Issue 3: Page 13
July 3rd, 2009

Issue 3: Page 13

Late update! Very very late!

Big fat apologies, y’all. I severely underestimated how long this would take me (so, so long on the flats), not to mention the fact that I’m hosting an impromptu taco party.

I believe I may be taking Monday off for the July fourth holiday, but I’d like to still post something, so — which characters would y’all like to see sketches of? :D


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Jayd’s incentive for today features the blonde mystery man, which makes me a very happy girl indeed.


  1. Kyah

    First: I love this comic!

    Sketches? I would love to see Mr. Virgil! ^^

  2. tomorrowtom

    “Two out of three Jonas Brothers.” HAH!

    Great page!

    Also, first post!

    And… I lost the game again.

  3. Keyaroscuro

    The Jonas Brothers? WHAT? No Hannah Montana?

    Oh well. And I’m quite sure it’s more than three-quarters of Hollywood–although maybe someone else got to the rest of them first.

  4. Catiris

    ;A; the suspense!!!! I take it Michelle might need her butt saved.

    I take it the “two out of three” gag is supposed to have us wondering which one is still good at heart? (They really seemed to shut up about their beliefs after they became so popular!)

  5. Stig

    If his boasts are true, he really _is_ a big wheel in Hell. I had somehow expected him to be slightly less important.

  6. me

    lol that’s quite a record. Oh, Michelle seems to be in trouble…

  7. Jen

    Is that madonna on the wall?

    I really hope it is
    it would explain so much lol

  8. Dustyn

    Well he is Mr. Beelze, which I imagine is short for Beelzebub. Who is typically ranked as one of the highest demons/devils, usually just shy of the evil big guy (Uncle Walt?).

  9. galentknight

    is that a marilyn monroe poster i see (or at least it looks like one)?

  10. MissMercurial

    Two out of three…LOL
    Hope the “problem” isn’t Michelle!

    Also love how his window opens to a lovely vista of…the firey depths of Hell XD.

  11. Firewolf2007

    did he say jonas brothers? so are they angels or devils XD

  12. tabitha

    how did Mr. B get those awards?

  13. cheezitsaredelicious

    I love this comic all-around…. also taco party makes me laugh.

  14. Brinson

    I’ve been told it’s fairly normal to give an Oscar/Grammy/Emmy to a loved one, an agent, friend, etc especially if you get a bunch of them. :D (Tangential story: I know a gal who lives in a small one bedroom apartment in Hollywood. One night we were drinking at her house, and I was looking through her bookcases and picked up a statuette that looked familiar — I asked her what it was for, and it turns out I was holding a bonafide Emmy. Her parents apparently won it in the 70s for journalism.)

  15. tabitha

    ok, so mister B seems like a cigar smoker… but i see a lipstick smeared cigarette in that ash tray as well! guess he didn’t have time to clean it out… or he doesn’t care who see’s it…

  16. wirefly

    Funny, most girls would love the fact their dad worked in the media like that. Heh.

  17. and-bingo-was-his-name-o

    is that john lennon? and marylin monroe?

  18. Octopusrave

    I LOVE the bit on the Jonas Brothers and Nashville selling their souls for a career.

  19. Brinson

    Man, you win. :D It’s a really poorly drawn copy of the Like a Virgin EP cover.

  20. Sotherbee

    You must draw your eyes first, because that last panel is freaking me out.

  21. Mujaki

    Jonas Brother Number 3 gets his career without signing, by riding on the coat-tails of the other two. Poppa probably wanted to sign him, but the marketing department was having a “Buy Two, Get One FREE!” promotion that week.

  22. Saera

    Comic was great !, and i like Blond-Mystery-Man as the sketch incentive.. x3 He’s became my driving fangirl force here and i love the fact that he’s so calm. But like Virgil. another unknown demon or angel.

  23. John K

    I really enjoy how hell looks so calm but has these little elements to show us where we are, like the flames I’m the first panel.

  24. Idene

    *starts panting again, face stops being red* okay, i love Evil Diva, but the fact that her dad gave two out of the three Jonas Brothers their fame, at the cost of their eternal soul, that almost killed me. XD

  25. Lektio

    Only two? I would have thought all three for sure.

  26. Jissi

    So which Jonas DIDN’T sign? Kevin?

  27. Jason

    …The assistants really DO all look the same, don’t they?

  28. DukeW

    Everybody keeps talking about Uncle Walt. Sorry, incorrect. Walt was a saint. Roy, on the other hand…. ; -)

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