Diary Comic
August 6th, 2013

Diary Comic

A Message from Team Diva Comic. Friday, October 4, 2013.

JOE C: Hello Evil Diva Fans. It’s been two months since my last confession, and these are my sins…
I’ve been in Korea on a job since May of this year. I had every intention of keeping ‘The Diary’ going from a distance, however things got busy, then really busy, then I found myself working 16 hours a day for weeks on end. ‘Evil Diva’ fell by the wayside for me because of this and for that you have my deepest apology.

PETE: Meanwhile I was supervising the production of Comic Issue 12. I’d been working with Jason at Angry Viking Comics and, thanks to his artists, the issue is nearly done. But I started having health problems, which started causing ‘life’ problems, so then I couldn’t pay any attention to ‘Evil Diva’ either. Despite Jason’s support through the summer, there was nothing he could do to move forward without direction from us.

JOE C: I’m back from Korea and Pete’s got his health as well as his life back together again. We met yesterday to discuss ‘Evil Diva’s’ fate and after much debate we decided that, somehow, we want her to live. We’ll be redlining Issue 12 over the weekend and, when we have a schedule for online publication, we’ll share it with you. In the meantime we plan to put some diary entries up next week.

Thanks for all your comments and concerns. Thanks even to those of you whose comments have been, well, direct. Even anger is a form of caring. Again you have our most heartfelt apologies. Evil Diva has been a labor of love for five years now and it’s always been our intention to keep her moving forward but, in the words of the immortal Sam Flynn, “Sometimes life has a way of moving you past things like wants and hopes.”

Thanks again and to be continued, Team Diva.


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  1. Jason Canty

    Hahah I love how TBG now has it say “OUR PROBLEM” XD … As always he just needs a little motivation.

    A Devil has 100 reasons to Help you 99 of them benefits him.

  2. CherryFlyer

    This is getting confusing. So what? Diva is a new Jesus? Is the replacement of Jesus or we making our own religion? Gah now this really makes me think of Rin from Ao no Exorcist. But instead of God’s child, he was Satan’s child that was raised by someone else.

  3. Feartheswans

    Almost makes me think… Ok makes me think Endira had a rather illicit affair with the Dude o_0

  4. Leo

    new artist? oh good, I really wasn’t fond of that last artist doing teen diva. The style just didn’t seem to fit well.

  5. kapi

    Is the incentive an adult Angela? She looks really mature and beautiful there. :3

  6. VengefulWolf

    I think we are going to believe it’s Diva but it will actually be Angela or something crazy like that.

  7. Pete

    Oh, it’s Diva. No trick there.

  8. keck

    wait who’s the new artist because they seem like good news or is this all hush hush

  9. fairportfan

    Personally, i liked the last artist.

  10. sylentknyt

    Is there a actual comic anymore?
    I’m I missing something?

  11. Pantera

    OMG SHE’S EVE’S DAUGHTER!!! 0.o That is why the wand chose her… to protect, nurture, and teach her! 0.o

  12. Feartheswans

    @Pantera The wand Is Lilith not Eve.

  13. FallenAvalon

    The imagery was of the snake and apple. Lilith, in any apocrypha in which she is mentioned, is not associated with those images. Eve is. I’d say it’s a fair guess to say the wand’s Eve. Not sure about Diva being her daughter though.

  14. fairportfan

    * cricket * cricket *

  15. DVD

    @Feartheswans or Lillith’s snake.

  16. boxofchocolates

    Fairportfan had best be trolling, because the previous artist drew Diva in an inappropriately (tacky) overly sexualized manner had drew so many animesque features–it was distracting. The new artist looks marvelous–reminds me of the original Diva artist– near perfection.

  17. jmucchiello


    Link? I swear, it’s like you guys are afraid them thar computin’ deevices.

    Is this so hard? http://www.thegeekgirlproject.com/2013/08/09/interview-pete-menotti-creator-of-evil-diva/

    And hey, the kickstarter is almost done and there’s never been an update. No links from here. I wonder why it did not meet its goal.

  18. Davidson

    I see ANOTHER kickstarter for Evil Diva, so I’m just going to say it. What the heck?
    Didn’t the comic already go through this? I was here since the beginning and I can say this comic has changed artist after artist and has never had anything resembling a coherent storyline. I watched this site go from having 100′s of comments per page to a handful. So I guess my question for the people running this site is, can you see a time in which there will be any semblance of stability for this site or do you plan to continue to sheer your loyal fan base for more and more resources until it dwindles into nothingness?

  19. Sara

    Have the comic and diary pages stopped updating? Or did the site glitch out again and I just can’t see the updates?

  20. kabbes

    Has the comic died again?

  21. fairportfan

    Looks like it.

  22. Marieka

    The comic hasn’t updated for a couple weeks… what’s going on?

  23. Sara

    Didn’t they just hire a new artist? Did those plans fall through?

