Issue 4: Page 12
October 2nd, 2009

Issue 4: Page 12

UPDATE: MONDAY: Today’s update is still canceled, but the good news is that the rest of the week is good to go. The dentist sent me to an oral surgeon who pulled that ugly sucker out in less than sixty seconds. No getting put under, no pain, so I should be back at work tomorrow. Thanks again for all your sympathy and stories! <3

UPDATE: SATURDAY: Monday’s update is canceled. Unfortunately, it’s not for the fun reason of lounging about like a lazybutt — I’ve been avoiding dealing with a broken wisdom tooth for months, but it’s finally begun to throb so I have an emergency appointment at the dentist’s on Monday. With any luck, this will just be a consultation and maybe a quick fix to get me to the weekend, when I have more time to recover.

… But there is the distinct possibility that they may end up yanking it out then and there. In that case, I’m not sure how quick I’ll be back on my feet. I’ll keep y’all updated. Right now, I’m planning to update as normal on Wednesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


A heads up: Monday’s update may not happen. I may take the day off. I don’t know! I feel very indecisive. If I do stay home, I’ll put a note up on Sunday. (I feel bad delaying the next page because it’s a doozy … but staying in bed all day with my kitties sounds miiiiighty tempting.)

I like how today’s incentive turned out. :3 It’s the last bit of summer in my system, I think.


  1. Brandy

    I think this is the OShi– moment for Diva and her friends. Meanwhile, Hillary and John– I mean Mum and Dad are thrilled to death! *cough*

    This comic just gets better with every page!

    I do find it interesting, however, that Mum says “Fair Trial” as Dad semi-smirks. I’m wondering how ‘fair’ trial is, and who runs it. Are judge and jury angel, devil, or inbetween, like Virgil seems to be??? Must… keep still ’till next update!

  2. me

    HOLY SH*T!!!! This keeps getting better and better!

    Michelle seems a bit more angry with Diva then she should be. She be in debt to Diva or something but she seems to be trying to bust her or something…

  3. galentknight

    i love that sketch of tia, it suits her somehow. now who is getting the trail, diva or angela?

  4. Boreese

    man do i like a Tia…she’s such a brand of cool.

  5. John K

    she is gonna get more people in trouble… geez!!!

  6. Satanic_Hamster

    You know, they remind me of good ‘ole southerners talking about an African American being put on trial in the 50s.

    Could be worse, through.

    They could be sending her to Detroit.

  7. Saera

    Oh snappers ! we’ve got a trial. and as per the character section. Mummy there is a lawyer. this doesnt bode well for Angela. But i was kinda hoping for a Gabe bit on this page now that i’ve read it. Seems he would have a BIT to say over his sister being DAMNED. I mean really *cough* but

    michelle- Sh*ts Gabey-poo ! our ninja skillZ aren’t as they should be !

    Gab+michelle- *run away but stopped easily by Virgil*

  8. taxil

    close, i get reminded of those “fair trials” in North Korea put on.

    Er, Detroit and hell are one in the same.

  9. taxil

    Angry? Michelle looks more in shock than anything. Gabe looks that too for that matter.

  10. taxil

    (facepalm) Angela is getting a trial.

  11. taxil

    ……………(picks jaw up off the floor, cleans it, puts it back)

    what a messed up system this is. No looking into HOW Angela got into hell is there? And just HOW would the devils “damn” an angel? That does NOT make any sense! I know Angela is a royal B—- and a pain in the back side, but getting her halo ripped off of her (and possablely being forced into becoming a Devil) is really messed up. ><

    Well, once this reality sets in, i can possably see a Gabe rampage coming on.

    the plot twist just keep on coming!

    off topic, if you need a serious wake up booster, try a Red Bull drink, that will do it.

  12. clemon

    Awww. Poor Gabriel! :.(

  13. MissMercurial

    That hairstyle on Tia is entertaining XD

  14. Octopusrave

    fair trial in devilspeak?…ohgosh. ;-;

  15. Octopusrave

    and as usual–Diva’s side profile. I like it a lot, like…always. I dunno.

  16. bmonk

    For Brinson (I think): I saw this at another site:

    “I’ve lost my motivation. Has anybody seen it?

    “On second thought, never mind. I just don’t care.”

  17. Blunderbuss


    I just love Diva’s profile; it’s just so cute.

