Issue 5: Page 19
February 26th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 19

I almost feel bad for leaving you on the cliffhanger with mom. Almost. >:D

As for this page, I realized that we probably finally have the answer as to why Michelle was getting bullied in issue one: she goes rappelling into peoples’ houses like a goon. Haven’t you ever heard of the front door, girl?! (Granted, such an entrance would not be NEARLY as cool.)

I feel very fortunate to live a few miles away from Lake Balboa, which has spectacular cherry blossoms this time of year. Every spring my sister and I take a stroll around the lake to admire them — one of these days, we’re gonna remember to do it right and bring a picnic.


  1. Bethany S.

    The heck? Is this girl Batman??

  2. Lillian

    That was… interesting. Hah.

  3. MissMercurial

    Ahahhaha, Hello Cthulu!

    Also, Michelle continues to be awesome.

  4. tam

    “Hello Cthulu” just made me lol soooo much xD That is adorably appropriate.
    I really wanna learn more about Michelle’s Mother-Daughter activities now.

  5. wynne

    Well, Michelle certainly is her mother’s daughter.

    So what does Michelle’s dad do? Please please please let it be something soft and fuzzy and non-confrontational, like fluff pillows for the elderly angels!

  6. Bethany!

    I honestly think the thing I am most fond of here is the pet net. HOW I REMEMBER THOSE.

  7. Softspoken


    There! No need for an update! Now get back to the double-mom cliffhangers!

  8. GatoGirl12345

    Awesomeness. I like this flashbackness in the middle of the trial.

  9. Lefty

    LOL double cliffhanger. Starting Monday: 2 weeks of guest comics!

  10. Lefty

    Arg I almost missed that. I gotta pay more attention T_T

  11. galentknight

    oh no not another cliffhanger, where’s Sylvester Stallone when you need him.

  12. Gunner

    No, ladies and gentlemen, Batman is not a mortal multi-billionaire playboy-martial artist-detective named Bruce Wayne. Batman is a 13-ish angel named Michelle Serafino.

  13. Joe C

    Don’t worry about the cliffhangers. Almost all will be revealed soon.

  14. taxil

    Is that a Totoro stuffie in that last panel? kinda looks like it.

  15. taxil

    WRONG! Michelle is BATGIRL! ;-)

  16. taxil


    what… why did… AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

    Double Cliffhangered! Lady Brinson-sama (and crew), you just made me think that this was full of win AND made me rage at the same time! i don’t know what else to say but that you are a complete fiend and yet full of awsome goodness.

  17. xIsamuTM

    I miss lake balboa. I remember when it was just an empty hole in the ground, before it was filled up. when it’d rain, it would get all muddy and slimy. Heck, I miss the whole valley. Stagg St, Northridge, and Reseda FTW!!!

  18. Tabitha

    There’s a lot of pink on this page.

    @incentive. Can I squee?!?!?! Pleeeeeeeease!?!?!? XD

  19. Tabitha

    Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Ooh tears came!!

  20. Tabitha

    What, has mrs beelze never had an extra marital affair or something? I’ve a feeling that diva blackmailing her mom is gonna nip her in the bud somehow though. Parents don’t take well to blackmail.

  21. Felix

    I want hello cthulhu memorabilia. :3

  22. taxil

    black mail? maybe, maybe not. we’ll see. with all these plot twists, even I am having a hard time guess what will happen next.

  23. galentknight

    ~stares~ hmmm it looks more like a stuffed koala bear

  24. someone

    Grappling hooks don’t quite work like that. Typically you thrown them from a very low angle, hence they just grap things near the ledge. It might hit the ceiling near the window and grab that little cabinet, but highly unlikely the wall… and if it did hit the wall with typical earthly building materials (gypsum/dry wall, cement board, plaster) that hook probably wouldn’t hold her weight…

  25. Theodora

    I was going to post this long post about how I’m confused about the action on this page. But I can barely make sense of why I’m confused. So screw it.

    Six thumbs up on dramatic angle on Michelle.

  26. Lefty

    Comics are full of weird conventions that have been repeated often enough that the truth just becomes irrelevant. For example, the chainmail bikini: .

  27. Brinson

    I can understand that, totally. There were things I wanted to accomplish in terms of visual narrative that ended up making it a bit hard to read. Thanks for the honest crit, as well as the nice compliment on the angle. ^^

  28. Brinson

    That’s pretty informative! Unfortunately, I’ve never actually seen one used in real life, so I sorta just had to rely on the tropes I remembered from comics/movies. Sorry it wasn’t correct.

  29. someone

    Not trying to be nitpicky and certainly not disappointed, I just have a tendency to point these sorts of things out.

  30. Peppermint

    In the incentive, it looks (to me, at least) like Gabriel’s trying to look up Diva’s skirt. x3

  31. Ana

    Five bucks on how the next comic will be lampshading Rule of Cool.

  32. xIsamuTM

    no… nooo… geting sucked in to tvtropes…. NNNNNOOOOOooooo……… ::voice vanishes in the distance::

  33. Brinson

    I’d say it’s sliiiightly lampshaded. XD

  34. yarra

    Hello Chtulhu? Is that a parody of Hello Kitty?

  35. Brinson

    It is! But alas, I didn’t come up with it. Google it, there’s some pretty funny stuff out there.

  36. Julianne

    I sooooooo want a hello cthulhu poster

  37. DukeW

    C’mon! She’s wearing a Swiss seat! You can’t get much more accurate than that! ; -)

  38. kaasiim

    Hello Cthulhu?

    Too epic!
    seriously, the epicness has got to stop!

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