  24. Feartheswans

    In your excitement you forgot to update for a few weeks. As a PFBB (Potential Future Book Buyer) I am concerned that if I buy that there may not be a conclusion to the series.

  25. Sara

    I wish Pete would just update us. I hope he’s alright.

  26. Leo Autodidact

    I’m giving this another week, and then it goes into the “Trashcan.”

    I mean, at least a note saying “Sorry Gang, I’m out-of-action til June” (or whenever)

  27. Divafan

    It’s not dead. It’s just sleepy.

    I would have backed the Kickstarter if it had any hope of funding, but with no promotion, it was impossible.

  28. Artemisia

    Hello? Anyone home?

  29. minorly-crazy

    just going out on a limb, is this no longer a webcomic. I haven’t seen a comic really worth coming back to in a while, just on a curious not cause if it’s not I don’t fancy I’ll be bothering again, and I’ve been reading since the start of the comic.

  30. jmucchiello

    I would post *cricket * cricket * but fairportfan did two weeks ago and it seems the crickets are now dead.

  31. Hanzo

    It’s downright incredible that you keep asking for money from your readers and keep failing to provide a reliable product. Holding pages hostage for donations, numerous unannounced hiatuses, a kickstarter that you failed to promote….you are wasting your time, and you are wasting your readers’ time. It’s frankly insulting that you guys keep expecting us to fund this unreliable project. Either you need to take a good hard look at your business plan and make some serious changes, or you need to let this comic die for good.

  32. maeverin

    *poke poke*

  33. fairportfan


  34. strongspank

    My guess…. is that the comic is on hold due to the shift in artists. An excusable reason but nevertheless leaving us in the dark will only hurt.

  35. Feartheswans

    *mourns the death of the crickets*

  36. keck

    digs a couple of cricket graves w my thumb

  37. Feartheswans

    Its been 30 days… I will check back in a couple months or something.

  38. OsakaBoy

    Eww. I stepped on a dead cricket!

  39. Brina

    Okay, I have officially read through ALL of evil diva :3 From the beginning. I started the day before yesterday and now I’m pissed because there is noting else to read :( I hope it doesn’t just end like so many webcomics before :(
    I need to see Diva and gabe hook up! haha

  40. Safiron

    I love this webcomic and truly grateful for Team Diva’s efforts in making it. I was just wondering if you guys could give us an update as to why the webcomic hasn’t been updated, so we can ground our expectations and have a greater understanding as to what’s happening behind the scenes. :)

  41. kabbes

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

  42. Jan Jansen

    ECHOOOO!!! …Echo …echo …

    Gosh darn it. Will there be updates?

  43. kabbes

    As a quick reminder, this is what it says on the front page. Note use of the words “tomorrow”, “new content” and the extra-lollorific final sentence.



    YOU CAN PRE-ORDER FROM THE ANGRY VIKING PRESS SITE. Click on the Angry Viking Logo below.





  44. fairportfan

    The crickets are not only deceased – their empty husks have been swept up from the studio floor.

  45. maeverin

    I hope nothing bad has happened to anyone.

  46. Sicarius

    …aaaand this place is dead…

  47. Vanilly

    *cough*Hi i’m one of the new artists this place isn’t dead just yet *cough*

  48. Rosebud

    Nah, there have been longer breaks. Of course, it is a long break…

  49. Mary

    I know I’m probably the last to do this, but I’m moving this comic to the dead folder :(. I loved it and wanted it to survive, but no updates or pages or anything since August 6th. It’s dead Jim.

  50. Mari

    Well… I think one or two months of no posts is nothing to stress about, honestly. I think there was a planned hiatus of six months, or a year… something MUCH longer before, and they came back.

  51. Kenzy

    You are being a disappointment to your fans. That’s not mean, that’s the truth. Please don’t keep leaving us on cliff hangers.

  52. Mel. Star.

    I miss Diva. I think the last comic update was the 23rd of May, and the last update of any kind was the 6th of August. I hope everyone is all right over there in creator land ;_;

  53. patjade

    The last thing I heard about Diva was the Kickstarter problems. I wonder if they bit off more than they could handle at this time?

  54. Rosebud

    What Kickstarter problems? It wasn’t well advertised so it did not get funded. The one person who asked about promoting it was never responded to.


  55. jeanne

    It’s nice of you to give us details on what has been happening. I’ve been following the comic for a few years and I was afraid it would just die without even an explanation. I guess a lot of people would have taken it better if you just had said that you had to put the comic into hiatus for a while, though, even without giving away why.
    Anyways, good luck with everything :)

  56. fairportfan

    Things may be about to start happening – i just got a response to an e-mail i sent them in the middle of May…

  57. sps

    thanks for updating us; as a fan who’s been here from the start, it’s been really sad to see the fate of this great comic :( but I’m glad that you guys are going to try to keep it alive. I hope to see an update soon! even if it’s just a diary entry.

