Issue 3: Page 10
June 22nd, 2009

Issue 3: Page 10

This is truly an epic week for Evil Diva.

As I was heading out the door this morning, I loaded our first issue on a whim — I knew our anniversary was coming up, and I remembered I wanted to give Pete a heads-up. What I found gave me a little shock: today is the first anniversary for Evil Diva.

Today also marks the 99th page, assuming you don’t count sketch comics. On one hand, I’m a bit crestfallen that our one hundredth page won’t fall on a more exciting passage, but on the other — it’s okay. If we can make walking and talking interesting, then the explosions and ultra-violence should be a piece of cake. Really, I’m happy that I’ve hit the triple digits and I still feel challenged.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us from day one (or day 364; I’m not picky), to everyone who has ever left a comment or bookmarked this site. I know it sounds cliche, but we really couldn’t have gotten this far without you. I’m drinking a toast to you tonight! (Okay, maybe not a toast to every last one of you. I love y’all, but I don’t want to end up with alcohol poisoning.)

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Jayd’s incentive today features a shoujo-ized Dad. WAI WAI. ^.^


  1. Skylar

    Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Kamu Nappy

    Wow, you guys have really gone so far in this year! Keep up the wonderful work.

    Oh the complaint department, that made me giggle like a school girl. <3

  3. Dominic

    Congratulations, guys! As everybody else has said, keep it up! :D Looking through the archives, I’m loving the subtle evolutions that the art has gone through. Here’s to another great year.

    …Am I a total dork for doing a double-take at the guy on the far left in panel six, thinking it was Crowley from Good Omens? XD Like he’d ever wear that suit.

  4. Dominic

    *panel five aagghh

  5. Chicago Ted

    What skylar said xD

  6. klydekiss

    Lol! The complaint department?! That is evil.

  7. Angela

    Your comic and humor are absolutely delightful. Happy One Year Anniversary Diva!

  8. taxil

    … and fitting. i like it. >)

  9. taxil

    So Diva has made it for a full year now. Gratz! now let’s see if it can make it another year longer.

    on another note. Why is there is person in a silly costume like that there? <_<

  10. Archivist

    I see Hell has 9 levels. Which one have they arrived on?

  11. Dusty

    What Ted sed >:p

  12. JGray

    Congratulations on your first year!

  13. YazzyDream

    This page is utterly warm! I really love it.

  14. Ari

    It would be awesome if the elevator counted backwards – Going Down anyone? Ha ha, panel 3: it does! So glad I looked back at the comic.

    Love the wall art.

  15. John K

    it’s always the connected folk who get the good jobs. I am starting to see why it is hell.

  16. akira

    Love the comic! Is that Hell’s mascot?
    About the vote incentive, Dad looks AMAZING! but what is he saying and what does it say over him?

  17. AngryCallCenterAgent

    If only I can do that at work and not just get away with it, but get paid for doing so. XD

  18. Brinson

    Your comment combined with your username had me loling like crazy. XD

  19. Firewolf2007

    Intrestting.. what the heck is it

  20. Rahr

    Ya, I know what you mean. I worked at the recieving end of an 800 number call service. So many times I just wanted to reach through and strangle the idiots. Thank you for this page Brinson. It’s cathartic.

  21. Octopusrave

    Congratulations! <333
    And I really love the mascot…is he just a regular demon? He reminds me a lot of Cerebus (not Cerby, of course). :o

  22. K-cho

    My Japanese isn’t the best, but the stuff at the top is “Evil Diva”, and he’s saying something along the lines of “Pretty cool, aren’t I?”.

  23. Kirsten

    I want a plush version of the mascot. X)

  24. tabitha

    that’s what I said!

  25. tabitha

    i want a plush of cerby! and Diva’s purse of course…

  26. Gamervamp

    Now THAT is a job i would like to do. Great job with the dad picture, wish i could write in japanese….
    Also~ Happy Birthday to you~ Cha cha cha Happy Birthday to you~ Cha cha cha Happy Birthday Dear Evil Diva~ Happy Birthday to you~ Cha cha cha! -gives birthday cupcake- I give those for the the first 100 pages too. so next update you’ll have two!
    You should make some cerby plushies soon, looking at all the comments I think they’re in high demand.

  27. taxil

    darn it! now i have to clean my screen after reading you’re post. note to self, don’t drink and read evil diva at the same time.

  28. taxil

    I kinda wanted a plushie Diva, Angela, Michelle, and the rest of the cast.

  29. Stig

    Comment department, please hold.

  30. Snowpea

    I recently discovered this comic by following a banner, and wow, I am really enjoying this! One tiny quibble on today’s first panel: I think the lamp’s perspective is wonky in relation to the desk … shouldn’t we be seeing it a bit from above and not full side on?

    I know… “Comment department, please hold.”


  31. Brinson

    Ha! ‘Complaints’ are always welcome, as long as they’re as nice as this one. :) (And I agree, it does look funky. If I can figure out how to correct it, I eventually will.)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

  32. xIsamuTM

    (at last panel) nnnmmmm…. wwwWWWAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Scary mascot guy!!!!

  33. tomorrowtom

    Here since FIRST DAY! yah-uh

    Represent’en Virgizzle up in hurrr!

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