Issue 6: Page 13
June 24th, 2010

Issue 6: Page 13

I feel like we need some Saxton Hale-style sound effects, here. XD

Anyway! Here’s the page! And I must be off, because I’ve got another to draw by the end of the day. Have a good weekend!

Today’s incentive is one more look at teen Diva, this time a bit more casual. I know the proportions may look a little funky; I was trying something a bit different stylistically here.


  1. Alexei P

    I can see it now. “Sorry, daddy, one thing led to another, I sorta killed your boss…”

  2. xIsamuTM

    followup line: “but at least that means there’s a new opening in upper management.”

  3. Alexei P

    Would Hell be reasonably fireproof? Or vice versa?

  4. MissMercurial

    GO DIVA!

  5. me

    woot! Cerby looks like a pokemon… like an eavy in the incentive =^-^=

  6. Shadow

    wootness now lets work on aim.

  7. Mel. Star.

    Nice, I’ve been waiting for the action and I haven’t been disappointed.

    But alas, I am sad. I missed Tuesday’s incentive, and it looked like it would be really awesome too. *tears of tearfulness*

  8. xIsamuTM

    Run Little Girl,
    I got your back, you’re covered now
    Go and run and hide yourself, your safe.

  9. xIsamuTM

    *you’re safe ((hey, i’m 3 rum and cokes and a jupiter coconut cyclone into my day, im amazed i can type at all))

  10. LB

    OMG did Diva blow that guy up?

  11. DeviousZen

    Wow. She actually took it. And even made it do a Hadouken.

    I was expecting the Big Guy to put up more of a fight or even for Loki to intervene, but at least she has the wand back…for now anyway. YOU GO GIRL :D

  12. lilbanili

    I just have this feeling that she totally didn’t mean to do that AT ALL.

  13. Zaphy

    OH SNAP.

  14. PV

    I have the feeling that the big guy just wanted to know how she uses it and what she does with it, so deliberately provoked her into… doing something with it. =P

    He may be slightly surprised but doesn’t seem particularly worried.

  15. Charles Whitaker

    Uh oh that wasn’t a good move.

  16. Lycanthromancer

    Next time, Diva, AIM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.

  17. New Arm Guy

    Dang, did Diva just attack the Big Guy? That’s a terrible idea and completely awesome at the same time, though now she’ll have to worry about getting out of Hell. The chapter isn’t gonna end this quick…

  18. Lela

    Hopefully the BG’s more impressed than annoyed…
    I think if Diva’s going to start using the wand offensively rather than just as a magical disguiser, she, Virgil, and Loki are going to have start having some serious training sessions. *thinks of Buffy and Giles training in the school library* She needs to work on that aim and probs learn what the wand can even do in the first place. And where it came from, who made it, why she has it, etc…

    @Incentive: Aw, Cerby’s still cute even if she would be starting to pack on the years at this point. And she’s about to drool in Diva’s hair. Diva’s much more tolerable than I would be. XD

  19. Dusty


    Well, she did make him drop his pipe. XD

  20. Dusty

    Panel 2 is priceless. Mommy would be so proud. But daddy would actually be the one to plan out the party. That is a classic Diva expression!

  21. Flo

    *gasp* she’s gone! in a flash of light that smells vaguely of bubble-gum!

  22. alexds1

    Couple of things:
    – diva is super cute in panel 2
    – the pipe falling out of the boss’s mouth like that translated to *drops monocle* in my head… hilarious!
    – dude in panel 4 is sort of hot
    – desu

  23. Bee

    Diva’s gone badass!

  24. taxil

    rather than fire proof, the BG better hope it can withstand arcane/ force typed damage attacks. or is that sonic based?

  25. taxil

    a little to the left there Diva!

  26. taxil

    Diva must have rolled a 10 on her attack roll and missed with the BG having Dodge feat. She should have used her wand implement bonus and that would have hit.

  27. taxil

    better get off the net asap or you’ll wake up in the morning and find out that you uploaded some new and career wrecking pics of your self on face book

  28. taxil

    if she did, that’s amzeing, for she just did some serious over kill with it.

  29. taxil

    Use the force diva!

  30. taxil

    wow, just wow. what Diva just did could be a new add on to her list of crowning moment of awesome. I hope she can follow that up with something more impressive.

    @ incentive: a face full of cerby, i’m surprised Diva isn’t getting a tounge bath from cerby by now.

  31. 10_0_0_1

    the second panel (where she grabs the wand) needs to be extended out to be a full sized wallpaper.

  32. Alexei P

    I was thinking about the falling brazier >:D

  33. taxil

    ah! good point. but i guess the floor is made out of marble or some other rock.

  34. DoveArrow

    Dad: I’m so proud of you!!! :-D

  35. DoveArrow

    Marble actually burns pretty good if you get it hot enough. In fact, the interior of the Parthenon burned after some gunpowder that the Turks stored there exploded.

  36. Mariana

    Actually I saw it as something else. She did something and he’s dropping his pipe in shock. We will see what she did to get such a reaction in the next page.

  37. Backwards

    TF2 reference is credit to team!

  38. Tsumetai


    OMG Diva is gettig badass’r the more she has that wand… (i smell a One Ring influence here…sorta)

  39. MooCow

    Ffff Action! and in that second panel, it looks like that old dude is looking up her dress.

  40. Brinson

    Hahaha, excellent, maybe I’ll draw this, with the proud old Papa wiping a tear from his eye.

