Issue 1: Page 21
September 7th, 2008

Issue 1: Page 21


  1. Llandner

    your a failure as a demon….

  2. Raidell

    I <3 the two random teachers in the backround. So contrasting, yet they look so comfortable together!

  3. Brinson

    Heehee, they’re actually characters from one of my favorite online comics, Memento Mori (you can read it via the links page). I’m hoping to make them recurring characters if Pooryorick doesn’t mind. ;)

  4. Tiuni

    I KNEW I recognized them from somewhere!!

    Btw, I’m a new reader and I just love this webcomic, eeeek.

  5. Lycanthromancer

    And here I thought it was a cameo by Aziraphale, from Good Omens.

  6. Pistol of Shame

    he does kinda look like Aziraphale… but not entirely.

  7. Dot

    I JUST noticed the Momento Mori reference that and the Meek one on the last page. You hid a lot more eastereggs than I noticed the first time (I’m reading through the archive).

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