Issue 4: Page 10
September 28th, 2009

Issue 4: Page 10

I grinned the whole time I drew this page. GROUP HUG.

More behind-the-scenes: this sequence was a nightmare, logistically. From when Diva enters Mr. Virgil’s office, I had to map out each character’s movements so that they would all intersect at appropriate times. (Thank heavens that I’d never drawn all of the left wall in Virgil’s office. That second door was invaluable!) There are still a few hiccups — for instance, Michelle would have to be seeing Diva’s parents from pretty far away at that angle in the first panel — but I’ve only had one “oh, booger” moment, and it’s the second-last-panel on this page. I wanted Michelle and Gabriel to be running past from their initial place behind the bush, but I realized way too late that I’d actually placed them on the other side of the scene, as if they’re running BEHIND Diva and her family. So, uh, just pretend they ninjaed around the other side? ^^; The next page will be consistent at least since I caught it early, haha.

Today’s incentive is a short sketch comic about Diva’s report card.


  1. MaronaPossessed

    Heheh of course I bet Mr. Virgil wanted Diva’s parents to be ashamed :P. But they’re devils so hey…

  2. GatoGirl12345

    Didn’t I say she would be praised? XD

    But technically, she’s being praised for something else. XD

    I wonder that reaction was what Diva feared.

  3. Steve

    Ah man, bringing Fark into your voting incentives? :D

    Great page today, by the way. Poor Diva is overwhelmed!

  4. Mandi

    We’re so proud!!
    XD thats just awesome.

  5. huh

    I lol’d heartily at the sketch comic. Heartily.

    Also, are the older incentives archived somewhere else?

  6. Brinson

    I imagine Gorgor is feared and revered in even the deepest levels of Hell. XD

    Thanks, and thanks for stopping by to comment.

  7. galentknight

    i bet diva is having one of those “this is ackward.” moments with that hug. i remember those ….. i’m not one of those people who likes to be hugged. “for the hate of Lucifer stop hugging me.” ~ diva

  8. taxil

    fark is nothing compared to bring the abyss that is 4chan into the incentives! O_o ..i must… resist .. putting on EFG mask… when speaking about.. 4chan. ><

  9. taxil

    [hum, i thought i posted earlier, but it did not go up. ah well, I’ll post again]

    Michelle is just dragging Gabe around like he was a little puppy. just HOW strong is she anyway? Also, now that it seems that Angela is going to be away for awhile and Michelle does seem to fit into that cheerleader outfit better than i thought. Maybe she should try out for Angela’s old spot. ;-)

  10. taxil

    No, i dought that Virgil would think that they would be ashamed. He knows devils all too well to know otherwise. why he called them in is another mystery to me, just as he needs to talk to Diva about the wand. O_o

  11. Lefty

    That would disincentivize voting.

  12. Jesse~

    Interesting twist I must say and I dunno what you’re talking about girl. They are ninja’ing past them. That was their plan even before you knew it. :3

    Also, LOVED the incentive! XD

    “Why can’t she do it for the lulz?” – “There there my pet.”

    That made me seriously lol >:}~

  13. Bartimaeus

    Nice incentive!

    You know, it occurs to me that if Diva had been normal/evil, and actually tried to pull this off, she’d never have managed it.

  14. CM

    Before I read Diva’s dad’s response in the last panel, I thought her mom was saying that they were proud that she had detention, lol :D

  15. taxil

    If she did it for the lulz, then is she a femanon (one who posts and admits they are female) or just a female anonymous (one who post and does not tell they are female)? If she can not troll /b/, she should go to the other lesser chans and work her way up the big league that is 4chan’s /b/. ;-)

  16. taxil

    this comic is full of win.

  17. taxil

    sometimes you have to be good to be evil. or something like that.. O_o

  18. Cute Bruiser

    Hmm, a month later and I still can’t see this site in Firefox. Guess I have to give up on this comic. :\

  19. Monika E. :)

    You can’t see the site in firefox? I have the latest version and I can still see it perfectly. What version do you have?

  20. Brinson

    Sorry, Cute. I was never able to pin it down — I use Firefox and check it regularly on 6 different computers, no problems. :/

  21. Dusty

    One word:


  22. Dusty

    I knew it I knew it I knew it! Mom is the COOLEST! And dad ROCKS!! This is the best page–EVER!! No matter what happens next, the fact that (at least for once) Diva’s mom and dad are happy and proud of Diva and glowing is the best!! Oh, and Michelle shoving Gabriel down in the second panel is priceless. They really do make a great team. he seems to get the worst of it, but that only adds to the charm. I hope they are stuck together, as detectives or not, for many episodes to come. Michelle’s brashness and his commentary really work well together. okay, I gotta vote now. Great comments everyone! (IMHO)

  23. taxil

    better check your comp for virus (run clean up programs) and other dianostic too, you might have a problem somewhere then.

