Issue 5: Page 34
April 5th, 2010

Issue 5: Page 34

EDIT: WEDNESDAY 4/7/10: Today’s update will be a little late. I left the page at home, so I probably won’t be posting it til ~6-7PM PST. Sorry!

… Please excuse the rather derpy perspective in that third/fourth panel. I wasn’t really paying attention, and I ended up drawing Virgil’s desk about 10 feet deeper into the room than it usually is. :F

Two more pages left after this! Which means — barring I don’t get run over a train or something — this issue should wrap up on Friday. I’m not quite sure what will happen after that (various vacations and whatnot need to be worked out, as well as epilogue/sketch comic plans), but Joe’s already got issue six written and seven is on the drawing board.

Sorry I haven’t replied much to comments from last week! I’m hoping to be able to jump back into that (as well update the fanart and links pages) this week. ^^

I watched Chaplin over the weekend (ILU Netflix instant queue), so today’s incentive is 1920s inspired. Do you guys enjoy this sort of stuff? Because I do so love drawing period costumes … >.>


  1. Alexei P

    Looks like their job here is done. Next page they walk away into the sunset?

  2. Brinson

    Hahahahahahahaha. I almost felt like I should stick “everything is going according to plan” in there, somewhere. :3

  3. neekaneeks


    Caps in case you can’t see my flailing behind the monitor and hear my adoring cries because this page is just sexy.

  4. Keito

    Definitely more period costumes!! And I’d love to see Virgil in a toga.. cause, you know, he’s Virgil. And maybe Loki, too? :D

    By the way, love the “Scales of Justice” picture Virgil’s got hanging there..

  5. Flo

    oooh! drama! exciting! can’t wait for the rest!

  6. Flo

    oh, and btw, I LOVE the incentive! Diva and Gabe are so cute, it’s adorable.

    and it’d be awesome if you kept up the period costumes theme, I love the roarin’ 20’s. they sound like the snake’s hip (a old saying they had back then. I think we should bring it back).

    I kinda want to see Diva’s mom in a 40’s/50’s outfit, and I totally second the motion of Virgil in a toga. :D

  7. Quill

    Cute Incentive. :3

  8. D-Prime

    Gotta agree with those that have weighed in. Period costumes are great. Howzabout a gun-moll Tiamat?

  9. Lillian

    What’s this?! Diva with 1920’s-styled bob-cut hair? I think this is my favorite incentive ever.

  10. wandering-dreamer

    Period pieces please! Ohhhh, are there more forces at work here? Did Diva manage to erase the security footage on her own? And we never saw the end of her scene with Michelle did we?
    Virgil in a toga! Virgil in a toga!

  11. Kamu Nappy

    Diva’s hair is so cute <3

  12. taxil

    I guess i must be the one around here that notices the small things more than most. I see that Virgil keeps a picture of Lady Justice (or at least the model of her as we know her today) on his wall. Considering Virgil’s real age and all, she MIGHT have been his wife/lover back when he was moral! But what he said about Diva not being cunning sticks, poor Diva will have a hard time being a super heroine.

    Lastly, i am a bit disheartened that no one so far is saying anything about the big bombshell Loki the Hypno-Bishie just dumped on us at the end. That is major evidence that the Dynamic Duo could be just a pawn in a bigger Xanatos gambit. My bet is that it’s between the Dude and the big guy, but we shall see.

    @ incentive: ok, that’s nice in a reto way. But my dare still stands Lady Brinson-sama. I want to see Loki the Hypno-Bishie as James Bond!

  13. MissMercurial

    Period costumes are /always/ welcome :3

  14. Alexei P

    Naaah. It’s *obviously* the Second Foundation.

  15. kate

    i just watched chaplin last week on netflix too so needless to say i very much appreciated your incentive.
    i am a huge fan of period pieces but i think an even bigger fan of Gabe and Diva, there aren’t a lot of incentives with those two.

    love the comic but i feel for Diva, there is little that seems to be going her way.

