Issue 6: Page 6
May 25th, 2010

Issue 6: Page 6

… Hahaha so please ignore the fact that I forgot to draw the guy who serves as the back of the Big Guy’s throne. There are a LOT of people to keep track on these pages, and I think he’ll back on the next page. :F

Anyway, big announcement: THERE WILL BE NO UPDATES NEXT WEEK. I know I said we were going to try really hard to avoid any schedule slippage this issue, but at the time we started it I really had no idea I’d be scrambling to move, especially not so soon. I haven’t even had time to set up an appointment for hooking up the internet at my new place, and since the internet is pretty crucial to this endeavor …. yeeeeah. I’m sorry! Hopefully we should be able to plow through the rest of the issue with no delays.

(I’m also sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply to comments at all. I have been working day and night for the past five days, and I’m not out of the woods yet. I should be back on Friday.)

Continuing with the pop culture references … a reader on the Livejournal community named Autumnrain noted that The Big Guy reminded them of Kanye West. So of course I had to draw this.


  1. Saera

    ..The incentive….it…it makes me laugh but not out loud, it makes me laugh internally…it is truly funny. Though the Disney reference is still my favorite for the big guy. The little mustache is what does it.

    I’m really curious about what he’s planning to do with her bag, or what she was told to bring ? it cant be Cerby that he’s after. ( P.S. i think Diva failed her bluff saving throw )

  2. Eventime

    Ahahaha that incentive is priceless. Made me break out in a huge grin.
    Looking forward to more awesomeness.
    Best of luck with your move. (know the feeling all to well, esp having no internet. x_x)

  3. xIsamuTM

    @comic: think unlewd thoughts, think unlewd thoughts…

  4. xIsamuTM

    her wand. no way she’d have left home to go trepsing around hell without it.

  5. Lo

    I just realised our shortage of human characters. Not a good or bad thing, I just noticed it. On a side note, now I want to know what that guy did to become Satan’s furniture.

    The incentive made me lol. “Dante had one of the best journey’s into hell”. classic.


  6. BurntToShreds

    Are the Four Horsemen going to appear any time soon? I want to see Death, and hear what he has to say about how many lives have been taken because of that wand…

  7. Kirsten

    Cerby’s expression makes me want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay. :(

  8. Callipso

    The Big Guy strongly reminds me of Shelock Holmes….
    Anyway, great work as usual!!

  9. Callipso

    Oops!! SheRlock Holmes i mean…

  10. Saera

    you see i think she would have been smart enough NOT to bring it. As giddy and sweet as she is she isnt stupid

  11. Alexei P

    Ooooooooh. What’s poor little Diva to do? Unless this issue is all about facing off the Big Guy’s staff in mano-a-mano combat, she’s gonna have to give him the wand. And we can be pretty sure the clever devil realizes the wand’s true nature and significance.

    On the other hand, the Big Guy probably DOESN’T know about Virgil and Loki’s role in the story. He probably imagines that Diva is an especially devious little devil who stumbled into getting hold of the wand and is out to use it for her private schemes. What will happen when he figures out Diva is actually every bit as normal/innocent as she looks?

  12. Alexei P

    She has her wand in her hands on the issue’s cover…

  13. tam

    I can imagine this being the most awesome (if grossly unsettling) episode of Cribs ever.

  14. tyberriuss

    I’m no expert, but at first glance i’d say he was a war ,,hero”. A general on the battlefield or something like that.

    P.s.: It sure is sad that people see or talk about the incentive first :P It is nice though

  15. AceJayce

    The way the old man/chair is smiling with Diva over him is giving me the creeps..
    I think he TRULY deserves that… or not O_O;

    On the other side, imagining the Big Guy open Diva┬┤s bag and get a BIG (3-headed) and wet slobber attack from Cerby is fun ^^

  16. Lycanthromancer

    She may be innocent, but she’s nowhere NEAR normal.

  17. Lycanthromancer

    I’d wager that she either left it at home (because she learned to teleport it to hand) or she teleports it there (wittingly or not) to keep him from getting it.

    She’s clever when she needs to be…more or less.

