What’s going on?
October 17th, 2012

What’s going on?

Greetings Evil Diva Fans,

Yes, it’s been a long time since our last confession and we’re aware that our tobwebcomics.com rating is in the dungeon, but some times a small step backwards is all we need to take a giant leap forward. Exciting things have been happening and we’ve been remiss in sharing them with you.

First off, the rumors are true. We’ve been picked up by Angry Viking Comics and will be distributed world wide in print by them through Diamond Publishing. Within the next few months you will be seeing Evil Diva in print on the shelves of your local comic book store. And yes, Angry Viking is also helping us out with a kickstarter campaign. We’re helping them with that in any way we can and would appreciate your support as well.

Though we’ve been working in the background quite a bit, but we realize the frustration you must all feel checking the site week after week and seeing only cobwebs. There are no doubt others who, having heard we’ve got a print deal, think we’re going to abandon our roots and no longer publish on the web. Nothing could be further from the truth. Teen Diva will be making a twice weekly appearance on the site again soon. Keep an eye out.

We’re excited to be working with our new partners at Angry Viking and we look forward to thrilling you with Diva’s new adventures online. Thanks for your patience and your continued support. We promise we’ll be getting our act together soon, and we’ll try to keep you better informed.

And in the meantime, Angry Viking has started a Kickstarter campaign for the new Diamond releases. They have our full cooperation. We hope some of you might be able to help.

Regards, Team Diva.


  1. Shan

    very cool :)

  2. Nojh

    So what is the name of the Kickstarter campaign so we can go take a look?

  3. lillexe

    oh my gosh, congratulations on getting published!!! So excited for you guys! :D

  4. Edd

    YAY for update!

  5. JMac


  6. Taxil Necrobane

    IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Due to your silence, i would not doubt that you lost forever 90% of your fan base! i would have left soon too if Angry Viking press didn’t drop in and tell us you guys were still above the ground! my patience is at it’s limit team diva. I also have to give you the painful truth. All that time you put in to build up Evil Diva has been wasted. worse yet, you lost so many readers in such a bad way, you now have bad opinions made and hurt feelings of abandonment. They are very hard to turn around with Team Diva’s known poor rep. worse yet, they talk to others who have not read Evil Diva. get the picture now? Don’t think you can walk back in here and act like it was before. Team Diva needs massive Image rehab and advertisement blitz ASAP.

    I have said my peace, now Team Diva, the ball is in your court. I guess out of madness, i stuck around when by all logic, i should have just quit this place and delete it off my bookmark list. You will have to re-earn our trust all over again.

  7. Evilbob

    Yay! Nice to know it’s not totally dead!

  8. Jessica

    That’s good news even though I do greatly miss your comic strip.


  9. CJ

    Glad to hear that Diva isn’t dead! Looking forward to new stuff and the printed editions!

    One question, in the post you said “Teen Diva will be making a twice weekly appearance” is that a mis type? Did you mean Team Diva? Not a huge deal just curious if the comic is taking a new direction.

  10. Mel. Star.

    They probably did mean teen Diva. From what I can tell from the preview art, the printed Diva comics will feature a younger Diva, so the online comics might continue to feature teenage Diva.

  11. Lela

    Whelp, I’m glad to hear Diva’s not dead! I’m also really excited for the eventual pick up of online updates again.

  12. kabbes

    More promises — exactly what I was hoping for this Christmas!

  13. Ginger

    That’s wonderful news! I can’t wait to add that to my pull list :) And I can’t wait to see the new updates! Congratulations, Team Diva!

  14. Jason A. Canty

    Hi Guys!

    Angry Viking publisher here. I’ll be holding a REDDIT AMA (Ask me Anything) From now till Sunday, maybe Monday at the latest. Feel free to ask anything: http://www.reddit.com/r/kickstarter/comments/11sy0p/angry_viking_press_moving_into_2013_with_new/

  15. fairportfan

    We can haz rest of diary story, too?

  16. Frangelfire

    took you long enough…

  17. Valkyrie

    Thanks SO MUCH! Today I checked in for the first time in a few weeks, and told my self this was gonna be the last time ever. But now, I’ll definitely come back! THANKS AGAIN!!!!! :D

  18. scullpanda

    thank god diva not done for i have been following this comic for years and have been saddened by the slowed down to non existence of the updated and am now happy that it will be continued and revived X3

  19. jmucchiello

    I’m guessing Casandra Wedeking won’t be involved with Diva going forward. She’s now drawing two comics for the pixie trix comics group. Magick Chicks and Dangerously Chloe. http://www.dangerouslychloe.com/articles/strips-dc/chapter_1_-_that_damned_girl

  20. Queenie Capria

    yay! that’s all I can say after about 4 months… yaaay!

    seriously though, happy that the boat is running again!

  21. pete

    Jmucchiello is correct; Cassandra is no longer drawing for Evil Diva. However, we still fully support her and Severin and encourage all Diva readers to go to the above link and check out her work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is extremely talented and you all should keep your eye on her as she rises up through the art world. I miss working with her and Sev, and look forward to when our paths cross again.

  22. kabbes

    How does Team Diva define “soon”, out of interest?

  23. Jon

    Congrats! Glad to hear the good news!

  24. Feartheswans

    Soon at an indefinite point to be determined within the infinite future.

  25. Jason Canty

    I can say that Diva was enjoyed by the staff at Diamond, and they have been pushing/asking for Evil Diva to be Angry Viking Press’ first book to be printed, they seem to be big fans too.

  26. Wynne


    I’m glad Diva’s not dead (The diaries are the only reason I come back at all), and I’m glad you guys are getting published, but this would be more exciting if you hadn’t stomped all over your characters and your fanbase during the last drawn storyline. Before that whole fiasco I said I’d donate if I got the chance. Now… you’re going to have to earn all that goodwill back again, and that’s going to take a while.

  27. jmucchiello

    I’m not sure I am interested in a younger Diva. Late teens are a great time to find out who you are. There’s too much innocence involved in being a tweener (10-ish).

  28. Creed

    Wait, so what did Severin move on to?

  29. Jason A. Canty

    We’ve updated the Kickstarter with new Paypal page for those that don’t have an Amazon account AND we have added new Diva posters as well as the upcoming Evil Diva Trade paperback collection. Check it out here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/6076321/angry-viking-press-going-forward-with-great-new-pu

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