Issue 4: Page 19
October 21st, 2009

Issue 4: Page 19

Yeeesss. Science.

Poor Diva. Her attempts at being sneaky inevitably end in plummeting and screaming.

Today’s incentive is a picture of Diva’s parents circa 1979. I was plotting out a timeline last night and figured out that they were both born in 1961, married around 1983. It makes them a bit older than most of parents at Open House Night at St. Swithern’s, but I imagine Mom waited pretty late to have kids. After all, an evil JD and making partner at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe* ** took a lot of work!

*oh god did i really just make a car talk reference

** okay so apparently dewey, cheatem, and howe is actually an insurance company, double fail for me for incorrectly referencing them as a law firm


  1. Satanic_Hamster

    Why don’t they… Talk to her?

  2. Brinson

    That would be logical.

  3. Sloane

    Diva so stern is so… adorable!

    I’m sorry, I keep commenting about how delightful the unhappy faces are that the Beelze family makes. I just can’t help it!

  4. Brinson

    Haha, thank you. Virgil is going to have to work with her if her superhero scowling is to ever improve. ;)

  5. me

    I’m with Satanic-Hamster…wow what a name…why don’t they just talk to her! They’re supposed to be her friends!

  6. Mujaki

    Actually, they’re NOT supposed to be her friends, they’re angels and she’s a devil. I’d say “do the math,” but right now Diva’s just too much of a variable to make it rigorously solvable. =)

    Regarding the vote incentive, such sweet Seventies lust-birds. I can’t really say they’re “love-birds,” I mean, they’re devils after all.
    (Any progress on an archive of past vote incentives? Hint, hint?)

  7. Raidell

    I love how after Diva falls, she gets right up as if nothing happened, almost lilke “I totally meant to do that! Cuz I’m srs bsns.”

  8. clemon

    love the perspective in the first panel! :D

  9. galentknight

    now i can see where tia got her hippy roots from, her mom O-o! now where is diva off too, hmmm i wonder.

  10. Drendar

    Yeah, I was surprised at how much Tia looks like her mother did.

    BTW , Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, great reference and joke.

  11. Brinson

    Yep, Mom was definitely a wild child before she got all square. It was fun drawing this because I’d always had that idea in the back of my head, but I didn’t realize til it was on the paper just how much it made her look like Tia.

    As for Diva — up to good, I imagine. :D

  12. auPHE

    She’s such a cat in that regard. xD

  13. Gunner

    No… Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe is an insurance company that covers life as well as cars. Really, they cover everything, provided it can be insured. lol!

    And man, physically, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s kinda frightening how much Tia and her mom look alike across the generations. Will our little Diva come to look similar as she ages? Hmm…

  14. Brinson

    Oh noes! I thought they were a law firm. Shows how awake I am on Saturdays when Car Talk is on! ^^;;;;;

    TLDR: I think of both sisters as different kinds of halfway points between the parents. Tia definitely takes after her mother in looks (though her nose is just a smidge less pointy), but she has Dad’s skintone. Diva is a different in that she has Mom’s complexion, but in facial structure, her pert little nose is meant to be midway between Dad’s round nose and Mom’s skinny pointed one. (Her hair definitely echoes the shape of Mom’s … but something I’ve never addressed or alluded to is the natural color. Which I think is closer to Dad’s.)

  15. pionono

    So…Does she start drinking once she becomes a lawyer??

  16. Tabitha

    I don’t recall if this was mentioned before or not, but I love the design on the cheerleader top Michelle is wearing

  17. Dusty

    Klick and Klack! I need to say nothing more.

  18. taxil

    but not nearly as fun…

  19. taxil

    Mr. Virgil can teach her that easy. just had her a stack of recent batman comics and tell her to scowl like that. ^^

  20. taxil

    she sure didn’t land on her feet though. ;-)

  21. taxil

    that pic explains a lot about Diva’s folks. but they STILL don’t quite look like they went to woodstock if you ask me.

  22. taxil

    OMG, I’m NOT the only one who dares to trudge though the slanted news reports and sub-par shows to get to the really good ones. ^^;;

    I do wonder if Diva’s grand parents are still around.

  23. taxil

    i guess so, hippies are not known to be alcoholics in those days. I think it’s going to become a problem for her rather soon.

  24. taxil

    (smirks) Ok, i know it’s been along time seance i was a boy scout, but i still can tie a knot better than that. <_<

    be that as it may, Diva can sure rebound rather fast from embarrasing drops like that than i gave her credit for. Diva has grown to become a much more deteirmed and braver in the last couple of pages than in the last couple of chapters combined. The chase is on Gabe and Michelle! lets see where this ends up.

