Issue 3: Page 15
July 10th, 2009

Issue 3: Page 15

This is the update that didn’t want to be.

First, I couldn’t figure out how to color this stupid page. Then, I had a gigantic brainfart and left my computer at work. That’s okay! I have my sister’s computer! Which used to be my computer! … But I left my tone swatches on my machine. But wait, that’s not it! This night of epic fail ended in me completely forgetting the login URL for

So, I apologize if any of the colors are off or I forgot to flat a small area or WHATEVER. Hopefully I’ll have Shantotto (my Mac Mini) back home tomorrow, and I’ll be able to fix any problems.

As for the incentive, well, Jayd’s having her own problems — this time with transportation, so she wasn’t able to scan her sketch for tonight. I give up! We just can’t win tonight.

(I’ll try to remember to sketch something new tomorrow for the incentive. I feel bad updating without it!)


  1. Bethany

    What’s all the hubbub about? I mean…it’s not like a do-gooder is gonna stir up trouble or anything? :/

  2. Laurel

    Ahahaha, you named your Mac Shantotto? X3 Does that by any chance mean you’re an FFXI fan? :3

  3. Toraush Naull

    OOOOoooo transformation #3. What will she look like this time it looks like sauce french maid or maybe evil Mary Popins. and I have to wait until Monday to find out. oh (Expletive deleted) :'(

  4. klydekiss

    I love that last panel! I wonder what she will become!

  5. tabitha

    she might actually use the garbage can to CLEAN up garbage instead of pouring around…

  6. raybecca

    Haha the wand became a duster! Looking forward to next page!

  7. OMGSoEasy

    I see the beginnings of a maid costume…perhaps Diva will help Michelle perform janitorial duties and various other maid-type jobs in Hell? That could be cute…or as Diva says, it had better be… =3

  8. OMGSoEasy

    It’s more like the wand knows it will have to fend off the cops on Michelle’s trail, so it went Super Saiyan. :D

  9. Jeremy Kuehnau

    Michelle’s costume reminds me of Super Mario.

  10. Stig

    Like Diva, in any form could be anything but cute!

  11. Mike Leung

    re: color: for the tip two panels you could always portray the characters monochrome to force the glimpses of Michelle and Diva in the second panel and the last/bottom character to pop out, if that makes any sense. Panels cropping the characters are optimal for showing speed, so making the figures solidly monochrome helps preserve the portrayal of their actions.

  12. Mike Leung

    top two

  13. Skald

    I think it looks gorgeous, personally…though of course I always think that about Evil Diva…it’s just so cute! I can’t wait for the next page!

  14. Angela

    “This better be cute!”
    That line reinforces the awesomeness of this comic. If this is epic fail, then y’all are in grand shape.

  15. PsyDei

    reminds me of sailor moon on transformation lol

  16. xIsamuTM

    Diva Maid Power… Make-Up!!!!

  17. Lei

    To think it took me this long to put the mario-esque get-up and the red pipe flower together… XD guess Michelle is a gamer all the way

  18. John K

    wow…just wow… I am amazed by the panel composition.

  19. Brinson

    I am indeed! Play on the Seraph server, what about you?

  20. Softspoken

    I enjoy how the pre-established ceiling pattern reminds me of the !! stars / flashes that sometimes appear over people’s head. Michelle gets it in panel 1, and it’s very appropriate.

  21. Brinson

    Thank you so much. /blush

    I wasn’t sure about this one because it’s a little different than I usually do!

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