Issue 6: Page 1
May 6th, 2010

Issue 6: Page 1

TUESDAY EDIT: 4:30 PST: RUNNING A LITTLE LATE TODAY, but it will go up! Sorry! Had a doctor’s appointment and a meeting across town!

AND SO IT BEGINS. Poor Diva; I don’t think even she buys it. At least Hell is starting to look properly miserable. >:D

New incentive today, finally! I was stumped on what to draw, and then I remembered I had bought a Japanese samurai pose book last year and never so much as cracked it open. (It’s called Samurai & Ninja Action Collection and it’s very helpful, if you’re interested in such things. I think it’s published by the same people who do the How to Draw Manga series, but this one actually has live people in costumes with props. I found mine at my local Kinokuniya.) So, yeah, poses and costumes and whatnot are heavily referenced here, but I kinda HAD to draw this when I realized Gabriel is so obviously a ninja. ;)


  1. Lela

    This is going to be great. So, is it the weekend or is Diva missing school?

    @Incentive: That never occurred to me… But Gabe does make a great ninja! And Michelle looks awesome!

  2. Fable

    woot! New chapter!

  3. Bartimaeus


  4. Lillian

    *dies* I am so very happy. X’D

  5. Dread Pirate Queen Amanda

    That is PRECISELY why you should be scared.

  6. New Arm Guy

    I love Cerby’s drooping eyelids here, as well as how despite all the bright colors, Hell seems pretty gloomy and deserted. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Cerby worried about something, and if even Cerby is worried…

  7. Saera

    i like how the incentives anymore are focusing one divas look being our loved teenage version of her being the norm…love the disney-esque look

  8. Lefty

    It’s a cold day in Hell. This is a catastrophe. ANYTHING could happen!

  9. Kyah

    *love comic* New chapter! I love how hell is like Disneyland, right down to the font. haha

  10. Lo

    If it rans in hell, does that means it snows in hell? Or would it have to freeze over before that could happen?

    Gabe was born to be a NINJA. In fact, the next incentive should be him as a ninja fighting other ninjas. That would be AWESOME!

  11. xIsamuTM

    o/” ooooooh…. samuraaaaiiiii o/”

  12. Lycanthromancer


    Silent, but deadly.

    Like a McNinja.

  13. ammeyellah

    Issue six! So geekily excited!

  14. Kamu Nappy

    Oh dreary and eventful days.

  15. taxil

    What? no lighting flashing across the sky? No ominous rolling thunder? I am disappointed. ;-)

    well it’s good to see Lady Brinson-sama and crew are back to work. there for i shall start dropping my 2 cents once more.

    Ninjas? Bah! I’m more of a pirates type of person.

  16. AngryCallCenterAgent

    No, he should be fighting a group of zombie-pirate-robot-cowboy-viking-roman-musketeers.

  17. xIsamuTM

    pirates=fail. NINJA FTW. bet you didn’t know there was one behind you the whole time.

  18. Gunner

    Next voting incentive, they should be Vikings!

  19. taxil

    (looks on the ground and see the dead ninja, look over to my Samurai body guard and gives him a nod of approval) Thanks Jack, keep up the good work.

    Pirates a cool, but Samurai rank right up there with them in my book. That and they don’t need to be sneaky to make a kill. For they are strong, tough, skilled, and hard core!

  20. taxil

    i can go for Vikings…

  21. Mujaki

    In Japan they call an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant “Viking-Ryouri.”

  22. Lefty

    Despite having to fight off the navies of the entire rest of the world, Somali pirates managed to hijack 47 ships last year. They earned about $100 in ransom, which goes a long ways in a country where the average income is $800 a year. What did ninjas do?

  23. Lefty

    ^ $100 million (sorry)

  24. taxil

    indeed, ninja as everyone thinks of them most likely do not exist any more. But Pirates are still around and doing their thing.

  25. bmonk

    It would have to freeze over. And that’s not goona happen until the Chicago Cubbies win the series…

  26. bmonk

    How about troubadours for the next incentive?

  27. taxil

    I just came back from the movies and by God Lady Brinson-sama…. DRAW “IRON DIVA”!!!!

    Why? Because Iron Man 2 rocks and i would love to see Diva in a Suit like that!

  28. Lefty

    That’s great! I never would have thought of it, but it is an excellent name.

  29. Flo

    Dr. McNinja WIN!

  30. Flo

    omg… my jaw dropped with the awesome. That would be amazing!!! the suit would have to be blue with pink accents though.

  31. Flo

    LOVE the incentive! and now were on chapter six! yah!

  32. taxil

    Iron Diva, with Michelle in her own Suit “IRON ANGEL” with a shoulder mounted Halo cannon and arm mounted harp guns, Both of them would kick soooooo much back side!

  33. Canned_Soup

    I dunno, I hate to be a party-pooper, but I don’t think you handled the rain as well as you could have.

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