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October 28th, 2012

More Information

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Wednesday, Nov. 21.

We made our kickstarter goal and then some. Over 20k raised. A big shout out to all who contributed. So what does this all mean? Well……
We will be in the February Diamond guide. Apparently they are infatuated with Diva and are very excited to be distributing. Angry Viking is making Diva the flagship title. And if all goes well, you will see the comic in your local comic store in April. Then there’s the movie and the tv show, but I digress.

This is a dream fulfilled. I can not thank Jason at Angry Viking enough for his hard work. This guy must sleep less than I do. He has helped bring Diva to a new, huge audience. Maybe we can pay him back by making him some money.

And again, Diva would not be what it is today without all you fans out there. So stay tuned as incredibly cool things start to happen.

Team Diva

Greetings Evil Diva fans,

As we’ve already announced, Jason over at Angry Viking has made Evil Diva a part of his Kickstarter campaign, which will enable us to continue both the Teen Diva and Young Diva story lines. We’re very excited about finally being able to move forward, but we need your help. Jason has raised about half the funds he needs with about two weeks remaining but, at the rate he’s climbing, victory is not yet a certainty. Please help us if you can. Every dollar helps and there are some great Evil Diva incentives for donors, including a special edition Evil Diva trade paperback and never-before released posters.

Thanks in advance for all your help and we look forward to bringing Evil Diva back to you both online and in print.

Regards, Team Diva.


Greetings Evil Diva fans,


Thanks to all of you who found it in your heart to kick us a few bucks. We’re very excited to be resuming work on ED and pleased to be collaborating with our new friends at Angry Viking Press… and now, if you’ll forgive this indulgence,


Thanks again, Team Diva.

The link to the kickstarter campaign is the banner on the right with the “K” logo.


A few bucks away from 15k! If you have helped us achieve this, thank you. If not, please see if you can spare a few bucks. We only have 3 days left. Jason says anyone donating $15 or more will receive a bonus gift if we can hit 20k. You won’t be sorry.

Team Diva


  1. Dave

    A link to the kickstarter campaign would be good…

  2. fairportfan

    Ummm – i don’t see an “Archive” link?

  3. fairdinkum

    Or a link to the kickstarter campaign

  4. Jason A. Canty

    I just want to give thanks to everyone for the support! We’re getting the new creative staff ready for both young and teen Diva’s adventures.

    What can be said is that Diamond Comics seem to be big fans of her and have asked for her to be the lead comic. So this has caused a big restructuring on Angry Viking’s end, and with your support it will help things move along smoother.

    My goal as publisher is to make sure Joe, and Pete have an art staff that can continue to breath life into this series I too enjoy so much.

    As a fan change can always be unnerving, but fret not, Angry Viking Press at this time will only provide support in art staff and help Diva reach a larger audience. Diva’s personality, and what makes her, her will still be driven by Joe and Peter.


  5. Shannon

    Link to the kickstarter>?

  6. Pete

    Archive button is on the bottom right, right below the Diva ad. When you click on it, you can choose from whatever section you want to see.

  7. kessily

    I was so excited to see some activity over here I went right over to kickstarter and donated. I rarely have the money around to donate to the comic websites I enjoy, but you caught me on a good day. Now I won’t feel so guilty for all this free entertainment -grins-

  8. Taxil Necrobane

    Alright Pete and Joe, who’s the new artist to draw Diva now that (from what i assume) Cassandra is moving to greener pastures with Pixie trix comics?

  9. Creed

    So does this mean that Angry Viking will be providing the new artist? Any updates on who that might be, or links to preview an art style? ;)

  10. Jason A. Canty

    Hello Creed. We have 1-2 people as of now who are working on differnt parts of the Evil Diva comic and Webcomic, with another 1 or 2 working on special covers and incentive art.

    Our main artist for younger Diva did the “Two Divas” poster that was shown here a few months back, and the Magical girl Diva sketch (both of which can be seen on the kickstarter page).

    For older we may continue with our current artist, or go with the creator of “Galaxy Magnolia” (Also seen on the Kickstarter page).

    I hope this helps.

    Jason Canty
    Angry Viking Press

  11. Leilanz

    Loving the webcomic and sad that it’s on hiatus, though clearly the reason is good. Personally I hope to see more the Teen Diva as it was quite more interesting than Young Diva, though I hope to see the end of the journal as well.

  12. Creed

    Jason, thanks for the info! I’m vey excited about the upcoming new stuff. :)

  13. Ginger

    This is so exciting!

  14. Andrew

    welcome back. I’m happy to move evil Diva out of my “Out of order/no long active” list of webcomics

  15. Jason A. Canty

    We are now just $3600 away from $20,000! And the new artists have sent me updates to the new stories they are working on. So good news all around. Thank you Team Diva and her fans!

  16. UP

    I knew it was a good idea to put EDC on my list of webcomics even after that diary thing stopped. I just knew someday this would be updated webcomic style :)

    Basically, Im glad I kept this site bookmarked! Next webcomic that I hope starts up again, The Meek.

  17. jmucchiello

    So when might this webpage update in the future? Ballpark guess is good enough.

  18. pete

    Joe just got done writing 3 new scripts, plus some additional material. I have been coming up with art and promotion items for Diamond. And I need to have an ad done by next week for Diamond. We are working on teen diva as fast as we can. All I can say is the script is written. We’re moving as fast as we can. Please be patient.

  19. Creed

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see the new stuff :) By the way, will the diary be finished? I was enjoying the story.

  20. Kittycatnip

    Love this comic, but it really needs a archive page. I have fallen behind a lot and going to take some time to find where i was.

  21. Pete

    Try on the bottom right of the page.

  22. kabbes

    Classic Team Diva. A month since we were excitedly put on notice of imminent happenings.

  23. Jason Canty

    Hello Just checking in and letting you know that our new artist(s) are working on their pages. Thats all I can give out right now. This is still all Peter and Joe’s hard work when it comes to the story and the Direction of cute little miss Diva. I’ll just be here to help it grow.

  24. Aquarussell

    Hey, where can I order Evil Diva in San Diego? Is there an online store someplace?


  25. Neveko

    There’s a “store” button at the top of the site: the purple bar under the “Evil Diva” banner.

  26. Fairportfan

    Are there ever going to be more on-line comics?

  27. LazyReader

    Where can I see your old incentive art…?

    I saw one where Michelle was tickling someone, I thought was hilarious. So I saved it. But lost it when my old computer crashed.

  28. kabbes

    Two months.

  29. Creed

    LazyReader, I asked that question awhile ago and Team Diva said they don’t post the incentive art because its an incentive to vote, so if you missed it you won’t see it unless they decide to post it again. That may change along with all the new stuff happening (which would be cool!) but probably not. Sorry your computer crashed :/

  30. Jason A. Canty

    I know A LOT (all) of you have been waiting for some word of whats going on with Diva. Well I’ve been busy, Peter and Joe have been busy.. Everything is moving, and the comic goes up for Order in Diamond’s Previews Next month! And the Web comic… Well

    I’ll drop this right here:

  31. LazyReader

    Found it. Turns out I e-mailed it to myself, from one of my work e-mails to my personal e-mails. Which I never deleted but stashed the message and the picture in a e-mail folder. How lucky for me. Anyone else want one, I’ve got the one where Michelle and Diva are Gabriel and Xena, etc.

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