Welcome to Evil Diva comics. The story of a little Devil girl who just wants to be good.


Q: Who are you guys?

A: (Pete) I’m Pete Menotti, the creator of Evil Diva. Evil Diva

Q: How often is Evil Diva updated?

A: (Pete) Two pages a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Usually by 10 am P.S.T.

Q: How is Evil Diva drawn?

A: (Pete) We start with a full script. We thumbnail the whole script out at once — we tend to get two pages of thumbnails for every page of script. (You can view some thumbnails here at the Evil Diva Livejournal Community.) Once we’re finished thumbnailing, we arm ourselves with a mechanical pencil and lay out each page on some natty old Blue Line Pro boards stored under the copier. (Aren’t comics glamorous?) In the first issue, it would take a day to day and a half to draw the pages, since the linework needed to be super-tight — we didn’t ink. Now HAI inks, and we pencil one page a day.

Q: How is Evil Diva colored?

A: (Pete) In Photoshop. More specifically, each page is scanned on the aforementioned copier, then levels adjusted and cleaned up some more.We set the page to CYMYK and Hai begins laying in flat colors with our Intuos III. (A tablet isn’t necessary, but it certainly makes fine erasing/detailing easier.) Once  done with flat colors, Joe sets up a second multiply layer and drop in the shadows using a single blue-purple-gray color. Finally, Joe creates another normal layer and clean up any bits that are still looking messy. We’re hoping to create a tutorial later to show this process step by step.

Q: I have questions about Evil Diva. How do I get in contact with you?

A: (Pete) Shoot us an email at evildiva@pacbell.net. We’ll do our best to get you an answer ASAP.

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