifteen yeard old girl getting raped by an older guy! The more I think about this the more angry I really get at it! Is it a sick fantasy? And I don’t care what you say, Joe’s reaction to the fans about this whole thing have been completely out of line!

  158. Mystic

    I think she has been in college all throughout of the ED years. Considering Diva is first 12 and now 15, Tia must have been a freshman first and now a senior.

  159. Mystic

    Actually, why ‘I think’? It was said in the character profiles page. XD

  160. Don't Bother

    I wouldn’t necessarily accuse Joe of “raping” or sexual assaulting Diva because he gets off on it. That’s a stretch. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he thought this would be a good device to get Diva to be more moody and powerful.

    That said, our heroin has been in TWO arcs BACK TO BACK, where she or everyone else around her has been half naked. That’s a little… crazy.

  161. Don't Bother

    Ah, I see. I forgot it’s only a three year difference. As it is right now, Diva seems to be more of a 17 year old more than a 15.

  162. Mel. Star.

    Who was it that predicted bannings? Please step forward to accept your million dollar reward.

  163. Mel. Star.

    I’m not going to say I disagree, but I saw the two warnings posted against him happened about 5 minutes apart (1:26 PM and 1:31 PM), and then he was banned. I realize he’s been hostile for a little while, but five minutes between a warning and a banning is a bit extreme isn’t it?

  164. Pete

    Cau Cau has libeled multiple people here. It was a clear cut legal issue.

  165. taxil

    a while ago i accidentally “stepped on some toes” in here and i was repamanded for it. i learned my lession AND NEVER DID IT AGAIN. Cao Cao failed to learn his. Now he’s banned. learn from his fail people.

  166. Okay

    I understand the comic is trying to progress itself akin to that of reality, but there are several holes in the latest story arcs. I’m not saying the writing is bad or anything, it just could be improved as of late. It has shown in the past that this comic is full of potential, great writing (and art), and good plots, I am just disappointed they chose a sort of “shock value” that seems like it was placed more than anything to stir up this controversy and get people talking/visiting the site more. I’m disappointed because I expected far better and more refined implements from the team.
    However, I am looking forward to seeing how the storyline progresses, because I know the team is capable of handling issues that we’re looking forward to (more action, less teenage drama [though I do understand she’s of that age and it IS inevitable]). Hopefully the whole “sexual assault” episode will be handled in an elegant manner, either by means of great character development or fantastic writing (or both).
    Gosh I’m optimistic about this comic :O

  167. Don't Bother

    : D

  168. Don't Bother

    That would be kabbes.

  169. Don't Bother

    I would like to ask all you hip and wonderful commenters out there; what do you think about the letter that appeared today?

  170. Mystic


  171. Mystic

    For the annotated comments, we were pretty fine with the first 6 chapters so if they planned for this for us, the online readers, for the first 1-6 can go into a published version. Actually I think annotated comments is a nice bonus for the printed version.

    For the chapter 11 and 12, I think it would be fair to help understand the timeskip. Although, I wonder what would have been chapter 11 if this major comment chaos never happened. Was it always planned? Have it been pushed back?

    Everything else is fair.

  172. Sparx

    I’m happy about what the letter promises, but I just hope that it is really as much as they’re saying it will be. I’m not really sure about these annotated pages, as I don’t think they will do much to help us agree with recent scenes, but I am glad that Team Diva is at least trying. I guess we really can’t ask for much more without demanding a more regular schedule again, which I find would be unfair to them, even if I do disagree with holding the pages hostage.
    Hopefully this will mean a return to tranquility in the comments, and hopefully less questionable story content. I’m curious as to where this will end up now. I gave Evil Diva far more chances than I was originally going to when the timeskip first started, and I’m really hoping I’ll be rewarded for sticking through for so long.

  173. Sparx

    While I agree that Cao Cao has been totally out of line lately and that his banning was warranted, some of the comments listed here sound to me like fair opinion. I don’t mean to argue with you at all, I just hope that other members who don’t mean harm will be reprimanded for a poorly worded but not intentionally harmful comment.