    From Diva’s reaction, humans are considered rather disgusting by devils (though Diva may just be expressing her bias against sitting on people, if her pitying grimace in the penultimate panel is any indication).

    I’d whine about not getting more E.D. soon, but moving is hard work, and you need the break. Break a leg! Preferably someone else’s!

  18. Quill

    That incentive made me LOL.

  19. xIsamuTM

    unrelated post. one week to the minute I’ll be heading out to A-KON and in an estimated one week and 18 hours, I’ll be able to have my first drink/hit in over a month.

  20. Lela

    OMG. The Big Guy is making things awesome. I also like knowing that human beings exist and that the devils/angels are just in a different plane of existence between heaven and hell.

    I hope Diva plays dumb and shows off Cerby as a certified heckhound and brags that she can grow to be humongous with three heads like the Cerberus she’s named after.
    And btw, “Eww? That’s my favorite chair” might be my favourite line to date.

  21. New Arm Guy

    I love how nonchalant the Big Guy is about all of this. He doesn’t really care about his furniture, and he’s being pretty smug about the wand because he knows he’s in control here. I wonder if Diva really brought it with her, or if she has some other way to turn this around on him…

    XD at that initiative. Well played!

  22. wynne

    Between the pipe, the smoking jacket, the shades and the mustache, the Big Guy reminds me of one of those big time classic movie stars, you know, the ones everyone loved on the screen but were really complete jerks, like Errol Flynn.

    It’s interesting that the Big Guy seems to enjoy punishing people for what they did, not just because he’s a sadist. It makes it seem like he and the Big Guy Upstairs are really in cahoots.

  23. MissMercurial

    “You wouldn’t think that if you knew what he did to get here.”
    Chilling reality check – while we’ve been busy busting our guts over the Big Guy/the design of Hell, it’s still Hell they’re in. Good job on the dialogue :)

  24. Saera

    The issues cover also has Loki, so i’m just saying, shes silly at times but not stupid

  25. Dusty

    That’s my favorite chair! XD

    I want a favorite chair! Please post on ebay so I can order one!

  26. Bartimaeus

    The obvious question: so how devious is Diva? Time to find out what’s in the bag!!

    She should have brought a cat, so she could let the cat out of the bag. XD

  27. yarra

    My heart starts pounding when chapter six started. I’m getting a goosebump, I hope Diva would be fine… Also, the blackmail… What is it really?

  28. GatoGirl12345

    Incentive is full of win!

    I like how the Devil said that she wouldn’t think that their human for getting down there in the first place. Although, I wonder what he will think of her when he rummage though her bag. Must be really girly…;p

    Did the url change? Weird…I was certain is was I think I’m just seeing things….

  29. Catherine

    I think it’s interesting that the human who is acting as the back of Diva’s chair is STILL holding on to her shoulders…almost like a restraint.

  30. xIsamuTM

    only the shadow knows…

  31. psydei

    “enough about my furniture” lol

  32. Lycanthromancer

    “The Shadow?”

    “The Shadow?!”


  33. Lycanthromancer

    The Gamers in the audience should get the reference.

  34. Me

    I want to know what the person in the background of the first panel did to get to hell. He looks made of awesome!!! It would be so full of lolz to have sketch comics about the furniture.

  35. Fairportfan

    Gotta say that the way Diva’s chair is looking up at her when the Big Guy makes his “You wouldn’t say that…” crack leads me to think it’s probably a good thing Diva didn’t encounter him before he was a chair…

  36. rnn

    The Big Guy’s favorite chair reminds me of Josef Fritzl…would make sense.

  37. Brinson

    Hahaha, I was wondering if anyone would notice him. He’s actually a refugee from another comic I’d like to draw someday. ^^ (There are several characters from different projects tucked into this scene, actually. Helps keep drawing so many figures fun!)

    Thanks for the comment!

  38. DukeW

    What? You don’t recognize Ted Turner? : D

  39. butterflied412

    That’s true, I was about to feel sorry for his “furniture”, but of course they are in hell, so those people aren’t exactly innocent or anything.

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