Issue 5: Page 11
February 5th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 11

Still feeling pretty blah! But the weekend is here, and it’s raining, which is a good excuse as any to curl up in bed with my kitties.

I’m not totally happy with Angela in that second panel, but I didn’t realize how funky she looked until I got to the toning stage. :/ Oh well. Speaking of Angela, I was looking at the older issues and you guys are totally right: her nose IS outta control, hahaha. (If you look at her mom, I think you’ll see that she will grow into it. Gabriel will grow into his, too, but I see it being a bit more aristocratic on him.)

When I went to sketch today’s incentive, I was thinking about how I wanted to go to the Getty Villa this weekend, even though I should probably stay in and get well. … Which made me think of one of my favorite Rockwell paintings. All apologies to the master!


  1. Flo

    ah, he’s name’s loki, I guess I should have paid more attention to the really old man adventures then, cause I think we knew who he was, excluding me :P

    anyways, he’s still hot and handsome, name or no-name. :D

  2. geekunmow

    Dun dun DUN!!

  3. Mouse

    As a God of Chaos one has to wonder if he can be a trustworthy witness.

  4. Alisa

    Aww Diva is still adorable even when sick.

  5. taxil

    NO! his name is Hypno-Bishie!

  6. taxil

    (woo, feels better to type without my southern drawl..)

    ah ha! i see the angle they used to get Diva’s mom to be Angela’s defence lawer. Seeing Angela getting damned might be amuseing, but it won’t elevate her rep as a lawer. HOWEVER, takeing down Mr. Assmos will help her. Pure greed of profit from a better rep and pride probably is drove her to do this.

    i will comment there seems to be no chairs, tables or any stands or funiture in that court room. it strikes me a bit odd…

  7. Tabitha

    I absolutely ADORE the look on mrs beelze face when she says ‘he’s about to’ It actually made me die laughing! XD pure epic win! Divas so cute being a sicky poo watching alien movies!

  8. Tabitha

    Hypno bishie For life!!!

  9. Softspoken

    And remember: Mrs. Beelze is a devil. She knows that FACT: Angela was in Hell. Throwing her under the bus by losing this case? Would be mean, but like a plea bargain, would satisfy justice / the law, which is technically a good act. And she loooves doing evil. And what could be a better crown jewel for her career of lawyering and evil than basically wiping her nose in the face of universal law?
    Throwing the used handkerchief into the face of one of the only other demons who can compare to her in her field.

    So yeah, greed. But also: morals! Or the golden opportunity to shatter them.

  10. Softspoken

    I enjoy that Loki purposely popped up in one of the most impossible places for him to have been. Barring of course, inside someone else’s clothing or somesuch.

  11. Softspoken

    Addendum: the most impossible place that also undeniably gives him the spotlight.

  12. taxil

    well said.

  13. taxil

    Lady Brinson-sama! Put what Miss Tabitha said there on a tee shirt and sell that in your store!

  14. Bartimaeus

    Wellllll. Now what?

  15. Lela

    Ooo, I bet Michelle’s in the crowd trying to hold back her drooling with the shock of learning who her dream man actually is!!
    And Angela’s nose isn’t the only one to change- Diva’s went from small and perky to round, more like her dad’s. But I like the nose changes, it really adds to their characters and says more about their personalities.

    Incentive: However cute Diva may be, she loves her monsters. Gaint squids on her jammies, weeping at the Alien movies, a pet Cerberus heck-hound, and I remember she has a ‘Hello Cthulhu’ poster on her bedroom wall. XD I wouldn’t be surprised if she saved little Godzilla type creatures from drowning when she was a kid and asked to keep them as pets.

  16. Dusty

    hey–get better soon Brin. Thanks for the comics (as always).

  17. Reader

    That’s Loki? Ohhh.

  18. Lani

    OMG. I feel soooo stupid not realizing the whole he’s THAT guy. He’s def still hot. Does michelle know?