  174. Lillian

    I can’t be the only one who’s confused by the wording of it. Maybe I’m just tired…

  175. Mel. Star.

    I agree Sparx.

  176. Sparx

    **will not be reprimanded
    Ugh proofreading is important guys

  177. D

    Meh, don’t feel either way about it. They can do what they want, but I think they should have realized that once they opened a comments section that they were prone to any sort of comment, positive or negative. Moderator probably won’t help their internet cred.

  178. D

    As for the annotated old comics, it’s helpful, but at the same time I hope they realize that this is a sign that their storytelling hasn’t been up to par. And probably something not everyone is going to look at.

  179. D

    I feel like this was a bit unfair, to be honest. Because there was a lot of people who said much worse than Cao Cao, only they were supporting Team Diva. And from what I’ve seen so far, they have not been reprimanded. I’m not too certain what message you’re sending here. Maybe that you can’t say anything offensive, unless you’re an active supporter of the comic?

  180. Sicarius

    …well…guess bannings -are- retroactive…in a sense…and also, I cannot help but agree with what D said…

    *Disclaimer: Commentor is not trying to step on any toes, just voicing how they are currently viewing the situation.

  181. Sicarius


  182. Mel. Star.

    It’s always nice to see what was going on in the artists/writers heads when something was being made. This is why I listen to commentaries after I’ve watched a good movie. However, there’s a difference between commenting on the work (and it’s praise/criticism) and explaining, for lack of a better word, “questionable” story choices away. I’m eager to see how the annotations are handled and I’ll do my best to approach and read them with an open mind.

    As for the comment section: I’m glad to see that the ED Team is going to be a little more proactive when it comes to responding to comments here. I honestly believe that some of the inferno’s that have erupted in the comment section could have been quelled (or at least dampened) with a simple statement either in the comment section or directly under the comic page.

  183. Susian

    Really? It’s obvious? How do you know what happened off-panel? I don’t think my reaction to just being kissed on the neck would be “*GASP*”…

  184. beautifail

    Was anybody not seeing this shocker coming as soon as the announcement of a moderator was made?
    Why not just ban Cao Cao from the off instead of getting a mod? I feel like that’s what was really wanted, anyway.

  185. Susian

    Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was the only one who disliked all the bathing suits and underwear.

  186. Susian

    I agree, selling an annotated print version sounds like an awesome idea. Newspaper comic artists do it all the time. I assume it’s successful (and I definitely like annotated comic books more than regular ones).

  187. Fable

    I don’t know about you guys, but that letter meant nothing to me.

  188. Don't Bother

    I guess we hoped it wouldn’t happen because what he said was both infuriated and hilarious.

  189. Don't Bother


  190. Sicarius

    Banning someone is all very well and good, however, I would think simply banning them and not bringing the person’s name up strikes me as being more…I dunno…professional?

    [Disclaimer: This is only an opinion and is not intended to incite any flaming, overly negative comments, or start the chain reaction that could potentially bring about the end of the world.]

  191. Don't Bother

    For the record, this comment was a response at one point… but anyway, still stand by it

  192. Don't Bother

    I thought that too. I think it was their way of saying, “We mean business, people!”

  193. beautifail

    /tosses confetti

  194. Sicarius

    Huzzah! …Oh…wait…this isn’t the Ren Faire…

  195. beautifail

    The only thing that bothers me is that now we’re going to have to go behind everything that we say that’s even the slightest bit critical or irritated sounding and put up disclaimers [as so many have already].
    We really shouldn’t have to go, “I’m not being a jerk. Really. Please don’t ban me. /innocent eyes”
    I’m not standing up for the things that Cao Cao said, a lot of it was way out of line [understandable but out of line]. I just think there’s a better way to go about this than straight up banning. Like deleting their posts or modifying things so that people who’ve had several warnings have to wait before their posts are accepted. Restriction but not rejection.