  24. Dusty

    I switched from FF to (Google’s browser) Chrome. They both work, but I am seriously liking this browser. fast, and never ever ever a problem.

  25. MissMercurial

    I love Diva’s parents.
    I say a sketch incentive on what Mrs. Beelze’s name is ;)

  26. taxil

    call me paranoid, but i don’t trust Google. I think Diva’s mom does work for them. <_<

  27. taxil

    good point, after all this time we STILL don’t know Diva’s folks names.

  28. John k

    That was unexpected!

  29. Mandi

    After reading the sketch, I realized who starts those stupid forwards.
    “IF you don’t forward this, the ghost of the girl who was tortured to death will kill you, blah blah blah…”
    No self respecting ghost would kill people for not forwarding this crap!

  30. Mephie

    I love this comic so much….Oh Diva, you and your shenanigans

  31. Anonymoose

    I totally almost forgot that Diva’s parents were devils until I saw this page XD Their reactions are…Devilishly Appropriate*har de har har*!

    I LOVED the voting incentive, by the way ;) 4chan for the win!

  32. CM

    To Cute Bruiser:
    I know this might be a longshot, but is possible that you have FF add-ons that are interfering with the site?
    I’m asking this because I’ve heard things about add-ons occasionally interfering with site content (such as images and etc).

    Another possible solution (if there are several images on the page that aren’t loading):
    On PC: Tools–>Options–>Content–> and make sure that “Load Images Automatically” is checked
    On Mac: Firefox–>Preferences–>Content–> and make sure that “Load Images Automatically” is checked

  33. Brinson

    Ahaha, Dusty, I love the way you think! This page was a little bittersweet, as much as it was fun to draw — this is the only time I’ve shown Diva’s parents all proud and gushing about her, and it’s hardly an accomplishment she feels good about.

    As for Gabe and Michelle — yeah, she’s really taken control of their little team, hasn’t she? XD The more and more I think about Gabe, the more I think he acts like this because he’s rather used to being dragged along by friends. Michelle and Angela are both headstrong in their own ways, and I think they take it for granted that he won’t object.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful comment. <3

  34. Brinson

    Glad you liked! As for incentives … I’m working on it. Slooowly. Have like 50+ to get up. Sorry!

  35. anon.

    yep, i would be proud too

  36. taxil

    really? nice. i can wait on it so you don’t have to push yourself to complete it.

  37. taxil

    well, there could be future events that would make Diva’s parents happy over her. (wither or not she truely earned it). ;-)

    i also feel that Gabe not only much more knowable than others would think, but underneath that frame of his is a strength (both of will and phyical) that no one realized. Once Gabe decide that he no longer wants to be dragged around, neither Angela nor Michelle could move him. just imaigen either of the girls pulling Gabe, then Gabe stopping and either of them falling on their backside when they suddenly tried to pull a building.

  38. Dusty

    You trust MICROSOFT or Steve Jobs over Google? Wow.

  39. Dusty

    Thank you for the great comic! (Everything below is 100% speculation–just “IMHO”)

    My thoughts on Gabe (what you said makes all kinds of sense) are that you have created a natural defensive mechanism (one you would see in real life, in the animal and in the human kingdom). By being silent (voluntary or not) he does avoid having to shout over Angela, argue with her when he knows she is wrong, and he does not have to take responsibility when she turns out (publicly) to be wrong. He also seems to have developed the usual “odd quirk” the quiet, outwardly unobtrusive non-obnoxious member of any such pairing. This is a nice touch, and shows your teams ability to write characters realistically. In r/l we see “the quiet” one of any bunch developing a secret life, and even secrets worlds to live in, which provides relief from and even vengeance against the dominant members of the group. This (to me) makes Gabe identifiable–probably the most important quality you can have in a likable character. He escapes to a world of classic detective stories and recreates the world around him in the grainy black and white detail evoked by he stories he reads. It would be interesting to see what is on his bookshelf.

  40. taxil

    Microsoft hasn’t stated that they want to know everything about me and be able to run my life for me. That and Steve Jobs (may the big guy have pity on him) won’t be alive much longer so I’m not worried about him. I DID NOT say i trust Microsoft or not, i just don’t FEAR them. Big Google is becoming much like Big Goverment where they poke their noses in where i don’t want them. That and i have not and will not forgive them for breaking their original reason why they were formed when they censored Web access in China at the red commies demands. Google has grown so powerful, it’s become a monster.

    Long live Yahoo.

  41. Darwin

    Great page. I laughed until I stopped. Then I reread it, and laughed more. Then stopped and had some coffee.

  42. Sloan

    This reminds me of what my parents would be like. My dad just like that, my mom would try and be a mom but then later congratulate me. Haha. I love this page!

  43. taxil

    good move, you don’t want to laugh while drinking coffee, lest it you spill it. ;-)

  44. Octopusrave

    I knew that was coming. XD

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