Issue 1: Page 18
August 30th, 2008

Issue 1: Page 18

… Well, it turns out skipping last week’s update was a pretty smart move, though not for the reasons I intended. On Monday, we found out that the painting job fell through, but I made up for it by getting sick on Tuesday. It took me the better part of a week to shake that cold.

Of course, this weekend marks the end of such nasty summer colds with Labor Day. That’s right — bring on the influenza! I hope all of y’all are having fun and staying well on this long weekend.


  1. Formula 410

    Be that a “Meek” cameo I spy in the second panel?

  2. Brinson

    Very good eyes! It is indeed. :D

  3. coNs

    LOL I didn’t know Angora and Pinter went to that school! XD

    (I bet Angora’s is evily challenged as well)

  4. Clemon

    Wow. I did not expect to see the Meek characters here. (well disguised they were.)

  5. Bee

    Angora and Pinter! haha! That’s so great, I didn’t even see them the first time I read this comic :D

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