• Candi – A College Story

    Ahh, the joys of college life. Fun story and cool art. Starline Hodge comes up with some really funny situations.

  • No Pink Ponies

    Jess is a comics nerd in boyland. This comic is relevant to my interests!

  • Perry Bible Fellowship

    Quite possibly my very favorite webcomic, period. Brilliantly drawn and written.

  • Under Lock and Key

    Fantastic character designs here and a style that will rock your socks right off.

  • Kukuburi

    Very cool. Everything about this comic is very cool.

  • By Moon Alone

    Hai draws this! He is truly a gentleman of many talents.

  • Strays

    Meela is a spunky kid, Feral is a mute mercenary with a dark past. Strays is often funny and sometimes quite sweet.

  • Yu + Me

    Yu + Me tackles a tricky subject — girl meets girl — with grace and wit. I love the colored inks in the latest issues.

  • Fantasy Realms

    For years, Niko Geyer has set the bar for webcomics. This is quality stuff.

  • Emergency Exit

    1000 pages and going strong! I came to Emergency Exit late in the game, so it’s been fascinating to see the evolution of the story and art over time.

  • Haunted

    This may sound a bit looney, but I just love the backgrounds in Haunted! When I get lazy with my environments I always look here for inspiration.

  • Fey Winds

    A full-color fantasy comic with gorgeous character designs. Aw, who am I kidding — who hasn’t read Fey Winds yet?

  • Kate Beaton

    Many have tried, but few have perfected the art of silly little strips filled with history, literature, and fart jokes quite like Ms. Beaton.

  • Sister Claire

    “Pregnant nun, holy crap” is how writer and artist Yamino sums up Sister Claire, and it’s fairly accurate — it’s also really, REALLY cute. For some reason, I think Claire and Diva would be BFF if they ever met.

  • Virtue Ink

    Virtue Ink is a new collective of three comics all written by Ryan Virtue. There’s a futuristic story with ROBOTS (seriously, who doesn’t love robots?), a space pirate story, and a slice-of-life comedy, all written by Virtue and illustrated by a roster of artists in a variety of manga styles. My favorite so far is Hair Gel Anonymous!


  • Ming Doyle
  • Megan Russell
  • Julie Collins Rousseau
  • C. Lijewski
  • Jen Zee
  • Amelia Fabian
  • Der-shing Helmer
  • Niki Foley
  • Nicole Cardiff
  • DoctaJ
  • D. Yee

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