Issue 1: Page 39
November 15th, 2008

Issue 1: Page 39

Oh me, oh my. I can tell you in all honesty that I have no idea why this update is so late. I sat down to work around 2PM, so by all logic I should have been wrapping up around 9PM at the very latest. But here I am, 11:36, scrambling to make it by midnight. @.@ Whatever I did, I promise: I won’t do it again.

Thank you everyone who responded to last week’s poll, especially those of y’all who took the time to leave comments — thanks your input, we were able to discern a clear favorite and now we’re gearing up to print our first batch of tee-shirts. Yay! I’d also like to thank ~Monsterly, who sent us a charming new fanart.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pass out.


  1. Beany

    LOL XD Diva is so cute!! XDDD Her “disgusted” face and her “surprised” face are so adorable.

  2. ralmon

    What so special with it?

  3. Mad4Diva

    That lady in the background in last panel looks like Marie Antoinette!!!

  4. Galen

    Sweet. Merlin.

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