  196. Sicarius

    …aaaaand, as lovely as that sounds beaut…I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna happen…and regardless of what does (or does not) happen…it’s good to be a pessimist…

    1. You’re always right.


    2. You’re pleasantly surprised.

  197. Gheherya

    I was skimming some of the comments (most of them seeing to be Cao Cao I noted), and Diva wasn’t raped.. I don’t know why they thought that. She’s getting ‘assaulted’ in a way, yes, but it is not rape by definition.

    Regardless of that tidbit, I enjoy Evil Diva though was kind of saddened by the jump to Teen Diva, as I feel like there was just not enough of her learning curves. That and I do agree I’m not sure where this part of the plot is going at all or how it’ll develop Diva as a character.

  198. taxil

    Guys, Caox2 was not poorly worded. He (or she who knows) meant everything posted. I would swear he/she spent all day typing up all those wall of text posts. i for one have never seen anyone post so much rant in such short time.

    I for one have before given CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM before to Team Diva, and i hope it was well received. Caox2 was not constructive at all. If someone in here has a problem, you should point it out in a short, concise, and to the point so that gets exactly the problem. It will save us all the trouble of reading massive “wall o’ text” rants.

  199. taxil

    I’m OK with this move, but it seems to me that it is a pity that Team Diva has to do this just so everyone gets it. people need to learn how to go back to the start of the comic and re-read the whole thing (comments and all to get the best take of it). i swear if they did that, it would save Team Diva so much hassle.

  200. taxil

    Why is that?

  201. beautifail

    Well, yeah. That’s why I’m a pessimist.
    Said so last page.
    Feels good, man.
    Feels real good.

  202. anonymous

    How about this, instead of putting all that effort into a play-by-play or taking your valuable time out to keep telling us why you are doing what you are doing…how about this…just do it. Release the comic with the story line you intended and do what is best for the story. People can read and follow, or get out of the way and leave it for the rest of us to enjoy. That’s how I feel and I’m sure I’m not alone. Diva just seems to be getting established any way. We saw an epilogue and got a general sense of her in the old reality, time has passed and her scepter has altered reality, obviously things are going to be a bit different.

  203. Mel. Star.

    I actually did that. When the first true sexual assault page came out and people started the “bring back old Diva” chants, I re-read the comics I have (I own all of the ones that are in print) then read the rest on the site. It was then that I realized there’s a vast disparity between pre-skip and post-skip Diva in terms of storytelling, pacing and originality. And before anyone jumps on my back, I’m stating that as a personal opinion, not gospel truth. I respect the ED Team for putting this much work into explaining their thought processes. Maybe I’m misunderstanding some of their artistic choices. Maybe I’ll change my mind about some things if I hear their point of view. I look forward to reading their annotations.

  204. Vadelent

    in regards to being in control it looks to me like no ones home and the wand has decided it time for a little direct intervention instead of letting Diva call the shots it seems like it going to make one for itself for once

  205. kabbes

    I’d like to say thank you but really I’ve just proved that I spend way too much time on the internet. It’s a hollow victory.

  206. lol'd

    Then again if ppl started showing up posting ”why you banned me?” with new usernames/ip everyone would blame them for banning ppl without telling anyone.

  207. Ginger

    Despite there not being a new page, just wanted to wave to Team Diva and say thanks for the communication *^_^* I admit I’ve taken to skipping the comments section (I’m honestly just here to read Diva’s story and that of her friends, because that’s what brought me here to begin with and have no interest in forum hijinks) but I’m still here, still reading, and eager to see whatever develops. Have fun guys!

  208. juno

    wow diva looks so cool and beautiful in the 4 and 5 panels lovin the animation

  209. Day

    There uh… There is no animation. o__o

  210. Day

    This comment made me laugh because it related to both the commenters and the comic, since the time skip took Diva and crew from middle school to high school xD

  211. Mystic

    Also some webcomic artists have started that practice.

  212. Happy with teen Diva

    I’m ok with Evil Diva’s growth/progression. Don’t shy away from a story you want to tell.

  213. Sicarius


  214. Sicarius

    …sure there is…if you blink your eyes fast and move your head from side to side rapidly…

  215. Susian

    You can’t tell that she wasn’t raped, though. You only see what’s happening near her head. And “*GASP*” is an awfully dramatic response to a simple kiss.

