Evil Diva: Issue 12, Page 10
April 30th, 2014

Evil Diva: Issue 12, Page 10

UPDATE: Friday, May 23.

JOE C: Hi everyone. Well, we’ve decided to carry on no matter what. I’ve thumb-nailed out the pages through to the end of Issue 12 (at least 20 more pages) and, barring the unforeseen, I’ll be finishing the issue myself. About a pound of rust will be dropping from my wrist as I crank out the first few pages. The rest of this issue will serve a second role as a journal of my re-discovery of drawing, a joy I have deprived myself of for many years. Special thanks to my good friend Thor who got me off my fanny with the following words,

“Joe, just draw.”

I’ll be balancing this effort against self, wife, kids and a very, very full-time job, therefore I won’t be able to commit to any kind of schedule. Bear with me and we’ll get through it. As a good faith gesture to all you hungry hounds out there, I can offer but this one scrap. I’ll be posting my progress on the pages in advance as voting incentives. My first page of chicken scratch just went up.

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 7.

JOE C: Well, gang. We lost another artist. VanillyCake has decided to move on and we wish her well. We’re searching for a replacement now, and we’ll update as soon as we can. There will be an interruption in service however. Apologies and we hope to see you again soon.

Tuesday, April 30

JOE C: Hi all. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know we disappeared on you again. I’ve got a job that occasionally requires me to completely immerse myself, so forgive me for having to drop off the face of the planet for a few weeks. If it helps, you can think of it as a contest to see who the most die-hard fan is. It’s currently an arguable tie between Feartheswans and fairportfan, both of whom asked if we were still alive last month. Though I’d have to say that Jason is the only one who went so far as to contact our attorney to see if we were still breathing!

“When only a few of you are left, you will feel an irresistible pull towards a faraway land… to fight for the prize.”

The script for “Wardrobe Malfunction” got passed to Jason over at Angry Viking this week, and one of my friends actually saw print versions “Evil Diva” volumes 1 & 2 on display in a real live comic book store last week. They’ve been in the stores for some time now, but I guess it’s finally sunk in. It’s official. I’m a published author.

VanillyCake has already submitted a sketch for Page 11, so hopefully we’ll be able to deliver on time next week. We’ll keep you updated… unless we don’t. Consistency is boring, anyway. Ta for now. ;-).


TODAY‚ÄôS INCENTIVE: Rod Espinosa’s interpretation of today’s page.

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  1. Dana

    Good to see Diva back! :)

  2. Mujaki

    So yeaaahh….
    Been nearly a year.
    Any news?

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