  18. Baughbe

    Uh, oh, somethings wrong- I see no comic here. Never had problems before.

  19. Baughbe

    Weird, I made a comment, and now the comic appears. And I had even tried refreshing before that.

  20. Pete

    Sorry readers, but our server had a hiccup. We were running out of space and the server decided to stop showing files instead of deleting them. Jeff, our insanely talented server guru, was able to fix it so you should have no problems for at least tonight. Thanks for your patience.

  21. taxil

    sounds like you might have a lot of issues with your comp. have you done any defraging and/or disk clean up? what OS are you using? what is your comp’s specs? the problem might stem from any of them or all of them.

  22. taxil

    (blink) i never had problems uploading this site.

  23. Brinson

    We saw your comment and panicked. XD Luckily we got it working again. Thanks for the heads up!

  24. umlando

    I love Evil Diva, so I won’t mock you too ruthlessly about how far down your wisdom teeth are impacted… off your feet for awhile?

    Now, the part where this is fun for you is that I (being of middle age) am also suffering from a throbbing wisdom tooth I’ve been too chicken to have yanked.

    If the world were a fair place, and it is not, you would be back up in no time from your extraction, perhaps a bit chipmunkey, but not impaired, and I would be in the chair with smoke pouring out of my mouth.

    I wish you the most successful of procedures and the fastest of recoveries!

  25. taxil

    correction to my previeous comment, i am sorry to hear that your wisdom teeth have to be worked on. I had mine pulled already and i grateful for it. i hope you’ll recover by wednesday. (gives hugs)

  26. Discordia

    Oooh, good luck with your wisdom tooth. It would probably be better for them to take it out then, and just take a day or two off of work or school. It might not be so bad for you too, I had all 4 of mine taken out at once, and I was totally fine, didn’t even need to take any of the pain pills I was prescribed. :D

  27. Baughbe

    Talk about coincidence, Just had two wisdom teeth pulled myself this week. Other than the first day after the local wore off- no real issue with pain (still took the day off, you should too). A bit of Advil and off we go. Hope you have even less problem! Good Luck!

  28. Dusty

    *** If it weren’t for Diva’s quick thinking, it would be Michelle on trial instead of Angela.***

    Someone would be on trial. Period. I fail to see why it is so easy to place blame on the demon and/or devil in question other than a matter of convenience. (I sneaked a peek at mom’s trial notes :-)

  29. Brinson

    Thank you kindly!

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only chicken. ^^; The silly thing is, I’m not afraid of the yanking so much as the tastes — I’m sensitive to strong tastes like mint and whatnot. I’d gladly endure the pain if they’ll be patient with me in that regard.

    I hope you do find the nerve to get yours taken care of, too. I’ve been panicking about seeing the dentist all weekend, but I feel a weird sort of relief.

  30. Dustin

    Get Better Soon ^.^
    I look forwards to seeing your next update.
    But take all the time you need!

  31. Ari

    This has very little to do with the plot, but I can’t help but notice that Diva’s dad and Michelle look very similar. Same nose, same face-shape, same colouring.
    Wonder if that’s intentional…
    (and has it been brought up before?)

    also, hope you feel better!

  32. xIsamuTM

    Was Wisconsin really that bad?

  33. xIsamuTM

    hehe… trial…
    “Good Morning, the Worm, Your Honour!”

    or maybe something closer to the trial from chrono trigger?

  34. xIsamuTM

    kinda looks like a hippie.

  35. Queenie

    Damning? That doesn’t sound pleasant :(

  36. Pete

    The evidence before the court is incontrovertible …

  37. Megs

    *Rustle Rustle* Is hat the sound that bushes make? or eavesdropping angels?

  38. joan elis

    Wisdom teeth should be taken out permanently when they get broken. They will hurt a lot more because they rot fast. Yanking is a better option than getting the gums slashed open to get at the tooth. Yanking doesn’t get your cheeks bloated and the pain last for only a day.

  39. Sinister Twist

    Hmm… does damning mean that Angela would become a devil instead of an angel? Am I terrible for wondering what that would be like? I can’t help but think that Angela would make a far better devil than an angel. I’m also thinking that it would probe to be educational for Angela as well, to see what it’s like to be the thing she looked down upon.

  40. String Petoun Ping

    I think that after some time Angela will feel liberated and start to be happy as an devil. Of course, being a devil she will never admit it to Diva.

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