Issue 5: Page 14
February 12th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 14

MONDAY EDIT: …. DUR HUR HUR. So today? It’s a holiday. Which means our update is delayed until Wednesday. Sorry to leave you hanging!

Hahaha, the first panel exchange is one of my favorite things in this issue. Diva’s failure at manipulation is also lulzy, but in a different way. (You know business is srs when Mom puts down her martini.)

Happy weekend, guys!

Today’s incentive is another unexpected Valentine. Thank you again, guys, for continuing to vote for us — we hit number three last night, and I danced a jig. :3


  1. Mujaki

    Okay, I can read FAR too much into that incentive, considering the name of one character shown, and the name of a related character NOT shown. But it would imply A) that another personage would never be shown, except in flashback, because he’d have to be dead, B) an angel is breaking vows of fidelity, or C) this incentive is entirely non-canon.

  2. Alexei P

    Yep, that’s a pretty big point: it’s not just a matter of convincing Mom to rescue an angel. We’re talking opposing the Big Guy himself, here 0_0. Nope, I can’t see how Diva’s going to turn this around. Can the wand do mind control?

  3. Lela

    Tsk tsk, Mom. Offering your eleven year old a martini… And Diva certainly doesn’t need coffee. XD I can’t wait to see what happens to make Mom actually change her mind!

  4. White Mouse

    Re the incentive: That look on Micheal’s face is precious. *fan giggle*

  5. Flo

    oh, good point mom. But you’d be IMfamous! isn’t that what every devil wants?

    and I don’t remember who the blonde guy in the incentive is. *facepalm* that’s what I get for reading all of the past issues at 2 in the morning when I first saw this.

  6. Saera

    its ok =3 its Micheal and i assume Michelle’s mommy

  7. Tabitha

    Mom has a point. There’s going to be mixed reactions on this one. Some people are gonna think she’s doing a good deed, while others are going to see this as quite devilish.

  8. Tabitha

    $20 says Michelle was named after him!

  9. Mujaki

    That blonde guy in the incentive is THIS guy:
    His name is Michael. And he’s in charge here.

  10. Saera

    man i wouldnt TAKE that bet.

    hmmmnnnn i do have 20$ on that Michelle’s mommy has weapon envy x3

  11. taxil

    last panel. realization of epic fame if she took the case dawning on Mom in in 3, 2, 1….

    Ok, Diva, you surprise me. that is some NICE xanthos gambit word play on your mom here. 10 out of 10! good job there Joe and Lady Brinson-sama!

    @ incentive: oh SNAP! i see that previous posters here think this is non-cannon and what not, but somehow i see this AS cannon! From what was described about her from the powers that be here, this DOES fit her M.O. If this is the case, then i am pegging Michelle’s mom as close to being a yandere as angel can get. (which isn’t much, but the idea is sound). … this pic is still funny as all get out.

  12. taxil

    No, the Dude is in charge here, he’s just his best worker.

  13. taxil

    I think Michelle’s Mom’s expresion is better. but that’s just me.

  14. taxil

    wait a sec. first there are two mouse, now a white mouse? (sigh) where is a cat when you need one.

  15. taxil

    envy? no. Lust? yes!

  16. Dusty

    Yaay #3!! Time for a martini! (Div’a mom is the absolute coooooolest! I can’t decide who I like more–mom or dad. We need more of both of them. It’s kinda nice to see her get a bit fired up, too.

  17. Dusty

    I loved the fact that she so casually offered Diva a martini, knowing it would just send her over the edge. Mom is so manuipulative (I mean fun!)

  18. Bethany!

    True story: everyone else can have Loki. I’ll take Michael. :3

  19. Mandi

    Probably. Can Diva sucsesfully do mind control without accidently switching her Moms personality with her dogs or other such fun nonsense? No.

  20. Mandi

    Did anyone else look at the incentive and say “Young Virgil!” before they realized it was micheal?

  21. Brinson

    My theory on why you dig him: his design reminds me of Cain. >.>b

  22. Bethany!

    Oh my god dude — I was going to email you this ……………. actually I am going to email you because lol public forum how ridiculous do I want to be.

  23. Gunner

    One of two things about the incentive. Either A) Mrs. Serafino (I don’t think I’ll ever stop calling her that, even if we do learn her first name) does, in fact, have a romantic bone in her body and it turns out Michael is Michelle’s father, but doesn’t comprehend who the valentine could be from because he’s not used to seeing this side of his wife. Or B) Mrs. Serafino is, in fact, an incurable prankster.

  24. xIsamuTM


  25. taxil

    more like she can push Diva’s buttons just fine, being her mother and all.

  26. taxil

    or C) Mrs. Serafino is becoming an obessed stalker (where as an angel CAN become one).

  27. Softspoken

    Young Virgil doesn’t exist. He was having ROMAs when time /began/.

  28. taxil

    (pets) go gett’m!

  29. Tabitha

    Lol he came out a little old man he’ll leave an old man?

  30. Tabitha

    Mmm I like the word ‘fangir’l better. Stalker would require ‘creepy’

  31. White Mouse

    I’m the original Mouse but I’ve changed my name to White Mouse and the other Mouse is now Mouse2. :)

  32. taxil

    wait a sec, what if Virgil was just born old and as the ages goes by, he grows younger and then….

  33. taxil

    there are times when fangirls and stalkers are hard to tell apart. I still remember that time i sat next to a pack of twilight moms in my local barns & noble store. (shudders)

  34. Lela

    Maybe he’s like *half* of Benjamin Button? He was born as a really old man having Really Old Man Adventures and he’s just going to stay a ROM forever? Hm, those must be some interesting baby pictures.

  35. Zaphy

    I did. Actually I was wondering why 1) Michelle’s mom was hitting on Mr. Virgil and then 2) why Virgil was young and had a scar on his eye.

  36. Zaphy

    Hmm. It occurs to me that if Diva’s mom beat Foghorn Sanders-modeus, she’d have proven that she was better than him, and then the Big Guy would start hiring her for all his cases? Ehh?

  37. GatoGirl12345

    Damn, getting no more updates from dA. :( (It just doesn’t come to my messages anymore…)

    However, getting her mother to defend Angela was a cool move from Diva.

  38. Mujaki

    I was quoting the page I linked. It’s a much more localized “here” that Michael is in charge of.

  39. Dread Pirate Queen Amanda

    That reminds me, I was Mandi, but I’ve changed to Dread Pirate Queen Amanda. I’ve been meaning to updte it here.

  40. Dread Pirate Queen Amanda

    That crosses the line from questionable to downright… good. She’d never go THAT far.

  41. xIsamuTM

    @Lela: those are classified


  42. yarra

    I wonder how Diva made her mom to defend Angela…

  43. TC

    How famous would she be for taking on The Big Guy?

    Uhhhhh VERY!?

  44. Zaphy

    Trying to get hired by Satan is a good act?

  45. Tabitha

    I think dpqa probably thought you meant ‘the Dude’

  46. Petem

    Dear readers,

    Just because there is no update doesn’t mean we don’t still need your vote. Follow the old Al Capone saying: vote early and vote often. Thanks.

  47. Tabitha

    ACK!!! We fell back into 4th place!!!! Oh no!!!! Vote people vote!!!!

  48. GatoGirl12345

    Um, I don’t get messages anymore on dA.

    If you’re editing journals, please click on advanced options. If you’re making new journals every time, then it’s the account the problem looks like…

  49. wynne

    There’s a perfectly clear answer to Mrs. Beelze’s question: Infamous, dahling!

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