ROMA: Loki: Ten
December 16th, 2009

ROMA: Loki: Ten


I know it’s late again, but I really did try my best to do a good job on this story. I certainly learned a lot this time too! (I’m finally getting a feel for how much space to allocate when a character does a TL;DR speech.) Thank you so much you guys for indulging me when it comes to these ROMAs — I know they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a good way for me to stretch creatively between issues.

I’m planning to post the finished issue five cover on Friday, then next week I’ll be on vacation in Florida, so there will be no new updates or incentives.

Today’s incentive shows the next two stages of work on the cover. On the left, I’ve blocked in the flat colors, and then on the right I’m beginning to figure out the color scheme. Next, I’ll go in with Painter and start cleaning up the lines and smoothing out my brushstrokes. ^^


  1. Peppermint

    I adore the snake. ♥

  2. Lela

    Does the snake get a name? He’s rather adorable even if he is poisonous. I feel that Diva and him would get along smashingly (as long as she’s not scared of snakes that is…)

  3. taxil

    well, dusty should be happy now the snake’s getting freed. and thus ROMA is done… for now. I feel there will be an empty spot in my heart for the next two weeks till Lady Brinson-sama and her gang of aspiring world dominating evil overlords return. i will be a sad panda in the mean time.

  4. Annie

    Yes! The snake will be freed! ::happy dance::

    But will we see him again? He’s the most adorable thing ever. (And my new favourite character, having beat out Mrs. Beelze by a large margin in only a few short pages.)

  5. CatzCradle

    Awww… I’ll miss ROMA. ;_;
    I have been enjoying the strips immensely, especially the ones with Hypno-Bishie~ xDDDD

    But I’m also happy to be getting back to Diva! :D

  6. MissMercurial

    Snakey is SO adorable :3 (That’s his name to me since I can’t think he’s been given one in this.)
    I would so make a plushie of him, except to be accurate to this it would have to be permanently drooling. Which is gross.

    I never thought about it…maybe Snakey drooled so much because he talked all the time. I mean, really, he was stuck there just as much as Loki was, and they must have gotten bored. So maybe Snakey just talked a lot to fill up the time.

    And oh, Virgil. Only “somewhat less” homicidal? *raises eyebrow*

    Yayyyy, in-progress art! I always like seeing that.

  7. xIsamuTM

    hehehe… feeing the snake….

  8. Nessanar

    Ah, so I guess the “glasses hypothesis” was incorrect, then? Oh well, I kinda thought it’d be weird for one bowl of acid to the face mess up Loki’s eyes when that had been happening to him for so long already.

    Also, I like how that one bowl of acid to the face settled Loki right down. Virgil is the coolest RO guy ever!

    Have a good vacation~!

  9. Sunday

    maybe it’s having acid dripped in his eyes for several millenia that ruined his eyesight. He could have glasses and not be wearing them because he was disguised as Thor x3

  10. GatoGirl12345

    Haha!!! Yay!!! Snakey is freed! ;p

  11. Sloane

    This entire page is great. I just get good vibes from it.

    Snake is my new favorite character. He’s just so happy! :)

  12. Mandi

    Who lives in the east ‘neath the willow tree
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    Who explains sexual harassment to you and me
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    Don’t say that don’t touch there
    Don’t be nasty says the silly bear
    He’s come to tell you what’s right and wrong
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    (south park reference)

  13. Mandi

    Glasses are just for when he goes Clark Kent. Except they work so much better for him, I never suspected he was Loki. Like, not even a little bit in the back of my mind. And I almost always guess plot twists.

  14. Brinson

    Aw, thank you. ♥

  15. Brinson

    I think he’s just going to be Shnake! I couldn’t find a specific name for him in the mythology, and I kinda like the simplicity/obviousness of just calling him what he is.

    As for Diva and him meeting — that is a fantastic idea! I hope I get to work him in at some point. Thanks for the great comment!

  16. taxil

    uh, what? …. sorry, the term ” [insert name] is a sad panda” is one that my real life friends (and D&D gaming buddies) cooked up and use when events look down for someone. i should have realized that you all fellow forum dwellers wouldn’t get it.

    maybe i should post the link to our gaming site for you all to see.

  17. taxil

    hehehe… (my mind is becoming more warped by the update from this place. ><)

  18. taxil

    I named Loki the HYPNO-BISHIE and you named him Snakey. sounds fair to me. ^^

    “somewhat less homicidal” i can see it. Remember how Loki the Hypno-Bishie man-handled Michelle and Gabe rougher than he needed too. and now we know who he is, dragging the two of them around like they were nothing is fully understandable now.

  19. Brinson

    That’s funny, my friends and I thought we invented “sad panda” too. And I’ve run into other people who have the same impression about their respective friends.

    We must’ve all picked it from somewhere. Something about eight to ten years ago? Hmmm.

  20. wandering-dreamer

    Aw, gonna miss the ROMAs. Actually, one of my friends said she was starting (to read) a webcomic called (really) old man adventures and I had to explain the true nature of this site. XD

  21. Noitamina

    What, no more Schnake? D:

  22. Nessanar

    Oooh, good point. Haha, and it would be so much like a sadistic trickster god to have invented contacts (c’mon, you place a thin glass disc into your EYE).

    Not saying that that’s anywhere near canon, it was just a funny thought that occurred to me.

  23. Dusty

    Snake if free! . . . Snake if free! . . . Snake if free! . . . :-D

  24. Dusty

    Snakey’s free! . . . Snakey’s free! . . . Snakey’s free! . . . Snakey’s free! (ad nauseum)

  25. xIsamuTM

    becoming warped? really? just becoming warped?

  26. Claire

    ROMAs are the best cup of tea I’ve ever had. ;)

  27. Mouse

    Ah, Virgil. Always the gentleman with the hankie. In this instance I don’t think he would want it back though.

  28. taxil

    ok, it’s more than just being warped, but it’s all good.

  29. neekaneeks

    Best ROMA so far *full of smiles*

  30. Brinson

    o haaaai neeka ♥

    Thank you so much for keeping my spirits up during the process of making this story! I owe you some Medicing.

  31. Tabitha

    My sister says sad panda. I like wong Fu productions awkward turtle better though.

  32. Violet Black

    Thou filleth me with joy.

  33. Catryona

    First: I want to say how much I enjoy this comic. Diva’s such a lovable character! And second: Have you read “Eight Days of Luke” by Diana Wynne Jones? After reading it I’ve come to be something of a Loki fangirl. Not completely, because, well, homicide =/= my cup of tea, but still. He can be pretty awesome depending who’s writing him. (P.S. Yours is pretty awesome.)

  34. DukeW

    Just look out for the peyote (bad Kokopelli!).

  35. Netherstone

    nah uhuh no “son of… ” name calling now Loki because if i recall correctly snake is not only YOUR son you are his mother as well… or that might be one of the other beasts you… what would be the proper word for conceiving a child if you can be either a boy or a girl… in any case, you sired… and you read this right Loki doesnt only shape shift he can change his gender as well

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