    I’m not saying she was definitely raped – she probably wasn’t. But there was enough ambiguity in that page that I understand why some people jumped to extreme conclusions.

  216. Mystic

    ^This. Thanks Team Diva!

  217. Mystic

    Almost all of us are not asking them to stop the direction….just put a bit more care in how the story is being told.

  218. Mystic

    Well, not that they’re not but just to help some of us who is kinda lost understand.

  219. Don't Bother

    As for me, the only thing I wasn’t overjoyed about in the letter was the fact that the annotations will be vote incentives. I know this is a common practice in the webcomic world; however, why are they teasing our their explanation of the last three arcs? Why pander for votes? The fact that bonus art is an incentive is fine, but I don’t know… It just seems like Team Diva is saying “Oh, we’ll show you why this has happened–IF you do something for US.”

    Besides, who really gives a flying j about TWC rankings? I mean, TWOKINDS* is number one. TWC does not reflect the quality of the webcomics in it’s rankings. Any “serious”** webcomics aren’t in the fray of becoming ranked number one.

    That said, I’m happy they wrote us a letter. I’m happy they apologized in a way. I’m happy they are listening to us. That was the only negative I saw, and a nit-picky one at that.

    *If you like TwoKinds, that’s wonderful for you. I don’t find it a good story, but if you enjoy it, to each his own.

    **”Serious” as in wonderfully drawn, beautifully crafted. These webcomics don’t rely on cheesecake and fanservice to get eager viewers. I think Diva, especially in the earlier arcs, is this “serious” kind of comic. And by the way, I read “non-serious” comics too, so I’m not trying to look down on any webcomic or any reader who enjoys them.

  220. Don't Bother

    I think that a lot of us are lost as to WHO these people are now. Diva of these arcs is not the same as the one if the beginning of the comic. She feels like she’s lost depth because we have not seen who see is.

  221. Gheherya

    No, no, I agree, I can see why they believe it. But I feel like it’s just too strong of an event for them to use it, especially the way Evil Diva has been written all along. You know?

  222. beautifail

    We put in our emails before we’re allowed to post.
    It wouldn’t be that hard to just email the banned person the reason why they’re no longer allowed to post.

  223. Mystic

    Very true.

  224. Sicarius

    Question: Why pander for votes?

    Possible Answer: They might (emphasis on -might-) feel this is the only way for them to recieve more votes.

    [Disclaimer: The answer above is merely this commentor’s possible explanation for such a manuever, it is not meant to be inflammatory, cause Pain Misfortune and Tears*, and most definitely not meant to cause anyone reading it to get explosive diarrhea.]

    *Bonus points if you know which comic I’m referencing….but remember, as in “Whose Line,” the points don’t matter.

  225. TheDeepDark

    I won’t bother digging through the comments and all I gotta say – it’s pretty sad to see that you have to get that explanatory, and enlist a moderator.
    I suppose it says something about your popularity that enough people cared enough to complain instead of just leave?

  226. lol'd

    I really can’t see a reason for secret bannings. I didn’t even know it could work that way (secretly), but this makes sense, if they are secret. So whatever.

  227. AL13N

    I have to agree with you here. it’s really really sad. I have a little kid myself, and i don’t feel like there’s anything that cannot be shown to her.

    In any case, i’d rather you have give this the most extreme rating, than deviate from your plans, I’ve always liked what i’ve seen, don’t censure the creativity.

    That said, i’d prefer you to leave the past content alone and focus on the new content, but that’s just me being selfish :-)

  228. Don't Bother

    True, but what’s the harm in the Team just telling us WHY they wrote it out? Regardless of how a lot of the readers have felt about this arc, many writers write their own annotations to their work just to share the creative process with their fans. That’s all their doing now. What they aren’t doing isn’t backing off and apologizing; they are meeting us in the middle.

    Look at other webcomics, books, print comics, and movies for heaven sakes–lots of them come with director commentary. That’s all this is going to be.

