Issue 5: Page 25
March 15th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 25

… Ahahaha this is one of my favorite pages of late. I dunno if it’s Loki’s “are you dense?” face or the fact that is the beginning of a good sequence. :333

We’re planning to launch books this week! Our first offering will be two books: one sketchbook filled with hand picked (well, mouse picked) incentives from June to February (as well as sketch comics/(R)OMAs), and a trade of issues one and two. All books will be printed here in house on nice thick paper, velo bound, and signed by Pete and me. (… In blood. FREE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES AND/OR DNA WITH EVERY PURCHASE. Okay, not really. But we love you that much.)

Today’s incentive features some good old fashioned action poses. This hasn’t been a very actiony issue (aside from Michelle’s adventures in fail!rappelling), so I might stick with this theme til I get it out of my system. :3

(Neeka and Chiz, this one goes out to you guys because you’re awesome … and because I thought of you when I was drawing Loki’s pelvic thrust. OH, YOU TWO.)


  1. Kat

    I agree. Loki’s face in the third panel is priceless.

  2. Lela

    And Loki’s smug face from a couple pages back goes flushing down the toilet. Way to go, Mom! :D Evil lawyers ftw! This just keeps getting more and more exciting.

  3. Quill

    The mere mention of “pelvic thrust” reminds me of Rocky Horror…

  4. Softspoken

    It doesn’t matter if the objection makes her drop that line of questioning; the damage has been done. :D I also love that Mom has that margarita in /court/.

  5. Sunday

    Because if anyone could get someone into hell without their consent it’s Loki x3.
    but maybe she knows what his other job is too

  6. Mangara

    In panel 3, imagine saying the words like William Shattner.

  7. Bethany!

    That incentive…. !



    (but seriously, I dig it)

    (but I’m serious about that Michael thing, too)

  8. CatzCradle

    Lol, I like how Virgil’s idea of getting action-y is flipping through a book. xD

  9. MissMercurial

    ahahahha. Just what Loki needed – someone to put him in his place/upset his lovely controlled chaos.

  10. TC

    One of my teachers way back whenever used to be a cop… apparently had this line pulled on him.
    (rough estimation)
    “So to the best of your knowledge, no two people have the same fingerprints.”
    “So it is possible that two people could?”
    “Well, that’s not–”
    “Yes or no?”

  11. wandering-dreamer

    Lol, I can’t tell if she’s just that good that she accidentally hit’s the nail on the head or she’s so good that she knows how to make it look like she just did. XD

  12. Dread Pirate Queen Amanda

    …Ooo mom is goooood. Yes, SHE CAN WIN THIS!

  13. Flo

    mom is awesome. XD

    and the incentive is awesome. but the next one should be a mother daughter one! michelle and her mom, or Diva and her mom.

    hmm, I wonder what would qualify as an “action” pose for Diva’s mom XD

  14. taxil

    (blinks) (rubs eyes) sorry, had to reajust my eyes from all the pink…..

    ok, now i wanted to know what Diva did to turn Michelle back and how did she take it being a toy.

    anyway, You better hope that you don’t annoy Loki the Hypno Bishie too much with your pwning of him on the stand that he won’t come back at you for revenge tricking. >)

    @incentive: OMG! this one is full of win with a side of awsome!

  15. taxil

    could it be that someone using lawfulness is inciteing more chaos… AND LOKI THE HYPNO BISHIE ISN’T THE CAUSE OF IT! >)

    that should be like a kick to the c— of his pride.

  16. neekaneeks

    *rolls around in delight* I ♥ Loki
    But I love the crew of Evil Diva even more~

  17. chiz

    I am proud to be associated with Loki pelvis thrustings. X) ♥ You rock and I adore you bb!

  18. Brinson

    Ah, thank you! :D

  19. Annie

    Oh, Diva’s Mom, you are pure awesome!

  20. Bethany S.

    Ahh, I can never get enough of the way you draw Loki! His expressions are always so great.

  21. Brinson

    Hahaha, it’s fun to draw him a bit out of sorts when he’s usually so unflappable. Thanks for commenting.

  22. Gunner

    Need to remember that if I ever get in legal trouble, to make sure my lawyer is evil…

  23. Kenneth


  24. taxil

    gah! it’s… in my.. HEAD! make it… STOP!

  25. wynne

    That’s right mom, you sip that margarita!

  26. wynne

    Maybe it’s the last update, but that incentive just makes me think of Mission: Impossible. Dunh-dunh, dunhdunh dunh-dunh, dunhdunh…

  27. Tatsu

    BWAHAHAHA @ last two scenes XD Oh Mother, you’re so crafty.

  28. KitaAngel

    I love how Mrs. Beelze repeats herself in the second panel, as though it is clear in her mind that Loki is pretty dense.

  29. Brinson

    It’s a margarita … of JUSTICE.

  30. White Mouse

    The words “pelvic thrust” and “Loki” should not be in the same sentence unless you want to see girlish giggling in print.
    *heeee!!! titter…*

  31. Mariana

    I love how she’s just casually sipping a martini/margarita in court. That’s just so great. I reckon Mrs Beelze is going for a promotion.

  32. Lela

    Oh, man! I just checked out the new books in the store. The sketch book looks awesome!! Great job! It’s so going on my birthday wish list.

  33. Theodora

    The world bends to Mrs. Beelze’s awesomeness.

    Er, about the store, are buttons and posters no longer available? I would’ve liked to grab a set of each with the sketchbook now that I actually have money to throw at you. But looks like they’re gone. (insert sad puppy face here)

  34. Mouldy

    Look out, Loki. Mom’s onto you.

  35. Brinson

    Thank you! Somewhere around issue 3 we realized I’d always drawn her with a martini glass, so when we were planning this one, we realized it would be pretty hilarious if she showed up to court with it too. It must be like her security blanket, or something. ;)

  36. Brinson

    Yay! Thank you so much. :D It really turned out nice, Pete did a good job with putting together the pages.

  37. Brinson

    Hahaha, just wait, THERE’S MORE. (Seriously, I love how Joe wrote her in this issue. She’s so FIERCE.)

    We had to pull the posters and buttons because we weren’t getting very good quality results. The ones we did send out ended up taking a huge amount of effort to get correct (our printer HATES French paper), and we didn’t want to take any more orders until we could get a process that would work 100% of the time. Sorry about that. ^^;
    Thank you for the comment. I look forward to sending you a sketchbook. :D

  38. Brinson

    Thank you! And now you’ve got that Beastie Boys song in my head — SHE’S CRAFTY, AND SHE’S JUST MY TYPE.

  39. Brinson

    … Biting my tongue here.

    (Because you know the standard response would be, ‘what, they aren’t all evil?’ XD)

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