  25. Gunner

    Well, I’d always heard the joke of them being an insurance company. I’m sure there’s people who say they’re a law firm. Either way…

  26. xIsamuTM

    So does this mean we’re eventually going to do a Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me joke in the near future? A Peter Sagel cameo or something?

    oh and for those of us who tune in to NPR. DON’T FORGET TO DONATE!!!

  27. xIsamuTM

    @ comic (panel 5, or is it 7, do those little boxes count as panels?): Diva: ::looks around:: “Meant to do that..”

    @Incentive: “Everyone has a summer of ’79.”

  28. raybecca

    Geez, Gabriel’s expression in panel 2 makes me so curious to find out what he is thinking… as he watches Diva climb down…

    ‘So much pink petticoat…Can’t see…’

    *evil snicker* Any other suggestions?

  29. Kevin

    Brinson – The Dewey, Cheatem & Howe legal firm was introduced by The Three Stooges back in the 40’s. It was one of their throwaway gags – painted on the window of the law firm they visited in one of their shorts. (How it got in their shorts, I’ll never know…) Click and Clack borrowed it from them.

  30. Mike Leung

    Also, Cheetham is a real name. If you’re going to pun on real names, they’re Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe.

  31. xIsamuTM

    I think they’re white lace.

    or the kind with an animal head printed on the back.

  32. taxil

    What? No love for Thistle and Shamrock or Hearts of Space? for shame…

    anywho, if NPR and PBS joined up. they would not need donations becouse Sesame street can produce all the income they will ever need. that and just lissien to them for the music, the “news stories” they make is slanted junk. i know about that all too well. i use to work with them some time ago. ><

  33. Baughbe

    Of course she was going to fall. Tying knots in satin (Satan?) sheets don’t work too well.

  34. taxil

    500 count cotton feels better I’d say.

  35. taxil

    (Gabe nose bleeding holding up his pad) must! not! look! #_#

    (nose bleeding myself) yea… that would be a sin….

  36. Tomecko

    I am loving Diva’s determined rise from the bushes so much.

  37. xIsamuTM

    Colorado Public Radio doesn’t air Hearts of Space anymore. I remember some 8 years ago when I was delivering pizza that was one of shows I’d listen to. then over to 93.3 for E-leven (electronica music.) The best time of my life.

    and no idea what Thistle and Shamrock is. sounds like a gas station.

  38. lauren

    and i love car talk! major kudos for the reference.
    i would invest in D, C, & H. <3

  39. taxil

    Thistle and Shamrock is (give or take) Celtic/Irish/Scottish music. I’ve grown to love that type and i find it far better than 95% of the trash coming out of MTV-verse music makers these days. I lissien to them on Sunday afternoon and Hearts of Space on late friday nights where i live at in SW Virginia.

    i wish someday to learn how to play Bag-pipes. Because, by god, I’m brave enough to wear a Kilt properly! ;-)

  40. taxil

    she failed her reflex save, but takes no falling damage due to the shrubery.

  41. Dusty

    As long as they don’t do that terrible Prarie Home Companion! OMFFFG I hate(cubed) that stupid show. But I love Klick and Klack. they are goofy but really smart when it comes to cards. And I am so old I remember the 3 stooges DC&H reference now (although in fairness, it was a rerun on Channel 5, or was it Channel 52?). I wonder if anyone remembers channel 52 :-/

  42. taxil

    Keeler is a grade A Ass—-, Egostistcal, and ungrateful. I heard and read many comments he made off stage that made me so angry that i wanted to put my boot though his face. Hard. many of them hit me harder than he probable could realize due to some of my family members who died recently. it’s still a sore point to me right now and i don’t want to get into it at the moment.

  43. xIsamuTM

    o rly? I thought your name was taken from the Dusty/Lefty skits. and I’m sorry, i love PHC. again, back to my pizza days it kept me company in my car. during my time at Verizon I’d have saturdays off to listen to it.

  44. Nona

    Love how determinedly she pops out of the bushes there!

  45. Tabitha

    We seem to be a car oriented group who like to read about girls who is ‘different’.

  46. taxil

    this has got to be a trend here.

  47. Corwin Greylore

    Actually in Harvard Square Cambridge there is a window on one of the buildings nearthe square that says “Dewey, Cheetem and Howe, Attorneys at Law” It’s an old Harvard gag or MIT hack i’m told but it is there, has been for as long as I’ve been around there and that’s at least 15 years.

  48. Naldru

    The name was used for a law firm. See the second reference and the nameplate in the photo.,_Cheatem_&_Howe

  49. Chrissi

    I just love how Gabe says he’s willing to follow Diva almost anywhere.

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