Issue 5: Page 15
February 17th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 15

So sorry about the lack of update on Monday! I totally forgot about the holiday. Hope y’all who got school/work off enjoyed your day! I spent all day drawing. As I spend every day.

Not much to say about the page today. Diva is either very brave, or very, very stupid. (My money’s on stupid. Is that awful? Wait, don’t answer that.)

… Soooo …. are you guys … uh … watching the Olympics? >.> <.<


  1. Cecil

    Suspense builder. But then, this whole story arc is one. Interesting to see Diva growing a backbone.

  2. Brandy

    Diva! You’re DEVIOUS! Blackmail Mum to get your least-envied-enemy saved from Damnation? You bad girl! MOMMY MUST BE PROUD!!!

    There’s alot in this comic that makes me feel like I’m watching an animation. mum stands sharply; she’s driving a point hom. Walks to the sink and then- did I really just see this?- dumps her drink in the sink. She’s serious.

    I mean; this is a really heavy bit. And the look on Diva’s face in the last panel is perfect. She’s never seemed to be an overtly serious character. She’s not a flat-toned-don’t-fark-with-me character. And yet in the final sentance of this comic, she just seems like a complete adult.

    I wonder if Mum will punish her, or kiss her for her willingness to do something so bad. Interesting thought.

    Great stuff! Can’t wait until Friday! (Totally not looking forward to next week when I wont be able to read any updates at all. :( What will I Doooooo??)

  3. Satanic_Hamster

    Diva is so going to get grounded.

  4. wandering-dreamer

    Oohhh, she has blackmail? Her parents really should be happy that she’s using less-than-nice means to get what she wants.
    And nope, not watching the Olympics but that’s only due to my lack of TV. If I had one you wouldn’t be able to drag me away from it right now. XD

  5. ocicat

    I just noticed that they have matching necklaces. That is so adorable!

  6. Steph

    I just laughed when I read, “I’ll tell.”

    And I do not have television.

  7. Lefty

    Use a UK proxy and you can watch the Olympics online via the BBC. You even have 7 streaming channel to choose from. Heck, you could watch them all at once!

  8. Bethany (the one that never posts ;])

    I’ve been wondering: what happens when devils and angels have kids… together? Do they just randomly become one or the other kinda like gender, orrr are they like a Mr. Virgil? xD

  9. Alexei P

    Since we know Mom really did end up defending Angela, this *gotta* be juicy. What have been up to, you naughty Mom? Spill the dirt! Spill the dirt!

  10. clemon

    Yeah. Go olympics!

    I wonder how Diva gets her mother to do it…^^

  11. White Mouse

    Gross Dad. Just gross.

    And Diva’s first foray into blackmail. :) Her first baby steps…

  12. Gunner

    Ooh, the old “I’ll tell” threat. I wonder what Diva threatened to tell…

  13. Jisuk C

    HAHAH oh my god the incentive picture made me die laughing. The look on his face! And then I saw ‘that’s gross’ and laughed even harder.

  14. Lela

    Aw, little Diva’s growing up into a devious devil. I believe the parents would either be really proud of her for using blackmail or they must think she’s a moron because she’s still trying to set her parents up against the Big Guy.

    And, omg. I would watch every second of the Olympics I could if the Beelze’s were competing. I wonder what Diva and Tia would be in…

  15. Dusty

    Wait, wait wait! “I’ll tell?” Is this kid adopted? I am seriously beginning to think that long ago Diva and Angela were switched at birth. I can’t wait to see mom’s reaction. Little-miss-do-good is skating on some pretty thin ice here. Oh man, I know Diva pulls some dumb stunts, but this is dangerous. I hope she hasn’t been using hairspray because I think the second panel of the next page (right after the “shock and indignity” panel) will have mom breathing real-life fire.

    Alas, poor Diva; I knew her well.

  16. Dusty

    OMG! I just realized! Is that mom dumping a martini? She must really be upset/distracted!

