Issue 3: Page 1
May 27th, 2009

Issue 3: Page 1

Happy page one guys! Issue three is off to its official start. I don’t have much else to say, which is good because it’s really hard to eat a sammich while you type.


New (colored) voting incentive from Jayd today, featuring goofy sibling hijinx. :3


  1. Sid

    I thought it was real until about the third panel… :/!
    cliches, oh the cliches, you make them not seem repetitive!

  2. Skullbie

    yaaaaaay the story continues!! :D

  3. BluPickles

    Aw, look at Gabe. What a sweety. =3

  4. klydekiss

    I love the panel where she wakes up.
    I was all “She won!?” Fooled me xD
    Lovely site banner update

  5. Katay

    Yaaaay! Trent makes a small appearance!

    You know I think I’ve developed a little crush on him. :)

  6. Mel. Star.

    Diva’s curlers make me so happy. lol

  7. Lela

    A heart bed spread and unicorn pajamas… How is Diva’s mom not sending her to an evil boot camp yet?

  8. Kamu Nappy

    Is it just me or does Gabe look sort of . . . malicious?

  9. Harold Maudlin

    Are panels 1 and 2 Jayd and Brinson cameos?

  10. taxil

    At least Diva has seriously active dreams. maybe this is her sub-concious mind telling what it may have been like if she did win against Angela? If that is the case, then maybe she wants to go out with Gabriel and not realized it yet. Wouldn’t THAT be a perfect jab back at Angela?

  11. taxil

    Um, why does she have curlers at all? her hair is mostly strait anyway. i never understood why some people sleep with them on though.

  12. taxil

    no, it’s just you. <_<

  13. Chicago Ted

    Poor sweetie u_u

  14. taxil

    the more innocent the person is, the more fun and eviler the act to corrupt it. So maybe she’s waiting for the right boyfriend to come along and …. i better stop that train of thought right now.

  15. Mel. Star.

    Maybe that’s the way she maintains all off that volume o.o Her hair does seem to er… defy gravity >.>

  16. Kamu Nappy

    We made it in the top ten baby~

    (We’re going to beat Bear Nuts! I swear on it!)

  17. tomorrowtom

    ten-spot bebbeh!

    BTW, Sleepy-Diva is too freakin’ cute. X3

  18. raybecca

    (lawl ninja head band)
    Are those unicorn AND NARWHALE pyjamas? <3 That is too awesome! I want them!

    Yus~ Top ten! :D Keep voting guys!

  19. tabitha

    would it be more evil to make her president, or not…?

    PS LOVE the “please vote” picture!

  20. taxil

    O_o i thought it would be hair spray or add-ons to get that volume.

  21. taxil

    FYI, the head band is from the anime “Naruto”, a much over hyped show IMO. But i do notice that Diva is a much better morning person now than Angela is. ;-)

  22. alexds1

    Top 10 ;________; Congrats!!!

  23. Dusty

    yeah. I think with these more frequent updates and a strong issue 3 story line, ED should be able to maintain a solid #7-9 standing. :-)

  24. Brinson

    You get the sharp eyes award of the week for catching the narwhals. XD

    Thanks for the great comment!

  25. Nat

    Woohoo ED got the #9 spot! I’m voting every day now! Diva is so adorable <3

  26. chiz

    Ah! You guys are up to #9 on TWC! (Pics or it didn’t happen: ) Major congratulations! I’m really looking forward to this next story line. ♥

  27. Random Passerby

    I’ve been saying he’s a cutie since Diva clocked him in the face with her wand. ^_~ I hope he keeps making appearances!

  28. Ivan

    That last panel is officially one of my favorite panels of all.

  29. Robsqrd

    Jayd and Brinson, so nice of you to shoehorn your way into Diva’s dream. Diva is obviously channeling her creators subconsciously.

  30. Anon

    wait is it a dream or nightmare!?

  31. Firewolf2007

    dam thats an awful dream @_@’

  32. Dragonair

    In case you haven’t noticed, Evil Diva is at #8 on the Top Webcomics List!

    Cute new page. I halfway got my hopes up, assuming there was some scandal surrounding Angela and her winning the presidency.

  33. Dusty


    Oh, Hell yes! **Did I not just call it** a few hours ago? Does anyone remember that I used to be a world-class professional Beverly Hills psychic (with lots of clients and lotto wins!)? [doing a little evil dance] Yaay Team Diva! You guys rock. I love the color. Very vibrant (hey! that was an alliteration! I am so proud!) no just don’t suck! :-p

  34. Bartimaeus


    Oh well.

  35. taxil

    I’m sure if Angela doesn’t already have a scandal in her closet by now, Diva’s mom will make one for her.

  36. Floor

    #9!!!! only 3 days of voting left :) Let’s keep up the voting and make evil diva stay in the top 10 :)

  37. Octopusrave

    I love the unicorns on her pajamas….and Gabrielle’s sign made me smile.
    Lol, this comment -my sentiments exactly. “I’m sure if Angela doesn’t already have a scandal in her closet by now, Diva’s mom will make one for her.”

  38. Brinson

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    /shifty eyes

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