  41. Brinson

    Heh! I guess she’s lucky it doesn’t have some sort of massive recoil. ;)

  42. taxil


    Dad: (thinking to himself) “That’s my girl! now i could get a better parking spot out of all of this.”

  43. taxil

    …… that was from a big explosion, not a tipped over brazier. that and if you get anything hot enough it will burn real good.

  44. taxil

    hey now, you have to be REAL good to surprise the BG, and i know he’s able to keep a good poker face not to let it show. i am now looking at it and maybe Diva might have snapped the pipe out of his mouth.

  45. taxil

    oh? the wand doesn’t have built in shotgun mode? (and trust me, shotguns have a lot of recoil)

  46. Lo

    If this was Star Wars, Diva would have just become a Sith Lord. The second panel reminds me of Anakin from the third movie.

    The only weird thing I see about the incentive is that Diva’s neck looks a little long. Besides that, it is very nice. It has a very laid back atmosphere.

  47. Crys

    Epic. Simply, epic. Curse this 2x!week schedule and all my waiting.

  48. CAT WOrdpress

    The wand chooses the devil, diva

  49. Krebs830

    Is that some kind of force-disc flying toward BG in the fourth panel? His face and the pipe-drop says what’s on the tip of his tongue! :D

  50. taltamir

    wouldn’t offing satan make her the new satan?

  51. taxil

    ….(starts singing) “…Say Hi to the New boss, Same as the Old Boss. We won’t be fooled again!….” (goes off on a guitar solo)

  52. AngryCallCenterAgent

    Don’t! Where would be the fun *not* uploading!? :D

  53. Violet Black

    I don’t know what this will lead to, but I am currently proud of our little Diva.

  54. Parsee

    Am I the only one who wonders about what the BG meant when he was talking about “balance”? Maybe he wants to imprison Diva, just because Hell needs someone to “replace” the escaped angel…

  55. LazyReader

    I wish I didn’t have to be on that voting thing to see all the pictures you made. Can’t you just put it on the art part of the page.

  56. LazyReader

    Let’s hope she doesn’t kill the devil too quickly. But doint that has been something christianity has been promising for years. As an athiest I ask why doesn’t God just obliterate the devil and extinguish evil and suffering in the world? Leave evil where it belongs, on the pages of comic books and the celluloid of film.

  57. LazyReader

    What about all the other incentive images?

  58. Alexei P

    It’s called a “voting incentive”. It’s not even a big deal. All you have to do is click.

  59. Stig

    Yeah, that’s about what I thought too.

  60. neekaneeks

    You can buy them on the website:

  61. neekaneeks

    Well you’re certainly no LazyTyper.

  62. taxil

    and if you don’t want to vote on anything, don’t click it.

  63. taxil

    Look, you just laid down some serious fire starter for a Flame War here in the comments part. I don’t want that mess to ruin a wonderful place like this and Make Our Beloved Lady Brinson-Sama and crew upset. Please take your Troll Bait back to the Chans, thank you.

  64. taxil

    Lady Brinson-Sama and crew have to pay the bills too ya know.

  65. xIsamuTM

    SHHH!!! violation of rule 1!!

  66. xIsamuTM

    as soon as i can get the funds appropriations and acquisitions committee to approve it, imma get me that art book.

  67. taxil

    Oh Sh–! sorry. ><

  68. Brinson

    Tell them to expedite your request! ;)

    (Srsly, though, if/when you decide to buy, put a note in the order form so I know it’s you! I might be able to tuck in something nice.)

  69. Brinson


  70. Brinson

    I’m glad you weren’t disappointed, because I was really scared I didn’t do a good job with it. ^^;;;

    As for the incentive, I liked it, so there’s a good chance it’ll rerun soon enough!

  71. Brinson

    Sometimes I’d swear we have our own devils here in the comments …. ;)

  72. Brinson

    Oh god hahahaha HADOUKEN. That is just … awesome. I think that will be the official term for that particular maneuver!

    (There’s still like 15 pages left in the script, plenty of time for all sorts of things to go down.)

  73. neekaneeks

    Perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to judge yourself, assuming someone is a troll is one thing but maybe you should rethink your wording to them so that it comes off a bit more intelligently and not so direct and uncouth. They made a few comments, just like you make comments, respect that and know that if the Diva crew found it offensive they would probably remove it.

  74. Brinson

    Now, if she was slightly more clever, she would pretend she TOTALLY meant to do that.

  75. taxil

    I have seen many a trolling in my days and bringing IRL religion and philosophy to a fantasy/Sci Fi comic/webcomic/TV show (etc.) fan forum is a easy way to start flame wars. I hope to stop it from happening, but i know all to well that Lady Brinson-Sama and crew have the true power to stop it.

    btw neekaneeks, I can do Intelligently, but that bores me and it has to my experience have a tendency to be inefficient in expressing what i want to say. There for, i choose Brevity and unvarnished bluntness with a light touch of sharp wittiness to my words. Much like an ax is to a tree and a critic to a playwright when needed.

  76. taxil

    Really Lady Brinson-Sama? i’ll start pooling some money so i can get one myself!

  77. taxil

    Oh BTW Lady Brinson-Sama, THIS is for YOU!

  78. Brinson

    Hahahahaha, it’s her face in the last panel that sells it. XD;;;

  79. butterflied412

    I would say your so screwd, but being the devil, would he like the violence and destruction?

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