  17. Drendar

    “I’ll tell everyone you were afraid to face Asmodeus, that my mom isn’t evil enough to get an Angel off, that my mom /couldn’t do it/”

  18. Softspoken

    I politely disagree. I predict something a lot more dramatic. The comic just got a lot darker to me, and Diva seems a little less childish.

  19. Softspoken

    Maybe she never actually drinks the martini, but just carries it around all the time?

    Nah. I think you’re right though, she’s probably very upset that Diva was pushing this at all.

  20. taxil

    so Diva shows some spine by standing up against her mom. (golf clap) about time…

    “I’ll tell.”? that weak sause Diva. but you better surprise me in the next update with something to save this xanthos gambit on your mom. still, something HAS gotten to Mrs. Beezle we don’t know exactly yet. I mean, she just dumped her martini down the drain! that’s a bad sign!

    @ incentive: no i don’t watch them. sadly it has far more fail in it than most of the time. it’s a pity that some of that epic fail turned deadly too…

  21. taxil

    i too must politely point out that you are making an assumption that Dive will turn this more dramatic. She could pull out some wacky wall banging fridge logic to convince her mom to work for Angela, or something completely diffrent logic train. we must simply wait and see.

  22. Lela

    She probably thinks that she’s way too drunk if she’s thinking that her not-devilish-at-all-too-sweet-to-be-a-Beelze daughter just tried to get her to defend an angel against the Big Guy himself. It would resemble a hallucination, especially soon as Diva turns to blackmail.

  23. huh

    jaja, your incentives are the best.

  24. Evil Ataru

    Finally some EVIL.
    Time has come to give a meaning to the comics title. :D

  25. Calamari

    I don’t normally comment (mostly laziness, partly shyness), but I had to on this one. Mom and Dad + figure skating = one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I love their super serious facial expressions. I give them a 6.0 (although…that’s not how the rating system works any more…but if it were still the old system, I’d give them a 6.0).

  26. Pondpixie

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if the next lines are:
    mom “Diva, darling, that would hardly be necessary. I just hope your father understands. We have to be true to our nature, after all.”

  27. geekunmow

    Very nice. I can’t wait for the next page! =D

    Heads up on the second panel though. Mum’s hand looks a bit awkward. I think if you distance the pinky and ring finger a lil’ bit more from the wrist then it’d look more natural. Everything else looks great though! =]

  28. kelsey

    Still, it’s the most devilish thing Diva has done yet, and I can see Mom doing it not so much because she actually fears Diva’s blackmail, but to reinforce some manipulation in her little devil.

  29. Lefty

    Good lord. The TV Tropes readings are off the scale.

    Anyway is it that hard to believe that Diva might have observed Mother doing something she does not want people to know about? Something not becoming of a devil perhaps, such as helping an old lady across the street, or taking care of a bird with a broken wing maybe…

  30. AceJayce

    @comic: I think next will have a very proud Mom
    @incentive: LOL

  31. bmonk

    Mommy must be proud–but if you do something wrong, and that even gains you esteem in Hell, you still have to be punished.

  32. Tabitha

    Me too! Dish the dirt diva!

  33. Tabitha

    I’m Wondering what divas got on her mom.

    I don’t watch the olympics, but I follow apolo ohno’s Twitter! (hellooooo super hot man!!!)

    the incentive… I agree with diva, but only cuz I can see mr beelze belly button!

  34. Bia

    Ahh tell what? ;-; the suspense…

  35. dahoughtonuk

    It doesn’t matter what the actual thing is, as long as Mom thinks it’s horrifying or embarrassing. It could be something ridiculous or something as dangerous as we’d think from the converation. All that matters is that it would work.

  36. Kyle

    Any way of getting past voting incentives? There are a few that I missed that I’d like to download if possible.

  37. Dusty

    You deserve a cookie for that! :D

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