  16. tyberriuss

    Who’s Asmodeus? Did he appear in the story before? I don’t have a good memory :P

  17. Bartimaeus

    Then, who?

    Also: I love the period costume. Ooh! Victorian?

  18. Quats

    So… wait. Asmodeus was in on this, too? Or just acting predictably, according to character, and helped without knowing it?

  19. Gunner

    I suspect it’s a matter of right place, right time.

  20. Dusty

    Derpy? Panel 3 . . . looking . . . looking . . . Kitty!

    kitty! kitty! Kitty! There’s a kitty in panel 3! and his name is derpy?

    That’s an odd name for a kitty. :-/

  21. neekaneeks

    You do realize that because Virgil has the picture on the wall it’s not going to disappear the very next week. It’s a picture, it’s decoration, it’s going to be there every time we’re in his office, not just once or twice.

    Well this is where we come into the part of the story where set-up is being laid for the next piece of the plot. I don’t think think it’s such a major bombshell but its definitely intriguing, but I think I’ll just wait for the pages to explain it. As you said, we shall see, and we shall since we’re all following the updates ^__^

    @ incentive: I think Loki already trumps any Bond any day of the week. I’d much rather see Loki in a zoot suit or wearing a cravat as that would be way more worth it.

  22. Fairportfan

    Not that big a fan of Chaplin – though “The Great Dictator” is an incredible film – i much prefer Laurel & Hardy.

    Diva’s Dad an Loki – “Now here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me in, Loki…”

  23. Kevin

    Speaking of period pieces/costumes, a cameo of the three stooges (in Hell, of course) would be nice. We could all use a, “Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck” from time to time…

  24. taxil

    looks like maybe a mummyfied kitty in it’s own little burial case….

  25. tujoxi

    My favorite incentive thus far.

  26. Lela

    Oh, tricksy crifty! It wasn’t Loki who erased the tapes? Fascinating! It would be fantastic if Diva grew some serious guts and brains and did it herself, but it’s more likely it was someone else like… Dad? (I thought of some angels who might have done it, but they’re not allowed in hell…) I’ve also been recently wondering about the character you showed us a peek of in an incentive a super long while ago. The woman sphinx with the name that started with ‘M’ I think? She was chilling with Virgil. I expected her to show up in issue 5, but the court case took up everything.

    @Incentive: Ohmugosh. I love the Roaring 20s. I love black and white and silent films. I love Charlie Chaplin and I love you. My favourite Chaplin films are City Lights and Limelight. Gabe looks so good like that too! Period costumes are the best! You should try a Regency style with them too. They’d all look so dashing. *dreams*

  27. New Arm Guy

    Well now! That’s something I didn’t expect – Loki must feel left out not being involved in the biggest trickery going on at the time! Personally, if the saboteur is someone we know, I’m thinking it might have been Dad – he works in Hell, was deeply involved in the case and was the only person we know who could have been in Hell at the time. As for motive… well, that might explain why he was so quick to congratulate Diva on her victory and why he was so nonchalant about Mom tearing holes in the case. I could be completely off track, though.

    Also, that incentive was very cute. Gabe and Diva look great in period dress.

  28. Violet Black

    That was the lawyer Mrs. Beelze was up against.

  29. Sue Anne

    Interesting….I think it’s either Mrs Beelze,Michelle(unlikely),Diva(also unlikely) or….I don’t know,haha! But you’re getting better and better at building the story.Looking forward to the next update~

  30. AngryCallCenterAgent

    The Furies as the Larry, Curly, and Moe. I win.

  31. AngryCallCenterAgent

    If youse really wanna go retro, draw ’em in Art Nouveau style. But jus’ thinkin’ ’bout it’s makin’ me…

    Forensic 1: “Case?”
    Forensic 2: “Spontaneous combustion. Cause?”
    Forensic 1: *wears sunglasses* “Death by mindgasm.”


