Sketch Comics
August 12th, 2009

Sketch Comics

Okay, second time attempting this update. Is this thing working?

(Appears to be! Huzzah!)

I’m not sure I’ll even get to the game portion of the show at this rate and I DON’T CARE. I am having way too much fun with this!

… My desk is littered with an embarrassing number of John Stamos photos at this point, though. :F

evil vote

Last weekend I realized I’d never drawn Diva in winter clothes, and an incentive would be the perfect place to rectify that!


  1. Sonata

    Stamos needs his own tag!

  2. Dusty

    Small typo (Panel 1, word balloon one).

    HI MOM!! :-D

  3. anon

    I rofled at the riaa comment (:

  4. MissMercurial

    Where on earth does Mrs.B keep getting those margaritas?!
    It’s like she has her own personal runner-demon to make her drinks at the drop of a hat.

    Also: I thought Tia was business/music? But hey, “seduction” is a fitting synonym for music to me :)

  5. Lela

    Typical Diva. XD

  6. Brinson

    Thanks for the heads-up Dusty! You always keep me on my toes. :D

  7. Dusty


  8. Brinson

    I like to think that she’s a MacGyver of mixed drinks — maybe she grabbed some juice from the green room, scavenged some salt from an old McDonald’s bag, and, of course, the good stuff came from a flask concealed discretely in her handbag. ;)

    And, oooo, good catch, MissM! I’ll be sure to change it on the character bio page. Thanks!

  9. Brinson

    No need to apologize! I always am mixing up the letters in their last name, for some reason. :F I’ll fix it tomorrow first thing at work!

  10. taxil

    I never understood why everyone thinks that “big pharma” and “big oil” is evil. they are just industries that makes what we want and need to live a better life than other wise. Econ 101 people. “big tobacco” is a bad thing, but it’s not like the smokers are clueless as to what they are doing to themselves. that and it’s not so big anymore after being bleed nearly dead from all the lawsuits. (maybe Mrs. Beezle is the reason for that after all) the riaa is indeed evil as labeled. Personally i think she can do better though in working for worse soulless industries. Being an IRS lawyer, labor unions, and working for most of the politicos in and around capitial hill and the white house these days should out do those other jobs.

    Oh Tia, you are all too good at what you are working to master as a carreer. ^^;;;

    i didn’t think Diva would be that ditzy, but it’s still funny.

    this is my $.02 for the night.

  11. Versel

    You saw it. You can’t UN-see it.

  12. Io

    I knew there had to be something more to Tia than just having a chilled-out expression 24/7. I just knew it.

  13. Mike Leung

    If you take a second look, you may notice that Mrs B did not commit to nor deny your inference.

  14. Jetster

    AHAHAHA I love you Diva

  15. John K

    Love that third panel!

  16. Evan Snow

    Is it my imagination, or has Diva gotten chesty?

  17. Tibz

    It’d probably have to be a cold day in Hell before Diva wears winter clothes…

    (Lame, I know. >_>)

  18. xIsamuTM

    She _IS_ developing into a young lady, you know… I wouldn’t spend too much time on that line of thinking, though. This is a mostly PG comic.

  19. Brinson

    She’s constructed of fairly basic shapes. Her torso is sort of a rounded rectangle, and sometimes I get a little too sharp with the curve of it. So that’s why she looks a bit busty at times! My bad. XD

  20. Mujaki

    Arg, I was offline for a while and missed the previous incentive pic (for Aug 11). The thumbnail looked interesting. As for winter wear, it might rarely ever snow in Hell, but the Beezle family just works there, they acutally live out in the suburbs. Haven’t you heard of “commuting” your sins?

  21. Mandi

    I scrolled back up to see what you meant, and judeing from mother and sister, it’s probably genetic, they’ll get bigger in a few years.

  22. Dusty

    I am always saying “BEEZ-el” in my head. So far I have managed to avoid admitting this. :-(

    Cat’s out of the bag now. Looks like I will be chasing cats (again) today.

  23. Dusty

    Price-gouging is a cardinal sin.

  24. Anon

    Tia x John Stamos, OTP

  25. James!

    err… i think that’s her shoulder you’re looking at. XD

  26. taxil

    If you ever read “inferno”, there is some places in hell that is very much cold and snow bound, if not completely iced over.

  27. taxil

    (faceplam) very lame

  28. Brinson

    Haha, I was actually thinking of titling the incentive that, too. XD

  29. Brinson

    Durp, I knew I forgot something today.

    Wasn’t working in Photoshop today, so I guess it slipped my mind. TOMORROW DUSTY, I SWEAR. /salutes

  30. Mandi

    And speaking of hell, I just stared high school this week!

  31. Stig

    “Hi, Mum!” Classic!

  32. Octopusrave

    Oh god, Diva is so freaking cute. ;-;
    I love Mom’s clients!

  33. Octopusrave

    I love the university name too–VERY clever.

  34. Sinister Twist

    Well, Tia definately has the art of seduction down. Rowr.

  35. Anonymoose

    Tia definitely needs more screentime >:3 she sounds quite…interesting.

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