  58. Feartheswans

    Ah welcome back you two! Was delighted to see an explination when I was doing my monthly check. Glad to see things are better for you two now, and glad you got your health back Pete.

  59. XMinusOne

    Signs of life! Hooray! I was afraid this strip was gone for good. I’ve finished the archives and am ready for updates. Kudos on overcoming illness and getting your lives back in order.

  60. Joe C

    Wow. I’m really gratified to see that there’s still one or two of you left out there. I’ll see what I can do about not letting you down… again. ;-).

  61. Rosebud

    Ah, faith is rewarded!

  62. maeverin

    whoa, did a bunch of comments from weeks ago just appear recently?

  63. fairportfan

    I can haz moar “Diary”?

  64. Scarlett

    Thanks for the update, guys! Remember, you’ve got to take care of yourselves first and foremost. Glad to see you’re still here!

  65. Luna

    Good to see you guys back in action, I was most worried for the fate of our most favorite, cutest little demon girl!

  66. Kate

    I just did some google-fu of the name of the new artist, based on the vote incentive, and found her Tumblr (Vanillycake). Holy cats, this girl can draw! Her art is professional, pretty, polished – and her character references look very similar to Diva’s early art. Not only that, but it sounds like she’s been a long-time reader. I’m very, very excited to read the new chapter! You go, Vanilly!

  67. Trolldrool

    I discovered Evil Diva rather late, back in february or march, I believe and felt miserable when I reached the point where I had to wait for updates because I found the world and setting and story fascinating. With the implications that Diva might not actually be the real daughter of her parents (or at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from every single comment I’ve read when I struggle to make sense of these letters), it somehow starts to sound less interesting.

    Personally I don’t mind comics updating irregularly until 3 months between each page turns to 6 months turns to 14 months. If the story begins taking a turn in a direction I dislike, it’s another matter. Granted, I’m only one person with a single subjective personal opinion, so you shouldn’t (nor do I expect you to, considering you let me read the comic for free) be influenced by my whining. I’ll just continue to follow the comic and hope I’m wrong in my presumptions.

  68. Feartheswans

    “Next week” was 2 weeks ago.

  69. kabbes

    That’s what I’d clicked to comment on too.

    October 4th, i.e. 25 days ago:

    “JOE C: I’m back from Korea and Pete’s got his health as well as his life back together again. We met yesterday to discuss ‘Evil Diva’s’ fate and after much debate we decided that, somehow, we want her to live. We’ll be redlining Issue 12 over the weekend and, when we have a schedule for online publication, we’ll share it with you. In the meantime we plan to put some diary entries up next week.”

  70. Thenardyr

    I’m caught up to the end of the comic…NOOO!!

  71. jmucchiello

    More like a month ago, I’d say.

  72. Keito

    Hope you’re all doing all right, Team Diva! If you’ve got time, please stop by and let us know that you’re all still alive and well.

  73. Feartheswans

    It’s been 34 days since they said next week and 93 days since the last comic/diary page

  74. Anon

    I remember when this was a webcomic and not a fancy story-blog….

  75. fairportfan

    Beware the zombie crickets!

  76. Nat

    Is the comic even still going?

  77. Mel. Star.

    Looking forward to more Evil Diva things ^___^

  78. maeverin

    ~2 months later
    I hate to be that person who whines about a free comic, but an update once in a while to say “hey still working on it” would go a long way in keeping a fan base.

  79. jmucchiello

    Make that two months

  80. Blueflame

    It’s dead Jim

  81. Ellie

    Whelp…It’s December now. I’ll come back in a few months.

  82. LittleCash

    Great work I love the diary entries

  83. Fallen1

    Sorry, I love where the story was going, but it’s been too long. I’m removing Evil Diva from my updates list. Maybe I’ll check back in a month. Or two. Or whenever…

  84. Rosebud

    Happy New Year, Diva. Try to visit us in 2014.

  85. Rena

    Guys… I think Evil Diva might possibly be really, truly dead.

  86. Blueflame

    how the hell is my previous comment still “awaiting moderation”

  87. feartheswans

    Don’t know why I’m posting this since my comment from November 7th is still awaiting Moderation, but I guess the comic really is dead. Time to take the link out of my comic folder. It was good while it lasted, but its been over 5 months now… its time to let this one go.

  88. SquareBubble

    Ok, I deleted Diva from my favorites during the last big hiatus – came back today on a random whim and was overjoyed to see new pages c:
    Slightly disappointed that I seem to have rejoined the D-team right in the middle of another hiatus – but back into my favorites Diva goes C:
    Couple of thoughts:
    Blegh, really didn’t like the artist of the past few pages, glad you’ve got someone new
    You guys really need to advertise your kickstarters more – at least put a mention and link in the text under new strips xP
    Get Diva out of that fuzzy dressing gown and into to some clothes with a more interesting design! xP

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