Issue 1: Page 40
November 16th, 2008

Issue 1: Page 40


  1. Mack

    hahaha. I just stumbled on this comic and am compelled to comment

    I am in love with Diva’s character…that came out wrong >.>…I am not a pedophile…

    and I absolutely love your art style :D

  2. Neime

    Mr. Vergil casts cutify

  3. Beany

    .. LOL Cutify XDDD Mr. Vergil has good taste! I love his face in the second panel

  4. ralmon

    Wow the wand is cutified :-). What so special with the stick anyway and why did he like to give it to her.

  5. Sue Anne

    XD Oh man,this is priceless.

  6. Bee

    There is nothing better on this Earth than Mr. Vergil’s facial expression on the second panel.

  7. Swann

    /Vergil ragequit

  8. Pewpewpew

    Diva: It doesn’t match my dress.


  9. Twigs

    I love Mr. Virgil’s expression. LOVE IT

  10. THF

    I also love the second panel expression.

  11. butterflied412

    Cool! I love mystical older gaurdian type dudes!

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