  32. Starrys

    Mystery! Intrigue! Etc., etc.!
    I don’t like cliffhangers!

    Anyway, the incentive is absolutely adorable. Diva looks live a black and pink Thoroughly Modern Millie. So cute!

  33. Quilibet

    The funny thing is that one could argue everything is going her way: she will be class president, Angela will not be damned, Michelle did not get in trouble, and her identity is still concealed. It’s simply the context of these “success” that makes us pity Diva. Poor Diva! Who said you needed a wicked ulterior motive to commit evil?

  34. Quilibet

    I actually was slightly confused by that as well!

    It’s actually here, on this page:

    Endira actually began questioning Loki very closely about how someone could be transported to Hell. Obviously, Loki knew that Diva had done it, but he sidestepped Endira’s question by saying that he was not talking about a means that he, Loki, knew personally, but a means that was “known to all.”

    Before Endira could delve further into that, Asmodeus interrupted with an “I object,” and Endira abandoned the subject (before she could make Loki reveal what he knew about Diva!).

  35. Iloveher!

    I believe… Diva’s dad erased the surveillance video.

  36. Quilibet

    Honestly, regarding the 10-feet deep desk, I didn’t notice at all, haha. (still don’t notice, actually! XP)

    And just wanted to comment on how the paneling was set up! Nicely, nicely done! Not seeing his face in the second to last panel, and then suddenly, a full view with his small, sardonically amused smile and “I didn’t” made such a nicely dramatic impact.

    I’m honestly really still curious about the scepter! We know so little about it at this point (besides the fact that it can cloak and transport, but it must be a devastatingly powerful object, to be so coveted – I feel as if there is much more to be revealed about its capabilities). Could it have something to do with the tapes? I’m inclined to think that Diva had something to do with the tapes, especially after Virgil’s comment about how he wished Diva was more cunning. Is this a hint of Diva becoming more evil?

    Not sure! But that’s where the fun is – not knowing! I love that it’s so unpredictable; it’s simply a mark of good writing.

  37. bmonk

    Maybe, since it’s a Derpy perspective, the kitty is the one through whose eyes we’re looking?

  38. Lo

    I think it is unanimous that more period incentives would be a good idea. Looking at this incentive makes me want to… sing in the rain? I know that reference has nothing to do with Charlie Chaplin, but that movie did take place in the 1920’s, and it did rain in that movie…

    I like panel 3 of the comic, if only because it’s borders are slanted, maing it look more dynamic. It’s the little things that count.

    I totally think one of these days we should Loki do some fighting. Like shoot fire from his hands (Loki was the Norse god of Fire). Even if it lasted for only one panel, it would be awesome.

  39. wynne

    Dawwww…. That’s the sweetest lil’ incentive I’ve ever seen….

  40. Dusty

    That would explain Virgil’s table being out of perspective.

    (Side note: Was at Home Depot buying paint today, and at the pain counter they had an “orange kitty!” (a real one) just sitting, hanging out with the employees, soaking up attention. By the way, the fact that HD’s colors are orange, orange, and (white) did not escape me–so I took a picture with my phone as proof:!!.jpeg)

  41. Astragali

    Considering the sceptre can affect things beyond simply altering Diva’s appearance, if the tapes were erased at all, then I reckon it was the sceptre that did it… *rubs chin thoughtfully*

  42. Brinson

    Thanks for the suggestion — gonna try to do toga!Virgil on Friday. :D

  43. Brinson

    Thank you thank you! The 20s are a personal favorite of mine, too — trying to decide if I want to set another comic there or the 40s. So much good fashion in both decades!

    As for your suggestion for 40s/50s Mom … well, today’s incentive is all your doing. Thank you for the great idea, Flo!

  44. Elvende

    Loki, stop being awesome, I’ve already fallen in love with enough versions of you, I don’t need to fall for another.

    Oh who am I kidding, I’ll do it any way.

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