  19. taxil

    his name is Hypno-Bishie. <_<

  20. Alexei P

    I think the angle Diva used to convince her mom was something like this:

    M: “Defend her? You can’t serious, young lady! She’s getting eternal damnation, and that’s that.”
    D: But mooooooom! I don’t care if she gets eternal damnation! I just want her to be indebted to me for the rest of her life!
    M: Ooooooo! My little daughter’s all grown up! *kisskisskiss*

  21. Lin

    I love Mrs. Beelze’s expression in the third panel!! :D

  22. Joe C

    Interesting that there is a dispute over this because in the office Pete calls him ‘Hypno-Bishie’ and Brinson calls him ‘Loki.’ Actually, his name was almost ‘Darwin,’ but that is another tale. I would say that ‘Loki’ is what he’s called and ‘Hypno-Bishie’ what he is (or rather appears to be at present since Brinson established that he’s a polymorph in ‘ROMA:Loki’).

  23. taxil

    (blinks) that… could accutly work. i like your idea. ^^

  24. Tashiro Bistro

    Is taxil the moderator here? He seems to want to comment on everything and have the last word as well.

  25. Tabitha

    Lol thanks for clearing that up Joe c! He IS Loki, but Loki IS hypno-bishie! He CAN be called either, but he’s better known as Hypno-bishie!

  26. Tabitha

    Taxil is our local lurker. I come in tied forsecond with dusty!

  27. Monkeymoo

    Taxil will always have the last word. There is nothing you can do about it.

  28. Jax

    Even though they have nothing in common (except the bob, sort of), Endira looked EXACTLY like Faye Valentine to me in panel 3. I can totally picture them having the same quiet, smoky drawl. Plus, Faye is a con artist, which would probably be a good profession for Mrs. Beelze if she ever wanted to quit law.

    Also: Hypno-Bishie oh my goodness gracious! I hope they have some fainting couches in that courtroom cuz ladies are about to be swooning!

  29. taxil

    what can i say? i like Evil Diva and i think it’s the best comic on the net. besides, the audience here is vastly more intellignet, fun, and friendly than other places i have been at. i avoid making problems as best as i can and i try to be helpful. ok, maybe i do have a lot to say sometimes.

  30. Brinson

    Hahahaha, it amuses me how he was this great mystery for a full issue and now he’s like O HAI GUYS WHAT’S UP. Joe writes some great stuff. :D

  31. Forseti

    gotta say, I am loving this comic, especially cause Loki is portrayed so well in it… started reading it today and i figured it would be Loki shortly after he caught them spying from the bushes the first time… anyways, great comic, definetly gonna keep reading.

  32. xIsamuTM

    to me, he shall be known as, “that guy”

  33. xIsamuTM

    so… for AKON i’m thinking of cosplaying one of the roman soldiers. quick, someone talk me out of this.

  34. Reader

    Yeah, I thought as much. My emphasis should have been more like ‘THAT’S Loki!?’. As in ‘Hypno-Bishie is Loki!?’ xD

  35. Reader

    If by ‘out of this’, you mean ‘even more into this’? :P

  36. Enchiladas

    I agree with Mrs Beelze’s face XD I’ve read quite a few webcomics, but I’m pretty sure Diva’s parents are my favourite characters ever!

  37. xIsamuTM

    donno. i can’t seem to find the right helmet.

  38. xIsamuTM

    Hey!! i’m one of the lurker class posters too!!

  39. Brinson

    That’s really interesting — Bebop was always one of my favorite anime. Thank you so much; suffice to say, it’s quite flattering to receive such a comparison. (And yeah, I bet con artist is another one of those devil professions. The guys who bilk little old ladies out of their life savings would be big men in hell!)

    And … hahahahaha, part of the fun of drawing this sequence has been doing the reactions on the next page. XD

  40. Brinson

    Wait, so you mean Target DOESN’T have chromed helmets on sale this week!?

  41. Joe C

    $39.99 at Amazon. Run a search for “chrome helmet”

  42. Mujaki

    Just look for the right SHAPE of helmet. The color can be changed with a little spray paint.

  43. xIsamuTM

    thanks. the AKON Funds Appropriations Committee has issued a freeze on spending until I get my taxes (read as, i’m broke. ) should be able to buy the pieces within two weeks.

  44. taxil

    well, good luck with that cosplay if you can pull it off. as for me, my cosplay days are done (unless i win the lottery and score big). It was fun while it lasted.

  45. xIsamuTM

    we’ll i’m staring kinda late in the game. I plan on eventually being that old dude dressed as master roshi or someone.

  46. Elvende

    Hands up who knew it was Loki from the first name.
    *looks around and sees no other hands up and a lot of people lookind at me weirdly*
    What? I’m a norse pagan and Loki’s my favourite god, of course I know a lot of names for him, that list isn’t even half of them.

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