  229. Toussled

    I am of the personal opinion that if you feel that you need to go and explain why you did everything and the choices you made for the story, that you didn’t do it right.

    I think the art is good. I think the writing has been pretty poor as of late.

  230. Day

    I laughed at that reply XD

  231. Sicarius

    *doffs [nonexistant] hat* Why thank you…I -do- try…

  232. Mystic

    I’ve done that myself when I short one time. I had to explain how did a character do something without breaking the rules and in my situation it is because I didn’t explain it correctly. I realized the error when it was too late. XD

  233. Mel. Star.

    Now I’m curious :p

  234. josh

    Im going to I guess agree with toussled about explaining and disagree with your backing away.Sorry this is long Im an english philosophy major its a hazard of it. while I never comment on these mostly because of trolls. but I think the way you were going was actually very interesting. I admit your writing has been coming out of left field but if you go back and look at the wand it is a good plot device for most of it. as to your rating and the increased tensions both sexually and violently I have enjoyed them it shows diva moving forward with life and progressing as a living character from where she started as this bubbly innocent girl to realizing the consequences of her actions and dealing with the standard tensions of high school. even this college point was a good idea it brings her to a place where the tension can come to a head and can give her a view of the future and how the wand can affect and place others in danger when she allows herself to be put in bad situation or when they just happen she can learn how to handle them and it also help establish precedent that can be used later with the power of the wand. simply put your character and comic cannot remain static if you want her to grow and keep your story fresh. you need to take new challenges and put your character through trails that break them cause thats when the audience will truly love them. and that when you see the full extent of your ability and the strength of the world you made. a good rule for major life affecting trials is that if after you write it you don’t feel like an awful person and your character is ready to curse you and the sky above for it. then it wasn’t harsh enough to affect true change.
    as to explaining each page this I will make it simple my professor once put it as soon as the work is published and in public eye the writer is dead and the opinion of what they wanted the art to say is gone its to the public to interpret. explaining just takes the magic out of it.

  235. TekServer

    Luci Phurr wants her imps back, Sicarius.


    BTW, have you caught the new show that features the old “Who’s Line” crew? It’s called “Drew Carey’s Improvaganza” on the Game Show Network. :)

  236. Don't Bother

    Holding an English Lit. degree, I’ll have to disagree with 85% percent of what you said. I’d explain why, but this comment is going to be publish on this website and that’d take the magic out of it : P

  237. The Auld Grump

    Panel 5 is actually the important one here – by the look on her face someone is about to be Judged, and it is not going to be pleasant. She is assuming her power, for the first time in full.

  238. The Auld Grump

    The music changes, and the statues of the angels in the church begin to weep blood.

  239. A.C.

    That was actually a really neat incentive, I had NO IDEA Diva was inspired by a real life kid! O_O
    I wonder what my middle brothers daughter will be calling herself a few years from now… (her middle name is going to be RABBIT, enough said! :P)

  240. Kate

    ^ agreed

  241. Kate


  242. Kate

    -.- Hardly worth it anymore. I come for the comments, because the plotline has become bland, stilted, and predicatable, not to mention borderline offensive. I’m all for talking about adult themes, but that was *not* handled well, then the way that you tried to save your ass was quite a cop out.

    I swear, if she becomes overpowered, I’m leaving. This is boring and I’ve facepalmed continuously for the last few weeks. Or maybe I’ll just go re-read the old comic, before the timeskip. Yeah… I think that may be the ticket.

  243. Sicarius

    …am I the only one who reads FAQs?

  244. Day

    No, I read them too. D:

  245. Jo Smith

    Avatar state!

  246. Toussled

    My problem isn’t with the fact that they decided to go down this route.
    My problem right now is the fact that even if this had been a new totally fresh comic seperate from Evil Diva, say, Devil Clea or whatever, this standard wouldn’t have been acceptable.
    I’ll be blunt, this entire story line, and the last one, was lazily written, poorly paced and /Cheap/.

  247. Trolldrool

    The first thing I do when I look at this page is think of Carrie. The second thing I do is run.

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